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  1. A'therys Horizons

    @LogiMadZ Khal Logo shall rise. #melonnation
  2. Political Quizzes

    I always like looking at these I got Right-Leaning Populist
  3. Staff Feedback End of January

    I cast Magic Missile at the darkness.
  4. Justice System of Aloreh

    Speak to me about it. Once we have a few Inquisitors, we can discuss a High Inquisitor position and other ranks if needed.
  5. Justice System of Aloreh

    Hello fellow Alor! After reviewing the previous justice system, we decided that it was time for a change. The following outlines the new system, as well as new laws. We will have two court systems, one being the Civil Court and the other being the Criminal Court. Civil Court Where one can sue a player or a business via the form here: Civil Cases These types of trials are more for personal grievances. There is a small fee (50y) required to submit a suit. An example would be: Bob believes Joe stole his pig. Bob is suing Joe for 500y (cost of the pig). Joe is countersuing Bob for 500y for defamation. Bob and Joe go before the judge and present their cases. The judge rules in favor of Bob, and Joe must pay 500y to Bob within the week. (Think of this like Judge Judy :P) Criminal Court Where one is brought before a judge and jury because they have broken the laws of Aloreh (noted below). You may submit a claim and any evidence here: Criminal Cases A group of inquisitors will investigate claims of law breaking. Once sufficient evidence is gathered, the defendant will be brought to court to decide guilt. The defendant may hire a lawyer to represent them, or represent themselves. This system will have jury, selected from nation members via jury duty, with at least one Orator present at the trial. Laws I. Respect your superiors. II. Respect your fellow Alor III. Honor your nation. IV. Murder, treason, espionage, and theft against Alor are illegal. V. Only Patriarchs or Matriarchs may make decisions for a Noble House. VI. Destruction of national projects is illegal and frowned upon. (More to be added.) Laws may be changed at any time. Also please note this is purely for RP reasons. If you have a real personal issue with someone, or you feel they have broken a server rule, please notify staff. Let’s have fun with this and not use it as a medium for drama.
  6. New Nation-Head needed for Vrovona!

    #PropforParagon2017 @Properbo
  7. About me

    When I was staff it never came into my mind. Permission to have creative to build Winds wall back in the day? Sure. Never to spawn in tools or expensive items that I couldn't just go mine myself. Quite frankly, I think many members of staff can honestly say they never even considered spawning things for their own personal gain, other than having the permission to use creative to build in my case.
  8. Mushroom Kingdom - The Place to relax!

    Nice to see some of the assets Mikey made back in the day used in this. Can't wait to go see it!
  9. Fizzy's Travel channel!

    I haven't been to too many places, but my favorite was Grand Cayman. I went there on a cruise (other stops were Montego Bay, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico) and I wish I could have stayed there longer. I've also been to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In the US I've driven cross-country on I-40/Route 66, the whole thing. I went coast to coast because I was moving to Cali, where I live now. Florida is nice. I want to go back to NYC soon. I have relatives in Ohio, close to Cincinnati. And lastly, I've been to Texas in the winter for an outdoor wedding, in which my hands didn't unfreeze until we got to the reception area about 30 minutes away. I would like to visit Europe in general, hopefully see some castles my ancestors owned/still own. I've always been obsessed with Italy, so I would looove to go there.
  10. Aloreh Banner Voting

    Congrats @Ravyhn! And since there is a tie for second, both of you will get 2,500yora.
  11. Aloreh Banner Voting

    Today at 11:59pm PST/1:59am ATZ
  12. Aloreh TS Nation Meeting

    The meeting will be Tuesday, November 29th at 1pm PST/3pm ATZ.
  13. Aloreh Banner Voting

    Can definitely change colors up.
  14. Aloreh Banner Voting

    Sorry for the long wait! Holidays and exams got me caught up. The poll is now up for the nation banner contest! To remind everyone of the prizes, 1st place will receive 10,000 yora, 2nd place will receive 2,500 yora, and 3rd place will receive 1,000 yora. ( @CarterJennings and @jonathanbak) Edit: I should note, everyone can vote Entry Number 1 by @Eojinn Entry Number 2 by @Ravyhn Entry Number 3 by @GodOfGales May the Wind forever guide you.
  15. Assassins Creed?

    The movie isn't going to follow any game, per se. But my favorites are Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood. All the other ones I haven't played fully. I guess it depends on what era of history you like.

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