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  1. Bye m8 Long live A'therys! i totally agree remember the good things from A'therys. And yet there are still more to come who knows?
  2. Forum Name: Phil IGN: phillip0602 Bracket: Rogue
  3. BTW if u didn't see in the Skype chat i would write here that Ista is back. We are going to be atm 2-4 online almost everyday. 

    1. Dan The Derp
    2. CarterJennings


      Excellent! I haven't been able to check skype yet while away on vacation but I'll be back tomorrow evening.  Sounds good to me!!! I'm excited.

  4. hmhmh we need more celebrations!
  5. Our Lector General is a Great and honourable Leader. We will follow him to the end if that is it.
  6. Incredible what u have done. How far u actually got with A'therys. Unbelieveble. Gj and gl then. U have brought so many People into 1 server that is freaking awesome duuuude.
  7. Lemme guess it took one of u 8min and 14s to complete? sounds fun
  8. just to say i can't see fence gates?
  9. Waited for this for so long time YEEEE BOIIIIII LETSSSSS GOOO ERR #first
  10. Here earlier today i played on A'therys Stealthmelon(Istabulero co-mayor) kicked me for fun i did /accept after i Got invited back it Said phillip0602 joined the town. istabulero (is in Aloreh) Then i wrote in global chat guess what? It said i was in Ar-Selukk after i did /t i were in redninjas town somehow. None of the members were online so i couldn't get invited to his town. I did it 3 times and it still Said after i did /accept i joined redninjas town. After i did /home and ended up in Ar-Selukk. I Got invited again to Ista i accepted and it were fine no problems after. just wanted to Tell this were episode of today ^ Think it's a bug somehow? If People could control this maybe some would steal stuff and grief other towns that wouldn't be good.
  11. CSGO is running with ELO points. when u reach a decided amount of ELO points u rankup. What really matters to rankup is MVP's and you win the games. Ofc if u are the best in your team with 34 kills 4 assist and 7 deaths u will get a little amount of more ELO points than others. Look at this one https://csgosquad.com/stats it says if u are let's say LE (Legendary Eagle) u will need a certain amount of wins. I Can Tell u a lot People are better and will get it with less wins it's all about skills and how quickly u will learn how to play. If we take me atm i'm LE and it says i should need around 378 competitive wins. I just reached 203 competitive wins. So u dont need exactly 378 wins to be in the rank it just says to be in the rank most People would have around 378 competitive wins. Maybe a player with 2000 competitive wins are in LE and a guy with a smurf just reached 57 wins and came in LE. Then the 57 wins will let the (378) drop with 1. So now when u are in Le u need around 377 to be in that rank. Afterall it's just about skills. What really helped me was looking at Pro Matches (Fan of Fnatic here). This match is really interesting how Fnatic manage to get comeback and wins against EnvyUs. How do u see when u are close to rankup? if u are beggining to play with 1 or 2 higher ranked players u are close to rankup. Sadly there is no Way to see your ELO points u are just gonna look out for playing with higher ranked players as i mentioned above. This is what i call a legend match ! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=02I5vVxlJhU
  12. So close Atherys Letsss goooooo!
  13. Ofc It's players from A'therys
  14. Ask for a town!
  15. Lets see who is gonna be promoted here

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