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  1. @J2BH Tha llama 

    1. GodOfGales


      you popped out of nowhere

    2. Helious


      Fashionably late*

  2. This idea sounds amazing for guilds tbh I love it! A great compromise for both situations.
  3. Just gonna slide this here...https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/46-suggestions/ Though I don't agree the servers low population is because of guilds as that's from multiple reasons but now with us on the right track of things for the server I think a step moving forward guilds should be looked at in a different way in the future. I state all my points which still hold true in the previous forums discussion about this.
  4. Finally my rogue doomsayer dream can be accomplished.
  5. Loved it. Great video and soundtrack the two meshed together amazingly. Praise the long abiding king of the depths.
  6. Because I'm a bold kinda guy and I care about y'alls eyesight with the small skinny text default. Thank me later
  7. Overall a pretty good diary entry! Look forward to all the changes coming around
  8. Praise the Depths. The dominion of the great king of the inevitable all.
  9. I support the Vinh Caravan and can vouch on the premium quality of literature delivered from the writer. Sure the competition may be cheap but you get what you spend in most cases and what we have here is a top quality scribe ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Shields are a big one I know a lot of people would love to see implemented and have asked to be added for a bit now. Somehow through coding the values to match the Shield skill that a lot of warriors have possibly while making them to where they don't deflect arrows etc. I'm sure we'd see a lot more shield carrying warriors in use with the ability to edit your town or nations flag design on them etc. Would be a nice little addition to enhance the Hero experience
  11. Ah this brings back some memories indeed. Excellent installment! Keep up the great chapters i'm excited to see what comes next. ( Even though I could take a pretty good guess )
  12. HAH. Finally some old fashion dagger justice being brought to the table! I was a big supporter of the first Gonzo Abs revolution and I will throw my stake in again in support of the terr- unification organization and their proud objective of unifying the people and peace! Who could be against such high valued righteous morals?!
  13. You sir get a +1 like.
  14. Guilds. One of EVO's most tragic victims. I've payed very close attention to how's these puppies have gone all of EVO. Let's start with the greatest example the Pirates guild. From beginning of EVO crash held this puppy down with no active pirates and was predominantly a dead guild till I believe Dannie took over. After Dannie took over a small player boost was had that died down in the following weeks leading to the guilds deathly silence once more . Later Embryn became the Pirates head which actually was a surprisingly pretty great run for the guild for a few weeks with a boost of player activity and even a pirates nation alliance bid war. Though shortly that too went through its new leadership phase and died down back to inactivity until a new leader which I think returned to Dannie then passed to trance a tad later who like the following new leaders had brought a boost of players and activity which was nice but like the previous died down after a few weeks and the guild was dead once again. Then fast forward months later our lovely pirate queen takes office and activity is back once more and even a really fun Steryon tournament was had. Though from that point the guild again has dropped heavily in activity and seems on the same path as all its other predecessors. The obvious defecto being that the ability for the guild to hold down a active population and showing sustainable success all throughout EVO has been clearly absent. Now let's look at slightly different guild the more RP based Cyridion spires. Our beautiful mages guild. Which unlike the Pirates its activity had started out pretty well in EVO with decent activity. Though shortly into EVO they died down and remained very much so a desolate guild except for a member once in a blue moon until the summer where the guild surprisingly blew up and even I questioned whether guilds could be successful as I attended a few of the mages classes that were pretty fun. Though that would not remain after a bit following the summer the guild died down quite considerably in activity and with the occasional class once in awhile now since then with few members at present, and Being propped up by a few people. That doesn't scream success at all to me. The fact that majority of its existence has been a inactive one and even now it's active membership dwindles. Then we have Halion...Not once has this guild been active in EVO for more then a couple weeks when finyol first took it over and which subsequently died after the following weeks and went back to desolation since that short burst. The guild itself is extremely niche being a black market goods merchants guild? Then hearing Destruct recently receiving it with the population like it is atm seems like a extremely silly idea. Yes I know what he has in mind is different then its previous purpose, but seeing a very very similar organization on this server ran by Burnside which deals in all the same mechanics in which the new halion would work and which said organization has garnered very little membership and even little interaction from others. ( which I mean no disrespect but the server just hardly needs what's offered for multiple reasons ). That and with server population dropping drastically as of late I don't see where this will become any different nor a revolutionary change that will save Halion from it's entire inactive existence in EVO. merchants guild? Don't need to add anything here. Also from experience from overseeing the Assassins for months I can tell you that in more ways then one guilds or even clique oriented organizations are unhealthy nor currently a successful sustainable option. In fact I would argue that it damages the player base more then providing a healthy productive feature. The fact that the groups do indeed isolate themselves forming cliques that unhealthily fractures them from the community or we have the members go into the guild invest a lot then become inactive out of boredom and move or quit the server. Never have any of these guilds had any longevity. With over a year in examples. This is actually not the fault of the guild leaders but the way the server primary communities compete, guild recruitment access, guild limitations, and overall server population contribute to. Removing guilds as a singular entity and merging them with nations I think is a much healthier alternative but would still suffer from guild limitations and overall server population. Which would still limit the success of a organization but would retain the guilds legacy and beautiful builds while boosting the possible odds of a guilds success and longevity on the server or even retiring the guild to be renovated into a NPC town for quests/exploring. Which might in turn change some of our more hardcore guild lovers knowing their work and legacy of these guilds would still continue/exist into accepting this evidence. ( I mean this in no-disrespect to anyone but the facts are clearly evident from the history of guilds in EVO that something has to change and expanding the current system is definitely the opposite of fixing a outdated system. )

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