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  1. What an eloquent speech. I can't argue with this logic. Well put sir. Well put.
  2. No.
  3. I encourage you to go back and look at your last 20 or so posts on the forums and see if that's actually true. You can say you don't want the server to die all you want but if you're the one that keeps spreading negativity and general staff distrust then you have no one to blame for the server dying than yourself.
  4. If you actually cared about the people on this server you wouldn't constantly be trashing the server and talking bad about it. You are consistently starting fights that don't need to happen simply to get a fight out of the staff. If you want to leave the server then leave. But if you're going to constantly sit here on the forums and argue with the staff and troll them on your own goodbye post and constantly trash the server then either shut up or continue playing on the server. I haven't said anything yet but now you're just starting this to start it. I know you. You like to do stuff like this and create fights. This post isn't so that things will change or get better, you made this post for no other reason than you have a bone to pick with a couple staff members so you decided to take it to the only medium you know (childish arguing). If I had to go farther I'd have to say that you don't even have plans to leave the server. So anyways, this is all meaningless so either leave the server and never look back or sit down play your game and keep your mouth shut.
  5. Pixie probably was too. It's just that Itheri generally aren't lightweights
  6. It seems I have been outplayed. Sorry dan.
  7. Yes Madame. Vro owns Ithero.
  8. K

    And you people wonder why they delete your posts...
  9. Not seeing the issue, I haven't seen any deleted posts.
  10. Shut up mute. You can't support the server now! I tried to defend you and you betrayed me!
  11. You're a heretic. Gotum.
  12. Ah A'therys, other servers must run on a playerbase and cool new features whereas this one can be fueled by pure nostalgia. Like that one time that we...
  13. Hey same
  14. V1 was better.

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