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  1. I heard you're a story teller yourself. Care to share another legend of the adventures of the wise sund_wixius?
  2. I heard a rumor that Sellt decided to never post a recipe again...
  3. O nice, now I have way more options of redstone tricks . Now all we need is slime blocks to work with plugins
  4. whatup

    1. Aroth2000


      Hi? I'm doing swell. How're you doing today?

    2. Foe


      feelin like a pig

  5. But do you even care at all? no
  6. Mabelle Munt, your new glorious leader.
  7. @nchmax we all know how fast a bolt blink can go
  8. https://gyazo.com/d8bb56ea69878e5e7445a08d2d9124e8 Either use European dating or American dating @Sellt don't do this to me.
  9. I'm actually confused how @Dannie messed up the song 3 times in the one phrase he decided to quote...
  10. @Brady @Brady1233 @johndcastro @Brady3211 It's all your fault!!!
  11. thank you generous people we have in our community
  12. Let me tell you, no one merchants better than he does. I've seen it. *hand motion* Best of the best; fantastic merchant.
  13. Thats deep
  14. This would be nice, just check the warp location of warp signs in itheri towns to make sure its this warp.

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