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  1. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I voted no before I read the suggestion but this could be legit. It could be a way to help deal with RP conflicts in no-PvP zones if there are any. Other than that, it could help handle physical matters that can't be handled by the PvP plugin like literally stabbing a dude in the kidneys.
  2. [Lore Log] Daidama - An Homage to the Orient

    Well, any Alor trade/treaty port I'd make in Daidama would be Longweather based. So, something like "Dark Wind West" so as to show appreciation of the local culture while signifying the foreign influence.
  3. [Lore Log] Daidama - An Homage to the Orient

    Medieval China? So are we talking more Ming, Yuan, Tang, or Song dynasties? I've only put out those dynasties as they're the major imperial dynasties that ruled over the bulk of medieval China-proper instead of one of the many times China broke. I'm guessing more Yuan since the Mongols were the ones that actually ruled over Tibet under what was essentially a major successor of imperial China and the Mongol Empire. Unless you go into the early modern era in which the Qing would be a good candidate. In fact, considering A'therys has a range of influences that go up to the early 20th century (thank you Alor radio for the benchmark), the Qing might be appropriate. Also, now that I know Daidama is more of a China-based nation I can potentially justify an Alor trade/treaty port there! <3 <3 <3
  4. Sellt’s Diary 06/20/2017

    Will there be Chocobo-esque or flightless dragon mounts? Those would be dope.
  5. [Lore Log] Sketching The World

    Maybe I can't read your handwriting but I don't see Daidama which saddens me.
  6. New nations pt. 2

    Depending on further information, I'm still slated for Daidama with my Alor-based commercial town.
  7. [Lore Log] - Let's Talk Government!

    So, how restrictive would Daidama be towards having a slightly Alor-themed town dedicated towards being a trading stop for merchants from Aloreh?
  8. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    This sounds interesting. Though, I'll miss Cryo.
  9. Donations For Horizons

    With the server update that broke normal pets, I was wondering if we will get proper pets again with Horizons. I know I'd toss money at you guys if there were. I just want to get a pet, baby sheep that I could potentially ride. I miss my sheep. :'(
  10. New nations

    I thought Dalkun-Tir would have been more your vibe oh mighty, insane cannibal.
  11. A'therys Horizons

    Hit me up about them embassies.
  12. A'therys Horizons

    Well, seeing as Daidama is a thing, I think I'll work towards creating an Alor-based outpost/town along the easternmost edges of it. Altharia V5 and Darkwind "V?" team up time?
  13. New nations

    I'm going to be setting up an Alor outpost in Daidama if possible. Aloreh does (or did) have rights for merchant passage through it, seems natural that I could start up a more Alor style town in Daidama.
  14. What's Happened?

    Pixie stepped down?!
  15. [Dungeon] Allaka's Stockade

    So you say but you know what they say... "Captain Hammer's become a crusader, political he's cleaning up the streets!"

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