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  1. I do not agree with you but I understand what you are trying to say and I respect that
  2. I will attempt communication ¿Por que? I have great idea, stop working on EVO and only focus on Horizons?
  3. Khal Logo? Is that Khal Drogo's uncool brother or what?
  4. This is great, mods are great, cool stuff is great, I am great. I am very hyped for this
  5. Fear not dude, I am still around on the forums
  6. I am really hyped. Honestly make atherys into a tower defense server
  7. My comment was clever and smart
  8. This is a bad dungeon, not fun at all, lacks cool combat and isnt what i thought it would be like 2/10
  9. Something something mapwipe
  10. This is a sad day
  11. No you will get The D later
  12. Last time I checked, I didnt author anything
  13. Dont tell me what to do
  14. Get truckin downvoted kiddo. Well currently i wouldnt say it is worth playing now, but eventually the happy days will come and everything will be great.
  15. This is great

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