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  1. "This is like getting back together with an ex because they swear they've changed. ... I hope they've changed." - a comment on reddit
  2. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics.
  3. It feeds you huh? I dont know about you but i was taught that you shouldnt talk with your mouth full. disrespectful
  4. Uhhh why not WhiteChancery? Rascist
  5. This one of those classic meme videos 1+
  6. K

    Another high quality post from our lovely community
  7. A dungeon with mobs? Now thats a real dungeon!
  8. Dont test me
  9. We all achieved this, together.
  10. But what if Solodav is not kill?
  11. Today my fellow comrades, we have vanquished The Staff and created our own kingdom, a place of peace and prosperity We no longer have to live in fear of our glorious posts getting deleted We no longer need to adapt to the categories in the forums Here we are safe and here we are... Free!
  12. If people would let us meme we would stop making posts about staff deleting posts. I rather see some random meme then a "staff deleted my post" post
  13. Hello everyone today we are gona talk about the oppresive regime currently known as the "Staff" Lately the staff has been trying to silence to voice of the little people, myself included, because they feel like it, we dont even get a proper reason for why it was removed. We have to go into Ts, Skype and even Discord in order to try to reach someone who might tell why it was removed, for me this proves that certain mods aboose their powers and they wont even give you message as to why it was removed. Sad. So i would say it is safe to say that some mods need to be terminated in order to have a healthy staff (also we have more staff than players at this point) Also when you delete post, please give people a message about why you removed it (Sellt make it a rule plz) Thank you for reading and god bless

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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