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  1. We back up and running! if anyone finds any errors please send it to a admin or mod so we can look into it
  2. forums are back up


    1. Dannie


      woot unn limitid stawrage

  3. I will join you guys too!
  4. Update: forums should be stable for any help you can msg me on here or via email [email protected]
  5. So forums should be up and working as of now! Reminder to everyone to clear the browser's cache as it will still cause issues
  6. yup
  7. Hehe, Vnthy was here :D

  8. clean your side as works fine for me
  9. i will be hosting the test server, and we have a plan so if you wish to help pay for it we can chat about it
  10. Pointing out @Jessica i have a tag!
  11. 28 mins not a hour, edd did it to prove that.
  12. Now back up and running!

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