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  1. Anyway, I don't want to leave this thread on a bad note. I logged in last night, got picked up by xathas and brought along for some dungeon fun. My connection dropped but when I came back today I got picked up by a town and had a great time exploring. I can deal with the current population low. Hope to see some of you in there.
  2. Well it's clear this server is incredible. I agree with there being many fun things to do, which is incentive for new players. Returning though... I just remember the amount of xp for leveling was tedious to say the least. As a returning player it is discouraging to have all the experience mean nothing.
  3. Rigged? Towards what end? Looking at this quality screen grab of my profile, I guess your trying to communicate that it's odd I only have one forum post?
  4. I was really happy to see this server is still up and seems to have a solid core community. I started playing back in the B-dubs boom. At least some of you should remember that time, as when I was new everyone referred to that surge of population. I left because the town I was apart of disbanded and those friends were really my only connection to the community. Still, I've never found a more beautiful server with better plugins + roleplay community. So I'm wanting to come back. Upon rejoining, I was a bit overwhelmed. Things are new which was to be expected, as well as the population low. That really doesn't bug me as some of the best communities are small, but couple that with the immense amount of grinding, relearning, and generally being alone this time around. It just leads me to the question. Is there incentive for new or returning players?

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A’therys Ascended is a Minecraft 1.10 Roleplay/Pvp Server. We are committed to bring enjoyable content for all players, which since 2012 has grown into one of the greatest communities within the Minecraft community.

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