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  1. the goverment of Vrovona had learned that our long standing ally have betrayed us! there was a secret pact with the High Mediator Xinxet to hand over VROVONIC roreg to Aloreh and his goverement. Furthermore ithero has procured a slanderous screenshot which was clearly photoshopped. Therefore we ransacked the allied nation shop in calastore and have conducted a naval bombardment of the city of Salecia. The facade has faded. @ultravioletpixie Your move. Also I'm marrying @kingsransom cause politics.
  2. awww, why so pissy, dan?  (see activity below) Is it because I now own ItherVro? xD

  3. stfu your not funny
  6. Eh nvm I changed my mind. Defend my honour!
  7. When is the actual release of the nether?
  8. Enforcing trade deals: allows one company to utterly monopolize of a certain product really the possibilities are endless and if you are scared of abuse, limit the use of jailing to 3 people a day or something
  9. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as but not limited to: Somebody raids an allied nation breaks nation laws not cooperating with the nation being an ass to the nation RP PvP breakout events a way for NH to moderate people when mods are not on
  10. Stewards, this can encourage players in nations to cooperate with their NH cause otherwise NHs have virtually no power. The process of getting NH is already rigorous enough so there is really no reason to distrust them. They must have substantial popularity in both their nation and the staff team. Also of our current roster of NH I doubt any of them would abuse it.
  11. @HaedHutner so i tried out conquest for the first time, pretty neat but here are some extra suggestions/features that might be also neat: - congealed blood would be given to the players to captures the points - a daily/hourly timer would give yora to the nation who caps it - players would only drop 1 blood but if there are other players near by the amount of blood would multiply. so if there was a 20v20, each player would drop 40 congealed blood - conquest points should be easier to get to - the ability for players to solo cap points - use NPC towns for nations that do not have capture points, nobody really uses them anyways - the ability to hire guards to defend the capture points kinda like the old capital guards. they would spawn in once there is a player within 100 blocks or something. these guys would but pretty expensive (10k?) and upgradeable to be stronger. They would also require a upkeep of food or they wouldn't spawn IF YOU WERE TO BUILD UPON THIS SUGGESTION: - the ability to spawn prebuilt towers and other defenses? so each point has 3 defense points and people can choose what to build on each points, so for an example you can build towers that will shoot arrows at the attackers, or barracks to buff and hire guards, or a house which will spawn in barracades, or even a small farm to generate or lower foods for the guards and therefore no two conquest points would be alike and therefore a new experiance everytime -guards would have a random personality trait? so to buff the guards for x amounts of time you can feed them potions, or gift them diamonds, or give them better equpiment
  12. @Dannie is this still dooable
  13. is dead
  14. It's just good protocol.
  15. Yah, but Zero99x isn't staff is he now?

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