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Dan The Derp

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  1. Very intriguing. Good job Admins!
  2. Funny! Good catch Chronus!
  3. Exciting!
  4. stfu it's the Taiwanese flag wtf racist
  5. @[email protected] pirates online is back up, you should play it with me. https://piratesonline.co/news/post/88/
  6. Can you confirm you left A'therys to do pranks now?
  7. Sweet! When's the next event?
  8. No, not really.
  9. why am I so suspicious 

    1. Xathas


      Because there's a bunch of political nutters in DC?

  10. Vrovona annexed Roreg a while back btw. But you make a good point, we've invested too much in your security.
  11. stop posting or I'll unfollow you

  12. Intense

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