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  1. For those who enjoy the idea of describing each action, rather than swinging it out : this gives a good option for expanding your story.. For those who would rather Duke it out in the field of combat with the new skills and combat plugins, then they can ignore this. That's why it's an OPTIONAL rule. It's the same as arenas. Yes they gave you limited class-based gear on spawn in rather than what you carry, but some people like the 1 v 1 arena duels better than PvP in the open field. It's a matter of preference and giving people different options to explore.
  2. Quickly checking for clarity; will we need to remake Netherportals or will existing ones automatically change over?
  3. There's been a good deal of debate going into the creation of Daidama. Being based off of Imperial China, we have to approach the source material itself with a great deal of respect and with no small sense of awe. When you contemplate a subject as large and diverse as an alternate Asia, you face challenges. Not only does Daidama have its own history to deal with, but our fictional version's timeline must heavily tie with its neighbor and enemy, Dalkun-Tir; whose history and backstory is heavily reliant on Daidama's lore being a stable bedrock to build upon. How do you encapsulate thousands of years of history spanning thousands of miles into a single nation? Asia is the birthplace of two of the world's greatest religions, home to a family of cuisines, and is responsible for the development of technology used around the world today. We wanted to tie in Daidama into the established world of A'therys and to the intricate lore backstory, but we also want it to stand alone so that did not simply become an "Orientalization" of Aloreh or Ithero; or an "A'therianized" version of a martial arts movie. In addition, we need to capture elements of the culture we wish to represent, without outright pilfering from the source material we wish to homage. And if that were not enough, we have to find a way to present this information with which many players are at least remotely unfamiliar - medieval Asia and the martial arts, albeit sometimes more from a cinematic perspective than a historical one. History-wise, we've created our own timeline - with a few elements from the historical dynasties; and geographically we are focused on mainland China. The lands that make up Daidama vary as much as the people who live it in; from jungled cloud forest to highlands and frigid Tibetan-esque glaciers; there is much beauty and wealth, and more than a little danger. So we are still in a lot of development, and there aren't any spoilers outright; but here are a few fun facts to note Capital City: Cheng Tian Tan; most naming conventions follow a "three-part-name" system. Language and naming conventions is going to be written out, akin to how we have Hauad Logh - the language is loosely based off of Mandarin. Historical "Three-Kingdoms' War" in which the nation divided and reconquered itself. ((this name is still in-dev)) The people of Daidama are highly oriented on atonement, and this is perhaps the epicenter of Daidamese theology. The law of the land coexists with atonement practices, with the core being The Ancient Law , a holy book written by Mosech-Tan before her depart from the mortal plane.
  4. Not all of the drafts were that way anyway See also: NOT THE FINAL VERSION
  5. Frigid mountains range beyond the northern wall. 

    White water rushes round the western border. 

    Savage hoards assault the southern steppes. 

    Allaka prowls beneath the eastern sea. 

    Right here is where, alone and restless, 

    He begins a journey of a thousand miles. 


                               - Daidamese Proverb

  6. And that's why that version wasn't picked
  7. OMG IT FINALLY GOT FOUND!!! HUUUUUUGE thanks to @Razrivon, who search for a good four months to find it in Red's build server (finally found in V1 Altharia!!!) Ten, by @Preselier Aervelion has finally been located and re-added to the Tales of A'therys section of the wiki!!!
  8. A 100 plot town with expansion to 225 plot and the big one around 500 plots. - Again, note this is all draft and design; none of the maps shown are the final map; although some elements may be utilized in the final map.
  9. Most of these are the concept names; most which I just dubbed after the gods that ruled them. so you wanna look for Mosech-Tan
  10. The very day I set foot back on land to leave ship work; I got roped into one hell of a conversation How does one go about concepting a new map? Well, the same way I make my D&D world maps; a lot of discarded doodles. Disclaimer : While these doodles may contain small elements you might notice in the final map, none of these are the final map that will be produced. First; you sketch out ideas of what you might want your lands to look like. - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - Sometimes you mix and combine pieces to make a single nation look better, Then you start piecing them together like a puzzle of metaphorical tectonic plates. - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - - Photo - Occasionally @Sellt tries to help Sometimes you get REALLY EXCITED WITH AN IDEA DURING LUNCH AND DOODLE ON A NAPKIN And it's a lot of "back to the drawing board" - Photo - And try other programs to render ideas. Then @Sanders changes your crappy drawings to proper Black and White renders And you take the options with the Admin team to figure out how large it needs to be compared to plot squares. Then you take it to the professional mapmaker; show him your ideas - and he re-arranges your stuff further into a proper map render; which he's working on as we speak! Hope this was a fun and educational insight into the process of Horizons' map creation!
  11. My childhood hero, Adam West, has passed. =(
    His BATMAN was a genius interpretation -- He took the role very seriously, yet recognized it's camp value and the appeal the part had to both children and adults (on two different levels!).
    God Rest, Batman!

  12. So part of the misunderstanding is my wording. The Gennaian Isles may be individual kingdoms, but they are unified, following a shared culture and mutual respect. They'd be reluctant to go for autonomy and declare themselves as independent city states, IE : Selukk. It's not a case of making my own nation with blackjack and hookers. In terms for autonomy, its intent was that most of the ruling and budgets is left up to the Kings/ Queens of their respective kingdoms, and how it is run and how they pick their members for Senate The kingdoms look inward at caring for their people (islands), but the banner of cultural unity and council/Senate is the body on international and outward manners. It's not a case of being an independent city state nation; and anyone seeking to simply be autonomous in that manner and ignore the greater picture will find their attempt at kingship swiftly declined.
  13. So I figured I'd hit hard with today's lore log. The biggest question everyone seems to have, and it's a huge make or break for a lot of people picking nations; is about the upcoming governmental systems. In this topic, I'll be discussing : The Role of the Nation Head or Ruling Body, the amount of Staff Oversight intended, and how these roles are chosen. Please DO note that anything in [[Double-Brackets]] refers to an in-development name and is subject to change. Gennaian Isles: { Jen - eye - an } The Isles, for those who want a shorter term, is a collective of kingdoms under a single national banner. For those who want a real world comparison: Ancient Greece and its kingdoms. Our mapmaker needs to get the Isles made yet, but upon doing so I'll have an exact division and number of 'kingdom areas' sorted out. The central kingdom is Falkynthos, whose capital shares its nation name, and will serve as the starting [[High King]], as a moderator starting role. Each kingdom will have its own ruler, and form a collective senate in regards to national decisions. The [[High King]] may be the national face, but each kingdom is to some degree, an autonomous area. There may indeed be cases where a King should decide to go against the collective decision, and seek alliances of the other Kingdoms to take command. This is allowed within the constraints of the nation. Alliances are limited to fellow kingdoms A successful rebellion may result in the victor claiming the title of [[High King]] The other Kingdoms may reel in defeat, but will still exist. For example; it is not possible to completely take over the kingdom and kill off the other Kings to become an absolute monarch. Daidama: {Dye - Dah - Muh} A nation dedicated to justice, and its due process; there is quite some history behind it - but I'll bring you past that into the modern era =P Daidama is presently ruled by the Imperator, and his justices. The Imperator rules as a Dictator - both overseeing national and judicial matters This is a Roleplay Staff Account, due to its unique position of power. Consider this akin to the present system of Nation Head; with players playing a stewardship role. He can assign Justices to oversee the nation and dole out his will These are assigned player roles Think a combination of beat cops with Avatar's Dai Li. Unlike our previous example; the political climate is more stable; thus the leadership will not change. That noted ;this is an excellent opportunity to roleplay within a long-standing society. There's a fair amount of intended geologic variance here; so expect a fair deal of culture. Will there be roleplayed crime and punishment? Nothing that breaks the game or you; but if you wish to roleplay out the idea of serving penance; it is doable within the system. Furthermore; it should be noted that Daidama is not a society of prisons and executions; but of chains and atonement. There is a weight to one's crimes - which Mosech-Tan dealt quite literally to better humanity. How can one atone if they are simply killed or left to rot? Dalkun-Tir: {D-all - Koon - Tier } I've been toying this one with and without the dashes; so feel free to offer a which looks better option. Dalkun-Tir is the second designated Roleplay Head nation; this time with a player in the role! it is also a nation in which its former God (Orvesu), still watches over the people; albeit in a less direct manner than he once did; Orvesu's chosen Prophet is known as The Outrider. It's a roleplay position that will initially be managed by staff to start with; but will transition to a player-played nation head. In this case; the player utilizes THEIR OWN CHARACTER as the Outrider; That noted; please expect to stay In Character as much as possible during your tenure. The Outrider always is chosen in the same manner; and is granted signs to mark who he is. Dalkun Tir itself is a collective of nomads, raiders, and tribes; all who were at one point exiles guided across the scrubland by Orvesu or his Outrider. Their capital city is less a place of government, but a central trade hub along the fork of the nation's only river. Because of this factor; the Outrider will have to earn his nation's respect. While most who see him know who he is and the god who empowers him; some may not be willing to outright follow him Atvoria: {At - Vore - ee-ah } Alright; this one's a bit of a doozy. There IS a staff oversight role; but in this case it's not a position of power, but of observation and oversight. Optimally, Atvoria will be led by a Council of Guildmasters Each Guild is named after one of the Thirteen Characters of The Quest Exception: The Manslayer is represented by the Prison Warden; because you do not want to invite a homicidal bastard out of The Gorge to a dinner party. Guilds are intended to be run akin to castes; with a series of masters and apprentices; with the guild leader (Prestige) seated at the council. Within the nation itself, it is a world of stories - meaning players can coin themselves as kingdoms, shires, hollows, dukedoms, etc. These lands may battle within themselves over territorial disputes, outright war with an enemy, or choose to attempt political assassinations within themselves. This is the reason for The Council of Thirteen; to quote myself earlier : "There are hundreds of stories in the world; but only one Great Story which is superior to all” Kilnholdt (Formerly: Harugraun ): {Kiln - Hol - T } This one might sound like a new name to the mix; mainly because Harugraun sounded a hair too Asian and it didn't fit this one's theme. As Sellt noted; everything on that list was subject to edits until release! The present ruler is simply entitled the Despot; though personal titles may choose to claim themselves as they wish. Towns are loosely aligned, but distrustful of one another. Circumstances of rule may change at the drop of a hat. To sum this one up shortly; the strongest rules. Any person wishing to rebel may declare themselves so, and vry for power. In the case of multiples at one time; factions are allowed. Faction ‘leaders’ may recruit from within the nation, or from outside the nation; for their cause. In addition, betrayal may be allowed within factions. The goal of this was to give the capital city of Korth an "Iron Throne" feel to it, no ruler should feel safe upon it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that all of this is still highly in draft form; but it should outline my intentions: That there be both stable and changing options in the world's governments. That governments not adhere to the present cookie cutter format we presently have That there is an option for both Staff and Players to hold a role of an immersive roleplay nation head. That there be an option for full on fights for leadership. Please feel free to leave comments, constructive critiques, and bribes below!
  14. I'll take a large detailed map to explore over a 500 * 500 murderfest any day
  15. Away until the weekend; really heavy tech week. 
    Sorry for any inconvenience!!!

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