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  1. tbh this one's better than the other
  2. What's strange about the Merchant's Guild is that it's already in the Daggerlands, but nobody lives there and its members are just scattered, like an association. tbh the Soup Man owned Sablemarch in v2
  3. safemode incoming pls god no safemode
  4. availability

    If you change your name your stats are lost, I checked and my last account name would've been 20th but it isn't there.
  5. 0/10 oops is a better thread
  6. oh yeah
  7. Upon this time of voting, I wish all Magisters very good luck. I hope the Elect shall bring great prestige and prosperity to our nation!

  8. Recent talks have revealed a possible new way to fight the swamps of Rammat. Copperheart advisors have concluded this method will take much time and money. Another meeting is planned with the town's top craftsmen.

  9. savior
  10. Zcarecrow
  11. Dystopian future, I like. Like 1984 but in A'therys
  12. Apparently our lord is very skilled in the arts of necro-posting But I bring great news, there has been a battle won in the great name of THE LAWX
  13. The Umberites may not have power in the Daggerlands, but there remains a man who can bring unite them from the shadows.

    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      And his name is Byron.

  14. Byron, as I am in agreement with the Swamps, do you believe we will find a way to remove them? Should we look to our mechanization, or should we, at last resort, go to the Mages of Cyridon? @Byron Highcastle
  15. So I hear the Umberites work as mercenaries, might be something to look into...

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