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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration

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Found 3 results

  1. Updated Crafting Guide

    A'therys Crafting Guide (now with pictures) Item Crafting Chain Links: (5 iron ingots = 6 Chain Link) Enchanter's Dust: (2 redstone + gold nugget + lapis = 2 enchanter's dust) Leather: (9 rotten flesh = leather) Slimeballs: (2 cactus + 2 dirt = 2 slimeballs) Web: (9 strings = web) Food Crafting Alor Duck Kebab: (2 raw chicken + 2 carrot + stick = alor duck kebab) Dorrod's Bread: (3 wheat + rotten flesh = dorrod's bread) Itheri Chowder: (2 raw potatoes + raw fish + bowl = itheri chowder) Loghec Stew: (spider eye + bowl + mushroom = loghec stew) Pirate's Parrot Yarr: (cooked chicken + 4 feather = pirate's parrot yarr) Steak Kebab: (2 raw beef + 2 carrot + 2 raw potatoes + stick = steak kebab) Vrovona's Spiced Pork: (raw pork + 2 cocoa beans + sugar = vrovona's spiced pork) Yolu's Salad: (4 leaves + 2 apples + 2 lilypads + bowl = yolu's salad) Dessert Crafting Apple Pie: (3 apples + 2 wheat + sugar = apple pie) Carrot Cake: (3 carrots + 2 wheat + sugar = carrot cake) Chocolate Ice Cream: (3 snowball + 3 cocoa beans + 2 sugar + bowl = chocolate ice cream) Coal Cookies: (2 wheat + coal = coal cookies) Flax Cookies: (9 seeds + cookie = flax cookies) Soup Crafting Dandelion Soup: (3 dandelion + bowl = dandelion soup) Selukkite Curry Soup: (blaze powder + gunpowder + bowl + water bottle = selukkite curry soup) Drink Crafting Bookworm's Tea: (3 sugar + feather + ink sac + water bottle = bookworm's tea) Cactus Bloom Tea: (2 cactus + dandelion + water bottle = cactus bloom tea) Cactus Juice: (3 cactus + water bottle = cactus juice) Fish Oil Tea: (2 raw salmon + raw fish + water bottle = fish oil tea) Frostbite Tea: (3 snowball + water bottle = frostbite tea) Gritty Tea: (3 gravel + water bottle = gritty tea) Morning Glory Tea: (3 sunflower + water bottle = morning glory tea) Sweet Tea: (3 sugar + vine + water bottle = sweet tea) Reverse Crafting Seed: (wheat = 9 seed) Wheat: (9 seed = wheat)
  2. A'therys Crafting Guide

    How to custom craft on A'therys! We use a plugin called Craftbook; which helps us create custom items for you to craft with, this guide will show you to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have knowledge on how to craft custom food and items on A’therys. There are two types of crafting on A’therys, they are either shaped or shapeless recipes, shaped recipes will be noted to be made in a certain way. Item Crafting Recipes: Food Crafting Recipes: Dessert Crafting Recipes: Soup Crafting Recipes: Drink Crafting Recipes: Reverse Crafting Recipes: Thanks for reading the crafting guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!
  3. My Pool of Crude Ideas

    I remember a time when A'therys Ascended had custom items like horleous shards made of glass panels etcs... Now my big question is; are we still going to do anything related to this in any way shape or form? If no, then ignore everything I'm about to explain, if yes, or even the slightest possibility to consider a yes, read carefully: ---- I am very curious why no seasonal event items like the "HOLIDAY MAGIC" (a stick that shoots fireworks) did not have some form of recipe for a sweet item or something exclusive for the holiday season. Maybe on certain events if there's a global drop (like that stick) could be used to make something useful in game. (Example: put it in furnace to create a stack of 16 <iron ingots> or something custom, not default minecraft). My point is I believe there to be a way to modify existing items in minecraft and change their properties all while retaining/not replacing/keeping the original. Also I know for a fact that mcmmo has custom drops in the configs which can be edited through the server files or w/e. There can also be drop chances. So why not build off ideas for drops and things we can do with those drops? Like crafting, cooking, effects etc. ------------------------------------------------ Hey i'm just throwing random ideas off the top of my head at this point. If anyone has an idea please do add on even if its to change something I said I would appreciate it alot so we can brainstorm things please do post your ideas below. Lets say your chopping down an oak tree, there could be a certain percent chance (in decimal form in the mcmmo config for each skill in this case woodcutting) that ectoplasmer (light green or cyan dye) could be harvested. This would be a resource extracted from a raw material when chopped using an axe and a high enough mcmmo skill of woodcutting all required to obtain. There can be practical uses for crafting a recipe like maybe when used on a weapon it does something? Could ectoplasma be cooked into food and then eaten to turn you invisible or something similar to /skill smoke? (ectoplasma is like ghost residue so this makes sense?). Excavation: While digging in sand I hope there to be custom drops when digging sand with a shovel and I do hope to find treasure when fishing in mcmmo as well. Maybe when fishing there's a very very slim chance to find yora in place of sunken treasure? In sand, there should definitly be some form of fossil... bones, bone meals, rotten fleshes, or something to do with a custom item to be cooked in furnace to make an item that when crafted 2x2 can make an iron ingot or something good but not too overpowered. Or when digging in clay you could uncover gold nuggets (clay is normally underwater, so it's like panning a river for gold). Please please please build off of what i said and lets generate some ideas, preferably doable ones, but its always good to know examples of what is too op too. Just keep a realistic intent on these.

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