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Found 28 results

  1. Plaguebearer-Change/buff

    So I'm going to keep this short but after playing a fair amount of plaguebearer and trying to level up, I find it almost impossible to farm. Seeing as most of the skills are meant for PVP not PVE it makes for very long drawn out boring leveling, keep in mind that i was leveling in a group so solo leveling would probably be even harder. The fix? Change the abilities to effect entities. This class has a lot of potential and id hate to see no one play it because they cant level it up. Thank you to any staff who take this into consideration. -Chrono
  2. Class Creation Contest!

    Class Creation Contest! Welcome! Whilst this contest is no where near as serious as the one last year, I thought it would be fun to host another one! This competition is very simple. Design a class. It must have either 5 or 6 active skills, then 1 or 2 passive/togglable skills. These skills should synergise with one another in some form and have potential to work well with other classes. Please submit your class with the format below. The Prize is 10,000Y and both the prefix "Peacekeeper" as well as the suffix "The Brave"! I may give our smaller prizes to concepts I see having excellent aspects or very cool skills. The submission deadline is 2 weeks from now, which is Monday the 27th February 2017! I look forward to seeing the entries! Comments that do not contribute to the competition will be hidden for neatness sake. Feel free to reserve places if you want to enter your class at a later point. The Format: Class name: Class Tree: (Squire/Acolyte/Initiate/Knave) Total HP: Total Mana: Mana Regen: Head Amor: Chest Amor: Leg Amor: Feet Amor: Main Weapon and Damage: Skill Level Cooldown Description Values If you are choosing to do less than 8 total skills, just remove some of the rows or leave them blank Happy Creating! -Chiv
  3. Heroes Balance Update 3.0

    This patch aimed to deal with some of the more brainless elements of certain classes such as mountebank and warden, whilst also trying to deal with the problem of all warriors having over 100 damage through skills that are meant to be designed around utility. We also fixed Cryomancer's strange mana issues as well as further slowing down Haruspex's arcanorb CD in order to lower it's overall damage potential and make it more of a CC focused mage. Saboteur has gotten two of it's skills back, hopefully making it playable again. It is worth noting that bows are now dealing Projectile Damage Instead of old True Damage . This means they no longer pierce armour. At the moment we have decided not to update arrow damage by very much, as we haven't been able to see arrows in play yet. However this could change a number of times in the future whilst we fine tune the sliding scale of doing nothing to anything with decent armour and absolutely nuking leather armour classes. Regards from the entire team -Chiv -J2 -Flesh -Jupi -Ruins -Aroth -Chad Balance changes: ALL Warriors (apart from Tactician because Dannie didn't upload it): Wound duration from 25 -> 15 Wound tick from 5 -> 3 Wound tick damage from 14 -> 7 Orphiant: Daze cooldown from 35 -> 20 Daze slow duration from 5 -> 3 Daze silence duration from 5 ->3 Mountebank: Eagleeye radius from 300 -> 150 Eagleeye cooldown up 30 -> 120 Eagleeye duration up 3 -> 5 Main Melee down from 36 -> 30 Warden: Bow damage down 40 -> 35 Feral frenzy Wolf duration from 20 -> 7 Feral frenzy Wolf damage from 8 -> 6 Companion health down 300 -> 250 Companion ‘Bite’ skill slow duration 3 -> 1 Envenom radius from 10 -> 1 (Effectively making it for your use only) Saboteur: Changed how Mechshield works to make it viable again. Cryomancer: Mana regen up 7 -> 25 Maximum mana up 100 -> 175 Haruspex: ArcaneOrb cooldown up 4 -> 6
  4. Triple XP!

    24-hour Triple XP from 5:30 PM ATZ January 10th (today) until 5:30 PM ATZ on January 11th XP boost will be available at /golevel Make use of it while it's here! Thank you, @ThatGuy_777!
  5. Heroes Attributes

    So, I was online earlier, checking out the /hero help command. It was there that i noticed the /attributes command and /attributes reset command. So, naturally, I check it out. It turns out that you can allocate collected points to your stats, such as the classics: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Endurance, Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence. There are two buttons on the sides, one that says READ CAREFULLY, and a Reset All one. Buttons on top add points to the respective stats below them, and buttons on bottom remove points above them (before confirming, stats can only be reset by using /attribute reset with no refund of points.) So my question is this: Since this is essentially a way to boost your characters base stats outside of class skills and low ping and all, HOW do you collect Attritube points to spread among your stats? Will they be included in the Quest when they are available? I only ask because I am a lv61 Trueshot, and not a single point was given upon any level-ups like a classic RPG would have. What's the point of having this system in place if almst no body knows about it and even less know how to get points to use it?
  6. Sharpness?

    So, sharpness is disabled currently (though I've heard a couple of the older players say it works with the outdated classes, such as citizen or crafter or something like that?) Is this intentional, and is this going to be here permeability?
  7. Mob Event Today! (December 4th)

    Hello A'therians! Don't forget that today, starting at 3 PM ATZ, we will be hosting a mob event! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Rejoice! Those who participate in the event from start to finish are guaranteed to master 1 whole class! We will start forming parties at 2:55 PM ATZ, 5 minutes before the event Event will tentatively end after an hour This is a re-post! For some reason, the original (which can be found below) was not coming up on the main forums page, so I've made this one. (:
  8. Triple XP!

    12-hour triple XP from 3 AM ATZ on Sunday, December 4th until 3 PM ATZ! XP boost will be available at /golevel Thank you again, @ultravioletpixie! And don't forget to attend the Mob Event in the Overworld immediately after!
  9. Triple XP!

    Triple XP is now in effect at /golevel! Make the most of it! XP boost will last 24 hours, from Saturday, 26 November @4 PM ATZ until Sunday, 27 November @4 PM ATZ Thank you @ultravioletpixie!
  10. Heroes Wiki

    Hello! We have created a wiki that outlines the kits of the new streamlined classes. Currently this only includes the in-combat kits of the available classes, but we aim to add the full kits of all the classes in time, when they are finalized. The wiki can be found here. We hope this will hope newer players pick up the streamlined classes as we release them. Enjoy! Edit: Also here's an example page
  11. Hello! In this thread I will be requesting the help of the community in brainstorming ideas for the out of combat skills for the new streamlined classes. Here is a summarized graph of the kits of all classes: Now, you might notice we have a lot of missing spaces in the blue (out of combat) section. This is where you come in! We are looking for: Utility skills that may help players in non-combat tasks Minor passives that can help with resource gathering or other merchanting pursuits Class or tree-unique recipes for more efficient crafting of existing items, or new items entirely Other Notes: Suggestions for skills to fill these slots must make sense for that class or tree's theme Suggestions that are less resource-intensive are more likely to be considered Suggestions that drastically change the economy are unlikely to be used So, if you guys have suggestions for these slots, feel free to post them here or private message me!
  12. State of PvP

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll keep this brief and constructive, but there are 2 issues that are currently making server very difficult in regards to PvP. First, each night I log on, there is no town to attack. Each town has turned pvp off for security reasons. This is most unfortunate because the Heroes combat system is the core feature of the server, and at present there is no people upon which to use it against. As much as rogue raiders are despised by towns, they are critical agitators that keep the server lively. Two arguments I have heard in support of the current toggle system are as follows: 1. Towns will mostly turn pvp on when the new heroes arrive. This is false because players enjoy a safety bubble in their region and simple heroes still won’t entice them to remove the bubble unless they are a large town with a ready defensive force (meaning rogue raids less likely against a line of tanks and mages). 2. A 12 hour cooldown could be placed upon switching. This I don’t believe will solve the problem because there is still not a reason for towns to select the PvP on option. They will just sit in no pvp and not switch because there is no incentive in forcing them to risk loss of gear to pvp. This I believe hurts the server because seems like all towns outside of Draken-Thul, Steryon in the mornings, and Moors of Erebus have pvp off. This means that combat is stifled (which is why a lot more hero crafters have started to join atherys because HC’s castle combat systems stifled their pvp causing their server to rapidly loose population). Peaceful gameplay such as RP and building are thriving, but those don’t require heroes to happen. Can pvp become a forced thing again with a day off on Sundays? @Sellt @Dannie @OnyxOwl11 @Helious The second issue is arrow damage. Currently Mountebank, Trueshot, Saboteur, Warden, and Sylvanite do 9 hearts of damage for headshots. This is very broken, and can allow an unscrupulous player to defeat an entire town with a single explosive arrow barrage. The issue is being addressed for the heroes revamp; however, that leaves a critical exploit in play until the update happens. Say for sake of argument that it takes a month to release the new heroes, that means for a month those 5 classes are unplayable….. can anything pre patch be done? @MisChiv @Valaen
  13. Hello! In this post, I'll outline a project I've been working on and testing with the remaining playerbase on the late test server. The general premise of the project is to: Reduce the number of active skills to 3-4 per class, each on a low cooldown. (under 20 seconds) Give each class 1-2 combat passives, out-of-combat utility skills, and a few economy-focused passive bonuses. Shift the bulk of damage dealt in a fight away from left click damage and toward skill-based damage. Reduce bulk DoTs, AoE damage, and AoE movement disruption skills, and focus on more interactive skills. Make all classes fully combat ready by level 50. Here's the document that outlines what Heroes could look like. (Only active in-combat skills listed) The aim of this project is to make A'therys Heroes more approachable for newer players, and to make each class feel more unique. Benefits of this project: A reduced barrier of entry, resulting in more PvPers, from both new and existing players. Less skill spam, and likely less lag or FPS issues in larger fights. More diverse class-roles, resulting in fewer classes being outshined. With fewer skills, creating new classes becomes reachable. Now, as a personal note, please don't write this off as another "skill reduction patch" without trying it out. The team has hosted several test fights on the previous test server, and will continue to host fights on the new one, coming soon. We welcome any interested to hop on Teamspeak and participate, especially if you've never tried PvP before! If you have any questions about the proposal, feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a private message!
  14. Answer to the question

    A couple of people, both from my old town and the heroes team, have asked me why it is that I am not a fan of the new reduced skill meta for the classes. At first I would simply say its because I preferred the old system better or that I liked multirole. But thinking on it, I encountered an analogy in business class that summed it up pretty well: A company named Gravity Payments in Seattle that gained some notoriety in 2015. The CEO who used to earn $1.1 million per year dropped his own salary to $70,000 per year. He instituted a policy where each member of the company would also receive $70,00 a year. Younger employees, new hires, and recent college graduate employees were delighted with the decision as it more than doubled their income; however, senior employees who were earning more than 70k per year were required to take a significant pay cut and receive the same pay as the new hires. In response, some of them quit cause they felt their jobs were being devalued with the reduction. End result, the decision was good for the less affluent majority and poor for those who were now loosing out because of it. In general, this is how I feel on the classes as they are becoming. Its great for those who couldn't stand the heat and had to stay out of the oven. But for those who enjoyed being able to heal while tanking, have multiple burst damage skills, or perform crazy movement stunts with rogues..... well our loss. Thanks to the heroes team members @Valaen and @JupiterRome for showing me around the new classes in last night's battles on the test server. Fights were simple but ok in enjoyment value. However, I recommend you shrink the server map to bring the communities closer together so that you will take advantage of the simple class meta. Bringing the various towns, economies and fights into a smaller map (maybe 5k by 5k) will probably cut down on the problem of people leaving through loneliness in their isolated towns of Evo and v2. Food for thought @Sellt
  15. Reason : Sanguinaire has very repetitive gameplay that just feels like all you have to do to survive a fight is land leech and then just keep hitting them with your sword, maybe throwing in a stun here or a fireball there. These suggestions could make sanguinaire take more skill to play, have a higher skill cap, and be genuinely more fun and unique than it is currently. Passive - Replace the boring lifesteal passive with a new skill called 'Blood Mark'. Every time you hit an enemy with a melee attack, they receive a Blood Mark. If you give the enemy 4 Blood Marks, they take 2% of their missing health as magic damage and you heal for 2% of the health they currently have. If you land the 4 marks, the passive goes on a 3 second cool down. Not hitting an enemy for 10 seconds clears them of all marks. Attacking multiple enemies removes the marks each time a new target is attacked. BloodBolt - Replace Fireball with a new skill called 'BloodBolt.' This is a projectile that costs 20 health to cast and deals 15 damage. If you miss the enemy, it goes on a 5 second cool down. However, if you hit the enemy with it, they recieve a Blood Mark and it goes on a 10 second delay period. Reactivate this skill within the 10 seconds of it being on delay, and the opponent will be slowed for 1 second and you will receive 2x (However many seconds you waited to reactivate the skill.) Reactivating consumes all Blood Marks and sets Blood Mark on cool down. If player does not reactivate BloodBolt during the delay period, it goes on a 25 second cool down. BloodBlink - Replace BloodBend - with a new skill called 'BloodBlink.' Honestly, having 10 seconds to teleport an enemy wherever you please in my opinion is genuinely broken, and can turn the tide of any battle because you can CC the teams only healer or tank to their death within seconds. This skill , upon targeting an enemy, makes the caster go invulnerable and invisible for two seconds, unable to attack. Then, the caster is teleported behind the targeted enemy , and they are slowed for one second. (All blood marks are removed upon activation of this skill.) 60 second cool down, deals 5 damage and costs 15 health to use. (idk who to tag so @MisChiv )
  16. New Command: /whatclass

    New Command /whatclass This new command will open an inventory GUI of the Hero Class Paths with the 4 paths: Squire, Initiate, Knave & Acolyte. When you click 1 of the paths it will open another inventory GUI and you will be presented with the classes in that tree. For example, the Squire path will show Exemplar, Berserker, Sentinel, Overlord, Doomsayer and Tactician. Click 1 of these options and it will link you with a hyperlink in chat to the class sheet for that class, as shown below: Then, click on the hyperlink in the chat and select 'Yes'. This will open the webpage in your web browser: I highly recommend that you all take the time to show new members this, it's a great little tool for them to use to pick a class which suits their own play style. Command is /whatclass have fun!
  17. Conquest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VcB28aeQ60&feature=youtu.be Introduction: Hey everybody. With Conquest being right around the corner here’s everything you need to know about how it will work out and what is to be expected. While I did do a post on this in the past, that was in the earlier stages of development and there has been a few significant changes in game design since then. On top of that I’d like to address a couple of things a bit more in detail to avoid any confusion. Content: Conquest is a new piece of content on A’therys, consisting of a mix between PvE and PvP, with the main goal of promoting more PvP on the server. In short, it’s an island with mobs constantly spawning, however it differs from the PvE world by always having PvP enabled. To motivate players to level up in a PvP environment, mobs will be granting twice as much experience as the ones in the PvE world. Please note that this might change after release, depending on the pace of levelling. In addition to this, there will be a world boss spawning on a fairly regular basis granting a large amount of experience, but be weary taking him down is not an easy task and forces from enemy nations might be looking for a fight. Twice a day, there’ll be an automated event on the island. where the different nations compete against one another to conquer the island in a battle of dynamic capture point, that will take you around the entire island. At the end of each month, the nation(s), with the most wins will receive a reward, which will be decided on by staff. This reward could very well vary from month to month to mix things up. [Levelling] How to play: Preparation: Levelling on the island is pretty straight forward. To get to the island all you need to do is to gear up and go to your capital of choice. In every capital you will find an NPC called Recruit. Simply click the Recruit and type “Yes” in chat. If it doesn’t work try, make sure that you’re at least within 5 blocks of him. After dying on the island, you will not be able to use the Recruit within 90 seconds of your death. This is to prevent people farming kills for their KDR. Mobs and loot: The mobs are about as difficult as the medium difficulty ones in the PvE world, since the main focus is the PvP. For this very reason we recommend grouping up with a few of your friends in order to not get killed. On death they will have chance to drop a piece of loot from our new custom loot table. In total there are 9 different sets. One for each nation, 3 for the guilds, and on top of that a few random lore items. Durg The Deathreaver: Durg is our new world boss on the Conquest Island. We estimate that you’ll need roughly 5-7 people to kill him with a balanced composition. He’ll spawn in a cave once every 2 hours and consists of two different phases and a bunch of mechanics that you will need to counter in order to slay him. Upon spawn a global message will be sent out to notify everybody on the server. Beware though, since this is on the Conquest Island PvP will be on, and enemy forces might intercept you. That being said with risk comes reward, and upon slaying Durg you will receive a great amount of experience and a bunch of loot. Here among a chance to obtain Silktouch, Fortune and Protection items, all balanced according to server economy and PvP. [Event] How to play: The following is a recording with commentary of a complete event in case any of you want to see how it plays out rather than having me describe it to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1EP16SDDOE Preparation: An hour before and up until the event starts there will be set of server wide announcements to notify everybody that it’s about to start. 10 minutes before start, all mob spawning will cease and players will start keeping their items on death. At this time /Conquest will also be enabled, meaning that you can now warp to the island by typing the command, allowing you and your teammates to prepare yourselves. After having typed the command, you’ll be teleported to the a boat off the coast of the island after 10 seconds. The boat has PvP disabled, and on it are two NPCs, The Commander and The Captain. The Commander is used to select the nation that you’re fighting for through an interface. Once selected, your nation will be remain until changed. IMPORTANT: In case two or more nations are allied, they will have to choose one banner to fight under. This means that they will have to select the same nation to fight as even though they are actually from another nation. Wins of multiple nations will not be added up by the end of the month even though they are allied. This is to prevent multiple nations from simply allying during the last few days of the months and winning through that. Only the nation with the most wins will receive a reward and their nationhead is then responsible for distributing it. This hopefully also gives nations more of an incentive to ally as well as meaning to the various alliances. The Captain is used to choose between 18 different spawn locations across the coast of the island through an interface. The interface will display the coords of the respective locations and will prevent spawn camping. Map: The map is roughly 400 blocks in radius and features a norse type of terrain with hills roughly as steep as the ones in Aloreh. The specific locations that people will be fighting over will however be more flat. On the map there are 3 different capture point location with a different build for each capturing location. Each build will be favouring a different type of play style. Castle X:372 Y:108 Z:534 At the castle, people will be fighting in a courtyard, so as you can imagine that that’s be pretty close combat, which overall is going to favour zone control and melee classes, warriors in particular as they’re for the most part tanky and won't need to hop in and out of a battle. Village X:516 Y:70 Z:674 The ruined village will largely promote the mobility heavy play-style that rogues have to offer. With plenty of houses and high ground for rogues and archers to jump around on, this will be the ideal place to play a mobility heavy class. Shrine X:575 Y:84 Z:418 The Shrine is an open field with a simple structure in the middle similar to Stonehenge. As you can probably imagine, this will be good for the classes that generally rely more on peeling and kiteable terrain. Gameplay: The battle consists of 6 rounds. At the start of the event one of the three locations is randomly chosen, and from here it will cycle through the various locations with a new location at every round, always moving from Village, to Castle, to Shrine and back to Village. This means that you’ll be fighting twice at every location. Each round lasts for 5 minutes and is split up into two stages resulting in the entire event lasting for a total of 30 minutes. At the end of the 6th round, the team with the most points will win. The first stage lasts for 3 minutes and allows the various teams to move to the capture point location and ideally prepare to defend the location against enemy nations to gain an advantage. While testing it did however become apparent that waiting out this duration and then rushing in at the start of the second stage to surprise the enemy and push them off the point is definitely also a viable strategy. It is however important to note that you will not be able to spawn back immediately after dying. Once dead you will have to wait 90 seconds before being able to spawn back. Killing an enemy right before the second stage is therefore a fantastic way of ensuring your victory, as he/she will be locked out of the second stage. The second stage lasts for 2 minutes and is where the points are distributed. This is done in intervals of 15 seconds. At the end of each interval each nation will be rewarded with 1 point per player from the nation, meaning that each player has the potential to earn 8 points per round for their nation of choice. For a player to obtain a point for he/she has to be within the capture point zone, which is 10 blocks around the beacon. As you can probably imagine chasing the enemy team away is therefore not a smart idea in the second round. It’s all about defending the location. GUIs and Messages: During a Conquest event there are several GUIs and messages to help you better understand what’s currently happening. To the right of your screen you will see a sidebar displaying a whole bunch of information. At the top you will see the amount of rounds completed. Below that that you’ll see the current time. Again, note that the second stage of a round starts at 120 seconds, which is also announced to everybody on the island through chat. Lastly there’s the objective, simply indicating which location is currently being fought over. At the start of the second round you will also notice progress bar right above your hotbar, but only if you’re within a conquest points. When it reaches 100% points will be given out. This is a good way of making sure that you are within a capture points. Alternatively you will also be notified through chat every time you enter and leave a capture point. Aftermath: Once the event is over the winner will be announced globally, and the winning nation will have a point added to their overall monthly score, as well as the beacons of all capture point locations colored accordingly to indicate who won the latest battle. 3 minutes after the event has ended, mob spawns will be enabled again and you will drop your inventory on death. Event Times: As previously stated, the automated events will happen twice a day. Once around EU peak time (4pm EDT/9 pm BST), and once more at NA peak time (7 pm EST/12am BST). Note that these times might change depending on feedback, and that they follow system time, which means that the time of the events will always be based on EST. So keep that in mind as the difference in time changes over the course of a year. Stats: Kills, deaths and your overall KDR is being counted at all times on the conquest island, but not anywhere else. What’s special about this system though, is that whenever you die all players whom were in combat with you will get a kill. This effectively means that even though you’re playing a support class, you will still be gaining kills to make a more accurate representation of how much you’ve been fighting. There is also a leaderboard displaying the top 5 players with the highest KDR and let me now already say that any attempt to abuse this system to be at the top by simply killing your friends will be punishable. Obviously the respawn system is in place to prevent this sort of thing, but as always there will be that somebody. Commands: /ConquestHelp Displays a list of the various commands. /Conquest Warps you to the Conquest Isle Will only work during the Conquest events. /ConquestStats Displays your nation, kills, deaths, KDR and streaks on the Conquest Isle. /ConquestReset Resets your stats in Conquest - If OP you can type in a playername to reset his/her score. /ConquestLeaderboard (Reset) Shows the 5 players with the highest KDR. Resets the leaderboard and all player stats - Requires OP. (Will probably lag the server due to large player database) /ConquestNations (Reset) Displays a leaderboard for all of the nations. Resets the all nation stats - Requires OP. Release date: Conquest is set to be released as soon as possible, after we have done the last bit of testing. Currently we’re just looking to test a few new mechanics and sort out some mob spawns. Once it has been released on A’therys some changes might still occur until 1.9 hits, where it will be officially added. Staffing: Overall Conquest won’t bring much extra work for the staff, but what they will need to do is the following: Come up with a prize to be given out to the winning nation each month. Reset the KDRs once a month. (/ConquestLeaderboard Reset) Reset nation wins once a month (/ConquestNations Reset) Monitor player stats of the KDR leaderboard in case of abuse. Not to shut down the server during the events as it will cancel them. Restart the event in case of a server crash/restart during one of them. Final notes: Last but not least, I’d like to thank the following people for helping with the production of this piece of content. Without their help I doubt that it would’ve ever been finished. And of course a big thank you to all you guys from the community who decided to take the time to help test for numerous hours. Coding: Ambrius Map: Chrisblox Building: Ambrius, Aston, Chrisblox Mobs: Brady & Dannie Loot: Ambrius, MisChiv & Brady3211 Balancing: Valaen, Aroth, Tachanka, MisChiv, Brady & Ambrius Video: Dannie In the weeks to come after the release, we’ll be monitoring how it plays and make adjustments accordingly. It goes without saying that you, the community, of course are more than welcome to come with feedback as well, as it is always very helpful. There will probably be a thread in the future for that sort of thing. Once again thank you for all of the support that you guys have been giving us. Let’s make PvP on A’therys every more enjoyable! - Ambrius, Admin of the Closets
  18. [WIP] Glorious Memories

    A low fire cast a comfortable glow as the men huddled around it, soaking up as much warmth as they could. Their faces were lean, weathered; most were bearded, though a few were bare-chinned with only a limp, ragged mustache. One such, an older fellow with pale hair and a large scar disfiguring the corner of his mouth, stood and approached the flames. All eyes were on the man, mine included. He smiled, which was more of a grimace, and gave me a nod. I lifted my quill-pen, and in a strong, vaguely raspy voice, he began. “It has been an age since the Great God Vrovona walked A’therys, basking his nation in the glow of a triumphant sun. Much that was, now is not; much that is, has forgotten it’s forebears. Tales of Legends, men who walked with Gods, accomplished great feats of courage and loyalty... there were once so many, but the frozen north, so much colder now without Vrovona’s light, does not endear to a traveling bard. “But we will not lose our faith or our culture, brothers and sisters! We will pass down the old stories, and with this traveller, this scribe, to mark our words upon his frail parchment, our memories shall remain immortal! And what better tale to begin with, than that of the glorious and honorable paladin Calder Brynjarson, Vesrejn of Bravnikh, bane of the direwolf, and hero of his clan! It all happened long ago... Glorious Memories Hello all and welcome to my thread! I've always been interested in myths and legends; Greek, Roman, Celtic, even Norse. Many of these were of great heroes, men and women who stood larger than life and inspired others of later generations to attempt the same. A'therys is no stranger to tales like these; we've got our fair share, from the ghost prince to Corata Aiya herself. But I've not heard much on Vrovonic myths and legends; as I'm sure they'd be comparable to ones I've read, as Vrovona is a bit of a mishmash of Vikings and Ancient Rome, I've decided to write some. This will be a constantly updating topic full of stories, all taken down by the unnamed scribe in his travels. Some stories will come in multiple parts. At the end of our journey, I hope to have an entire book of Vrovonic myths and legends, titled Glorious Memories. Please, if you see something glaring I missed in one of the stories, shoot me a message or leave a comment; until then, enjoy the ride! Calder Part One
  19. Report a Bug

    Hello If you believe you have found a Heroes Bug, please fill out the form below as best as you can: http://goo.gl/forms/ukcTei7PYX Ensure that you specifically tell us how to replicate the bug and how the bug acts so that we can fix it as soon as possible! Any bugs which are reported are very much appreciated as it helps make A'therys Heroes even better. - The Heroes Team
  20. Greetings traveler! With this patch, you can expect numerous balance changes, several new skills, (and a couple old ones) major updates to Tactician, and role changes to Adjudicator, Doomsayer, and Urthkeep. This patch, we will also be including a complete changelog with a couple comments from the team here and there to better explain where the changes are coming from, and why they’re happening. For questions and discussion, refer to this patch’s discussion thread. Squire Tree Shield has been changed: Melee and projectile damage reduction 20% -> 70% Must be crouched with Iron Door in hand to activate resistances Wound’s heal suppression effect duration 10 -> 7 Sentinel Doomsayer Exemplar Berserker Overlord Tactician Initiate Tree Tempest Sanguinaire Orphiant Terramancer Pyromancer Cryomancer Haruspex Knave Tree Trueshot Warden Mountebank Lurker Sylvanite Acolyte Tree Smite damage multiplier against mobs 200% -> 300% Comment: This change should make leveling some of the difficult to level support classes a bit easier. Plaguebearer Urthkeep Adjudicator Endergaunt Demilune Chronoclast Balladeer Rhetorician I would like to thank the Balance Team @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Vikidin and my most sincere gratitude to our coders @Jessica and @AmourNaif who have spent countless hours making this patch happen!
  21. Hopefully is will give some newer players some insight into some of the commonly used effects! We will be updating the descriptions of skills to reflect the effects they cause, coming in a near future patch.
  22. Urgent Letter

    While written in an RP style, this letter regards the result of the recent Heroes class competition. It is in 'General Discussion' because of its mixture of content. You receive a letter with a wax seal stamped in the shape of a cog or gear with a stylized 'G' in the centre - this is the seal of Gauth Ironstaff, Mayor of Gearwork. You open the letter and begin to read the neatly printed characters - To all whom it may concern, A grave turn of events has come to my attention, and I felt it important to warn the people of A'therys before the situation blooms out of control. A new group, perhaps cult, of so-called 'Golgorians' has suddenly arisen that claims to support and sympathise with Golgorai-Asthas, the god that once ruled over the Daggerlands before the Mortal Heroes marched on Monas Roth and destroyed him, ending the millennia of tyranny, torture and destruction. For those who are somehow not familiar with the doings of Golgorai-Asthas and the evident gravity of this situation, I shall attempt to explain using quotes from a well respected history book ((official lore)), although the sheer scale of what Golgorai-Asthas, the 'Tyrant-God' did is hard to describe. "Golgorai-Asthas was the God of Rust and Cruelty, and once ruled the Daggerlands. His domains included machinery, neglect, industry, furnaces, tyrants, despoilers, and torturers." - the first passage on Golgorai-Asthas in the book, and fairly self-explanatory in that his only focus was to fuel his ever expanding collection of sickening machinery using terror and destruction. Regarding the humans in the Daggerlands after Golgorai's own creations were banished by Llyrhh in the First Calling, "He enslaved them, made them work until they could no longer suit his needs, and then had them cast into his furnaces ... to rend flesh from life's essence" and he "used this power to create great machines to do his bidding before summarily leaving them to decay in the Daggerlands." I hope you can see now that Golgorai-Asthas was a horrific being, one that did not care about humans as long as they remained available to slave away for him and serve as fuel for his disgusting goals. I'm sure you'll agree with me in saying that all supporters of what Golgorai did should be immediately dealt with. If you are somehow still unsure, I'd like to point out that they may be basing their ideals on the foul depictions inscribed on the great iron sheets of only known holy book created by Golgorai-Asthas. "The Book of Careful Practice ... They paint a picture of horrible machinery, meticulously planned by the God of Rust for a future that never came." The information I have on these so-called 'Golgorians' suggests that they are attempting to combine warrior skills with the flame magic of the pyromancers and the summoning techniques of many respected religious groups - there have been reports of them creating great iron golems from almost nothing and rings of flame from the ground erupting around them. For the sake of A'therys something has to be done immediately to prevent them from growing and posing a risk to the people of the Daggerlands and further afield - we are lucky now that they have not yet attacked anyone, and should move swiftly to ensure that such an attack can never happen. These truly sickening people, supporters of slavery, torture, genocide and destruction on a colossal scale, opposers of the great work of the Mortal Heroes who sacrificed so much to destroy Golgorai-Asthas, must be dealt with. Regards, Gauth Ironstaff, Mayor of Gearwork, Magister of Anvil At the bottom of the page you see an almost illegible handwritten signature followed by a stamp identical to the seal on the front of the letter.
  23. A'therys Heroes Guide

    How to use heroes on A’therys! We use a plugin on A’therys called Heroes; this guide will take you through everything that you need to know before you begin your journey with heroes, so that you and your friends will have the knowledge on how to use skills and other helpful commands you can use in A’therys pvp. Starter Info So let’s begin! Your first step is to type /hero paths [this will list all available paths]. Once you have chosen go ahead and type /hero choose [class name]. Now you have chosen your path it’s time to learn about leveling and your skills. To view your current level type /hero level There are several skills that your class will be able to use. These skills come at every 10 levels up to level 100. Each skill provides a different advantage in battle and if used correctly could mean the difference between victory and defeat. To view your skills type /hero skills In order to use your skills, you will need to bind them to a different entity. To cast the skill, you right click with the entity in your hand. Entities are things like string, feathers, and seeds, so anything you can’t place. In order to bind your skills to an entity type /bind skill Example: With a stick in my hand I would type /bind skill fireball Commands to Use /hero • /hero - Lists the available hero commands • /hero paths - Displays the list of available classes for you to choose from • /hero specs - Lists available specs for your class • /hero choose - Allows you to select a class or spec • /hero confirm - Confirms your class or spec selection • /hero level - Displays your current level and class • /hero armor - Displays your class’s armor restrictions • /hero tools - displays your class’s tool and weapon restrictions /party • /party invite - Invites a player to join your party • /party accept - Accepts a party invite • /party who - Displays everyone in your party • /party leave - Leaves your current party • /party - Chats to your party • /party mode pvp - Toggles whether pvp is allowed between your party members Other Useful Commands /skills - Displays your class’s skills /bind - Binds your current item to the specified skill /mana - Displays your current mana /hp - Displays your current health /cd - Displays your current skill cooldowns in seconds /mycoords - Sends the coordinates of party members /classeswith [skill] - Shows all classes with that specific skill. Heroes Classes Acolytes - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/63-acolyte-tree/ Initiates - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/62-initiate-tree/ Knaves - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/60-knave-tree/ Squires - http://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/forum/61-squire-tree/ That’s everything you will need to know in order to start with heroes. If you wish to learn more, please view the more in-depth guide. Check out the test server to test your skills or try out a new class: Thanks for reading the heroes guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!
  24. In the last few days, I've been checking out the Heroes testing server, looking at the skills and revamps of the remade classes as well as playing around with my 'main' ones. On the whole, I really like what's been done; a lot of the old problems with the classes have been fixed, redundant classes have been reworked or removed, and the overall PVP experience looks to be better than ever. That said, I'm not much of a PVPer myself, and I mostly used my classes in the previous incarnations of A'therys to explore and go through dungeons. However, I do take a keep interest in roleplay and lore, and the Heroes classes are a key part of that. The first thing any new player is going to notice about a class is its name. With that said, the name of a class should give a good idea of what a class can do right off the bat; the Lurker is an assassin, the Berserker is a brutal warrior, and so on. At the same time, however, it has to sound cool; nobody wants to play classes with names like 'Ice Mage' or 'Fire Knight'. With that in mind, I've decided to do my own 'evaluation' of the names of the Heroes classes: what they mean, how they convey the feel of the class, and overall, if they're good names. This isn't a demand to the Heroes Team to change anything, but simply a look at my views on these names, and if they work well with the classes. Keep in mind that I rarely PVP, if at all, so my judgements are, for the most part, going to be based on the skill descriptions and what the class is supposed to do. Warriors Doomsayer: A knight with power over flames and death itself, and to top it off, an impressive name. When they're raining flames down upon their enemies and destroying any chance of healing or defending against them, they'll certainly be spelling doom for their opponents. Even if it is a bit generic as a name itself, I still like it, and it gives a good idea of what the class is meant to do. Berserker: As noted before, the Berserker is a warrior that focuses on brutality. Wielding their battleaxe, they rush at their opponents and use their brute force to destroy them. This name gives a good idea of what the class is meant to do, and the overall 'feel' of it; on the whole, it's a good name. Sentinel: A sentinel is a guardian, a protector of the people. This class is meant to be the ultimate tank, taking as many hits as they can to keep the party safe. Again, I think it's a good name, and clearly shows what the class does. Exemplar: In my opinion, this one is a bit odd. It's meant to be a 'group tank' of sorts, protecting the whole party rather than taking all the damage. An exemplar is meant to be a role model; is the Exemplar class the 'perfect warrior'? That said, protecting the whole group is an admirable goal, and it wouldn't be a mistake to say that a warrior should strive to help their comrades. I don't think the name is bad in itself, and I don't have any better suggestions, so in truth, I'm probably nitpicking. On the whole, the name is decent, though it doesn't entirely show what the class is meant to do. Tactician: Generally, I see a tactician as the person sitting in the tent at the back, moving their chess pieces around the map of the battlefield and judging what actions the army should take next. This one, however, is more of a battle-tactician, buffing rather than protecting the group. In terms of their 'battlefield role', they seem much like the standard-bearer, raising the morale of the army; in that case, then, the 'Exemplar' name might be better suited to them. While I think the class in itself is good, the name isn't entirely indicative of what it does, and doesn't give the impression that you'll be doing a lot of actual fighting. Therefore, I think the name of this class could be changed, perhaps to some of its skill names: 'BattleCommander', 'MoraleOfficer' and 'ChargeLeader' are all fitting of what the class is meant to do. Overlord: The job of an overlord is to dominate, and the Overlord class does just that. With its mighty obelisk, they can control the battlefield itself, boosting their allies and weakening their enemies. This name is powerful-sounding and fitting, showing what the class is meant to do. A good name. Rogues Mountebank: Mountebanks are deceivers, tricksters, charlatans. Flickering in and out of vision, disarming their opponent, and even faking their death; this class certainly lives up to its name in that regard. However, it doesn't entirely take into account the 'scout' nature of the Mountebank. While I admit that multiple classes can use Track, EagleEye is a skill unique to the Mountebank. On the whole, though, the 'trickster' aspect of the class is conveyed in the name, which should be enough to entice a new player. Warden: A warden is somewhat similar to a sentinel, except rather than protecting the people, they protect the land. Hiding in the forest, they shoot down their opponents and use their wolf companions to hunt down anyone who would go against them. Personally, I don't think the name is entirely indicative of their role; I would imagine the 'warden' to be a tank-like class. On top of that, they conflict somewhat with Sylvanite; both are bow-using, nature based classes, but the Warden is more offensive, with a Sylvanite utilising heals and buffs. Again, I don't think this class has a bad name, but it is somewhat confusing when compared with their role. Trueshot: A 'true shot' indeed; this class is the ultimate archer. Not much to say here, but the name is certainly fitting of what they're meant to do. Saboteur: A Saboteur can 'sabotage' the battle, placing down explosives and tripwires to cause havoc in the battlefield. Again, not much to say; the name is cool-sounding and conveys the role of the class. Lurker: Waiting in the shadows for the right time to strike, unleashing all their power on an unsuspecting target. Once again, the name sounds good and shows any prospective player what the class is meant to do. Sylvanite: This one is very strange. According to a dictionary, 'Sylvanite' is a type of gold...I suppose that sort of ties in with nature? Based purely on the name alone, this isn't very fitting, and doesn't make a lot of sense. That said, it's meant to be a priest of the gods of nature, protecting those who care for it and hunting those who destroy it. Personally, I would suggest the name 'Druid', conveying the feel of a priest of nature whilst still retaining a fantasy-esque feel. Mages Terra/Cryo/Pyromancer & Tempest: Grouping all of these together, since they're mostly the same. They basically do what they say on the tin: masters of their respective elements. 'Tempest' is a slight exception, but it still commands the powers of storms. These are fantasy-esque, cool-sounding names that show any prospective user the general gist of what they do. Orphiant: I won't deny that the name sounds good, but...what does it mean? A new player looking at the name alone is going to be pretty clueless as to what it actually does unless they read up on it, and with so many classes to choose from, they might not. I think that the old name of its 'Tier 3' counterpart, Spellthief, is more fitting for this class, since it's essentially a rogue who uses lots of magical tricks. On the other hand, though, 'Spellthief' is a bit of a boring name, and is perhaps too generic. I don't think the name needs changing, but I still remain perplexed at its origins. Sanguinaire: Assuming this comes from the word 'Sanguine', it's fitting for the class. However, I personally think it's a strange name, and not particularly enticing. Looking at its skills, the name 'Bloodbender' would be an interesting class name; it would convey that the class is a blood-mage, and that would at least encourage a new player to look at it more. In its current form, though, I'm not particularly fond of the name. Conduit: For me, this one is so-so. Essentially, a conduit is something that helps something get to somewhere else, and that's the main job of the class. That said, it doesn't sound very fantasy-esque, or enticing. Again, I think that its Tier 3 counterpart, Magus, had a more fitting and enticing name. If it was renamed to this, I would prefer its name. Haruspex: Personally, I never understood why this class was called that. The Haruspex class, to my knowledge, is essentially a telekinetic mage, whereas a haruspex is a priest who practises divination from sacrificed animals. Though the name is interesting, it doesn't convey what the class does at all. I think 'Kinetic' would work better as a name; though it has its roots in scientific terms, it does fit with the word 'telekinetic' while not entirely using that word, giving a sense of mystery to the class. Acolytes Urthkeep: In line with its lore origins, an Urthkeep is a protector of the Urth. My knowledge of Hauad Logh is rusty, though I'm aware it has something to do with Roreg Logh, and with Dorrod Muth being one of its patron gods, the name of the class fits well both in lore terms and for its role as a 'protector'. On top of this, the name is fantasy-esque and enticing to new players. Adjudicator: An adjudicator is a judge, and with Lyrrh being the 'judge' god, this is a fitting name. Again, it sounds nice, even if it is a fancy word for 'judge'. Endergaunt: I assume that the name comes from the Endermen, which are, A'therys-wise, Astor's creations. Though I think the name could probably be better, it does fit with the lore, and sounds interesting to a new player. Chronoclast: 'Chrono' is related to time, and with the Chronoclast being a time mage, along with a priest of the god of time, it's fitting and cool-sounding. Not too much to say here, but I like it. Plaguebearer: Another one of the 'does what it says on the tin' names. It's a priest of the god of plagues, and spreads plagues around the battlefield. Creepy and menacing, yet enticing to those who want to play one of the more 'evil' sounding classes. I think it works well as a name. Balladeer: Sav-Synav is the god of music, poetry, and art, so the name of a weaver of such is fitting for this class. It doesn't sound much like a 'debuffer' class, but it does relate to its lore context, and in line with some of its new skills (Seduce, Lullaby, Confuse), it is a bit silly-sounding, though in a good way. Rhetorician: Thesse is the goddess of rhetoric, and so it naturally follows that her followers are deep followers of such an art. While it doesn't sound like someone that would be out on the battlefield, the main duty of the class is to support their allies, so it is partially correct. It isn't the most cool-sounding, but it does suit what it's meant to do. Demilune: Similarly to Sylvanite, I'm somewhat perplexed by the name. A demilune is a crescent or half-circle, so I suppose it's meant to relate to the moon, being a priest of the Twin-Gods of the moon. In that regard, at least, it's fitting, and I don't think it's a bad name in itself.
  25. Class descriptions?

    As I haven't been on AA in a very long time, I was wondering if there is any sort of description of all of the heroes classes. -Coconut

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