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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration

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  1. On Sunday, April 30th, at 12:00 Noon ATZ (17:00 UTC), several rifts will open in Virion Alesce. Through these rifts, a terrifying planescape lies beyond. Will you find treasure, death, or worse in its confines? THIS IS THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE NETHER Please note the following patches: On Saturday, April 29th, several Corsairs and their ships will begin dotting the Isle of Virion Alesce on the overworld side, looking for treasure! These Pirates are not to be trifled with alone! Be on the lookout for new items from these pirates: including "Flamberge", "Razor's Edge", "Pirate Rum", and more!!! Starting April 30th, there will be multiple rifts to locate within, Virion Alesce. Nether-side will be mostly free to build and mine. However, the use of LWC/chests will not be permitted. Any loot you get you have to carry out of there in one piece!
  2. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  3. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  4. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  5. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  6. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  7. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  8. [Storyline Event] For Science!!!

  9. Event 3 : "For Science!" With elections settled, the minds of The Daggerlands turn away from politics and towards their true love : the tinkering of technology. It's Worlds' Faire season in the city of Monas Roth, the greatest minds of the nation have gathered to demonstrate inventions, innovations, and discoveries. Even old Aldric Ironstride and his latest airship have arrived in time for the season's occasion. Come join in the merriment, browse the wonders of the Daggerlands, but be wary - for someone has come for more than just the science... This Event, like "The Reacting Ruins" is an instanced event that will be run on timeslots. UNLIKE the previous two events; the results of this event will be factored to determine the next part of the story. This will be done by tallying the results of each instance's participation. The following playtimes are available for this event: Saturday. April 22 : 8:30AM A'therys Time, 10AM A'therys Time, 9PM A'therys Time Sunday, April 23: 11 AM A'therys Time, 3 PM A'therys Time, 6 PM A'therys Time, 10 PM A'therys Time This event is a "tower defense" type mob event; in that you must defend specific locations or against a set number of waves. Be mindful of additional objectives that may be given along the way; for they may yield bonuses!!!
  10. RotN, Event 2 Solution & Winners!!!

    Event 2 : Disappearance in Virion Alesce SOLUTIONS!!! Hi all! With 60 hours to solve the case, nineteen players submitted answers to solve the puzzle! Of nineteen players, six players were correct! The solutions are as follows : Hero Drink Weapon Drinks Theobald Whistwallow Crescent Rum Broadsword 3 Helghrian Toharus Cloud Wine Longspear 2 Ahlanna Jharov Forgefire Whiskey Scepter 4 Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem Legion Stout Crossbow 1 Corrigan Broad Dirty Parrot Battleaxe 5 So how does one solve this?! In-Game Clues The person who carried a Scepter drank four large bottles of liquor. Helghrian did not drink the Forgefire Whiskey. The male hero who drank Cloud Wine helped himself to two glasses. The female hero who carried a crossbow (who was not Ahlanna Jharov) was seen drinking a growler of Legion Stout. Theobald Whistwallow had exactly one less drink than the hero who drank the Forgefire Whiskey. Both Helghrian and the axe-wielding hero ordered more than one round of drinks. Yai'vasa yav-Hashirem was absolutely disgusted by the axe-wielding hero's flasks of Dirty Parrot. A dropped Scepter Wiki Clues Corrigan Broad's page notes his favored drink of Dirty Parrot Helghrian Toharus's page notes him as a skilled Spear wielder Your best means to eliminate most options was to use a Logic Grid, as below: All but one clue can directly be placed on the Logic Grid : which narrows down to a point where the player must make choices of trial and error to fit the remaining logic clues together : From here; it's a matter of comparing and contrasting possibilities, using the knowledge that Theobald and his equipment must have ONE less than the drinker of Forgefire Whiskey! FIRST PLACE WINNER @SethoMarkus SECOND PLACE WINNERS @Lemonbrainz1 @Jay-lee @lnShane @Chadrian THIRD PLACE WINNER @Gamma_Byte + an Honorable Mention to @StealthMelon, who correctly got who Disappeared, but did not have the other aspects correct. Thank you everyone who participated! Please feel free to discuss additional methods you may have used to solve the puzzle!
  11. until
  12. Event 2 : Disappearances In the port city of Virion Alesce, five heroes met by chance and exchanged stories over drinks before parting their separate ways. None chose to stay the night, as each had their own destinations and adventures to be had, but in the moonless night a sudden scream was heard. No blood to be found, no signs of struggle; whoever it was simply.... vanished. This is not the first occurrence according to the locals, who rarely choose to venture into the wilderness and abandoned mines, but it is the first time such an incident has been brought to the attention of the Mage's Guild. With the recent activities involving planar breaches in Northwest Ithero; we need to properly investigate this disappearance. This is a puzzle based event, and will not include monsters. There will be warps to Virion Alesce placed in each Capital City to access this event Virion Alesce will open on Friday, April 14th, at 12:00 ATZ and will remain open until Sunday, April 16th at 23:59 ATZ During this period, you are to search for clues regarding the presented puzzle. The puzzle's specifics will not be released until the island's opening There will be Six clues hidden within the Island, and two additional clues hidden inside of the A'therys Wiki. Submissions will be presented via Google Forms. PRIZES Alright; here's the part you REALLY wanted to know about ONE FIRST PRIZE WINNER: Will receive: 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Head of any player of their choice 10,000 Yora Lost Cloak [Wings : Unbreaking X] FOUR SECOND PRIZE WINNERS: Will receive: 1 Box of Holding [Shulker Box] in any color of their choice 1 Sellt Head 5,000 Yora FIVE THIRD PRIZE WINNERS: Will receive: 1 Sellt Head 2,000 Yora
  13. The moon hung sullenly above the Azdovich Forest. Its silver light pierced the canopy, illuminating a clearing where two men were camping and speaking quietly to one another. The camp itself was set up for easy defense. There was a tent near the fire, a pile of wood to keep the small blaze going throughout the night, and several weapons lying within easy reach. Their horses nickered softly, nervous of the twisted trees that surrounded them. The pair of hunters had split their watch, and the watchman cautiously drew his bow; aiming within the depths of the woods with a well-trained eye. Before the hunter could fire, a hissing noise arose from the woods around the camp as though steam were issuing from the trees themselves. The hunter started and grabbed at his sword, shouting for his partner to wake up. Red eyes glinted in the darkness all around them as the two men scrambled fort heir weapons, preparing to defend their lives dearly There was a pained scream from his partner's horse. One of the beasts perched atop its back, digging in its claws. The horse reared up, pulling loose its tether and galloping into the woods. The hunter lunged toward the horse, trying to stop its mad charge, but the little beast was clawing the poor animal into a frenzy of horror. Kicking and squealing, the horse and its monstrous rider disappeared into the woods while the two men stared in shock. A chorus of hissings and rustlings converged on the horse’s screams. After a few moments the noise died down, replaced by sounds of the imps feeding upon the horse. Then the hunter heard his own horse rear in pain.“Mag!” With a cry, he leapt to her defense, heedless of his own safety. He swung his torch back and forth, sweeping the creatures away from his loyal mount. The tiny monstrosities swarmed over him and his partner, though careful blows kept them from Mag. Three, four, five of the beasts were cut in half by the duo’s desperate swords, but dozens more pressed in around them. The two hunters began to bleed from numerous cuts and for a moment it looked like they’d be borne under by sheer weight of numbers. Then, with one last defiant howl, the grotesque creatures ran back into the woods. He stood panting against the side of a thick pine tree while his partner had collapsed in exhaustion next to the campfire. He had lost a lot of blood from his numerous wounds, and he looked pale and drawn, his lips beginning to turn blue. The hunter rummaged through their possessions and pulled out some bandages, carefully dabbing away the blood caked onto his partner's shirt and chest. While he was intent upon this task, a shadow fell across the two of them. His partner's eyes widened at the sight of the stranger looming above them. “Run…”
  14. So, as you have hopefully read, the Rise of the Nether begins with a series of stories leading up to the launch of the Nether Island. This first event leads to the realization that something is amiss in the world of A'therys. Something has crossed over, and it may not be the first... This is also my chance to experiment with a few different styles of events Our first event is designed for small parties of 4 - 6 (although I can modify difficulty depending on participants) To the northwest of Ithero, a series of island ruins long sleeping have begun to react strangely. Concerned, Fleet Captain Lionel Decker has arranged a scouting party to investigate the island and it's ruins for signs of occult activity. Your party is a part of this investigation, and must search and solve the ruins dangers to discover the secret within... Each instance will take 1 hour. The event times are as follows : SATURDAY, APRIL 8th: - 10:00 AM ATZ / 3:00 PM UTC - 11:30 AM ATZ / 4:30 PM UTC - 1:00 PM ATZ / 6:00 PM UTC - 3:00 PM ATZ / 8:00 PM UTC SUNDAY, APRIL 9th: - 9:00 AM ATZ / 2:00 PM UTC - 10:30 AM ATZ / 3:30 PM UTC - 12:00 PM ATZ / 5:00 PM UTC A small addendum : The event is repeated in each time slot. Gather your friends and show up the time that works best for you!!!
  15. Dreaming. He knows he is dreaming. Pieces of a life long left behind, the habits of humanity. He can feel his body twitching from the phantom movements, the sweat making his skin stick to the sheets. The voice of his Queen; “You are but a soul without a shell in a consuming abyss. Knowing that you're dreaming doesn't make the dream any less dangerous...” One of his first lessons... He sees the lady at her wedding day. In her dress, she marches up to the altar. Her tears of happiness flowing as she sees the man she loves waiting for her there. The parents are there, standing on either side. All of them crying proud tears. His shadow steps forward, undispersed by the rays of the sun. His face is cruel, eyes knowing, and lips twisted in a grin that seems a stranger to his own face. She sees his expression and turns, all color runs from her face like a rabbit runs from the hound. Her knees go weak and her bridegroom must help her to stand. His crooked shadow pushes the priest aside and stands in his place. She collapses at the altar, her bridegroom locked in horrific fascination at the dark figure. Suddenly she knows his name. “Zark'hul...” He only grins. “You cannot marry him,” he tells her, “You are already promised to another.” He extends his fist and grimaces, it is like a dead spider, curled and fetal. The fingers uncurl to reveal the ring, its haunting aura twisting the wedding as his land twists all things. The bridegroom's face has become green and rotten, like a bad apple. His eyes are gone, eaten away by the worms that writhe there. His teeth and tongue are charcoal black, and pieces of his hair fall to the floor; making the sound of dropping molasses when they hit. Her eyes widen in horror as the altar and ring crumble to dust and ash, consumed by fires below that long ago consumed his soul. “Wake! Wake now!”, the voice again; his own this time. Danger has come within the dream, he must - His eyes bolt open, his instincts take over as he reaches for a brass sword that is not at his bedside. Nor his bed; the stick of the fiber sheets vanished long ago without his realizing. In its place is softness. Green. Green!? He stands, eyes blinking at the crimson that is not sky, but sunrise. Home...

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