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Mob Patch : 5/15/2017

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Hi guys!

A few hotfixes and patches coming your way tomorrow.


HOTFIXThis has already been put in as of tonight.

  • There is a bug with Habirah's Meteor Shower skill, where its summoned suicide mobs do not suicide properly while in The Nether (works fine in the End and Main World)
    • Durg, the Deathreaver now spawns in the Citadel of The Nether Island.
    • Habirah, the Inferno now spawns in the PVE world; in the Volcanic caldera near the Ruins
      • The Astorite that used to spawn there now spawns in Durg's old location : 564, 192, 11303
  • In the coming days, I will be sure to add loot to Durg to reflect his new position!


PATCHESThese will go live starting tomorrow!

  • Dragon Sword and Dragon Axe "roar" chance reduced from 30% onSwing to 10% onSwing
  • Particles on Dragon Armor (Leather and Iron sets) reduced
  • Durg the Deathreaver's second stage gains Force-Pull, Teleport, and AoE LifeDrain
  • Archaic Scimitar should no longer deal 1 damage to the wielder when its effect triggers. Weirdest... bug... ever. 
  • Added AoE Web skill to Brown Recluse
  • Adjusted HP values for the following Bosses
    • Brown Recluse
    • Aboleth
    • Trapped Miner
  • Renegade Astorite's Levitate reduced in power and duration.
  • Rhylus, the Necrominer gets a few of his skills at higher HP.
    • Fixed a bug where Warden's wolf pet dying would trigger his Voidswarm
    • Fixed a bug where his DeathSpiritFrenzy wasn't healing him the damage each spirit dealt. (Sorry guys )
  • Pirate Rum might cause you to drunkenly wake up without any pants.
  • The Brown Recluse's boss area no longer has that annoying hole.
  • Improved drop chance of Aboleth Armor, Odd Parcel, Bottled Venom.
  • Aboleth drops Scales and Teeth; a small boost to Prismarine in the economy.



  • Reduced PVE overworld mob swarms
    • There had been a bug with them spawning Underground in the dungeon areas.
      • I fixed this initially by changing it so mobs could not randomly spawn below level 50; and suddenly it was fixed TOO well.
    • Mobspawn rates have been reduced by 1/3, in hopes that this will lessen the swarm of mobs you've been encountering!
      • Except for the Rats: they've been knocked down by about 60% because of general annoyance complaints.
      • To make up for this, Horde spawn chances of Rats have been upped by 10%. Be careful! ;) 
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Patch is live!!!!

A few mobspawners stats:


- one area loaded : 97 - 120 mobs per butcher over 1 minute.

Prior to patch : 300 - 500 per butcher.


- all four warp areas loaded : 480 mobs butchered

Prior to patch : 1100 butchered.



I think mob random spawns are at a good medium now, but I'll be keeping an eye on it! :)

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