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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

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  1. RotN, Event 2 Solution & Winners!!!

    Yus. It was actually pretty fun.
  2. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate the legend mike chen, aka the @Velkas, the true pirate king, long locks, the six pack shortcuts trainer, the chen boi, mikel, maniacC-miichael, friend of burger and fries, 50 yen, Mr maxgreenayrat, the king of the north, the leader of harvikir, and the coolest guy I met on the server.
  3. hey 



  4. o yeaaaaaa baby 

    1. Chadrian



  5. What're you on about, gales?

    Wow, that's awesome to hear man. I hope you have a great time and come back safe. I appreciate everything you have done for the server, go out and enjoy yourself in this world!
  6. Lore Characters turned into Hearthstone Cards!

    Destruct1 2 Mana 2/2 Battlecry: Summon 3 0/1 Sand Tokens
  7. The Vinh Caravan

    Can confirm, should rename from GodofGales to GodofGreat.
  8. Historic & Modern Records of International Affairs between The Empire of the Sun and Foreign Entities ᚺᛁᛋᛏᛟᚱᛁᚲ ᛗᛟᛞᛖᚱᚾ ᚱᛖᚲᛟᚱᛞᛋ ᛟᚠ ᛁᚾᛏᛖᚱᚾᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾᚨᛚ ᚨᚠᚠᚨᛁᚱᛋ ᛒᛖᛏᚹᛖᛖᚾ ᚦᛖ ᛖᛗᛈᛁᚱᛖ ᛟᚠ ᚦᛖ ᛋᚢᚾ ᚨᚾᛞ ᚠᛟᚱᛇᚷᚾ ᛖᚾᛏᛁᛏᛠᛋ Records Officially Authorized on Yavhei, 37 Forgefire 268 Overview Throughout the history of Vrovona, its early stages are notably isolated. Interaction on the global scale began in the days leading up to the Sundering of the Eclipse, which ended in Vrovona’s first alliance. As time continued, Vrovona continuously grew onto the global stage, playing as a factor in many global events; most notably, the Eventide and the Summer Rime. In modern ages, international interaction continuously evolves in the Empire of the Sun, as the Age of Uncertainty looms further into its reign. The Daggerlands, Democratic Union of The Daggerlands and Vrovona have had a long past, brittled with denounced attacks on one another soils: by means from the Umberite Union to possessed Legionnaires. Before the Second Calling, scarcely had they interacted, and even so continuing into the start of the Age of Uncertainty. Eventually, however, the two nations found themselves at odds in the dawn of the Eventide. Eventually the two returned to a neutral state, even riddled with friendship between places like Port Rosland and the Merchant’s Guild… Read More: Recognized Head of State: CONTESTED Current Relationship: Neutral Current Treaties: - Aloreh, Soaring Dominion of Aloreh and Vrovona did not interact much other than minor territorial conflicts prior to the Sundering of the Eclipse. However, as this destructive war dawned, Vrovona and Ithero were gridlocked in equally grand combat. It was Thesse, divine Goddess of Aloreh, who rose into the skies and ended the conflict between Vrovona and Veser & Naios in diplomacy. Even so, as the Eventide waged, Aloreh and Vrovona found themselves on opposing sides of the battlefield. Now, after the war has ended, there is hardly any relation between the two, shifting them in a neutral standing… Read More: Recognized Head of State: High Mediator Carter of House Windborne Current Relationship: Neutral Current Treaties: - Ithero, Naval Empire of Vrovona-Ithero relations are perhaps the oldest documented interaction from Vrovona on the global stage. As the naval might of Ithero came into contact with the militarial might of Vrovona, the two eventually came to hostile terms of greatness. It was not long before the Sundering of the Eclipse waged between the two nations, plunging the two nations into the greatest conflict in Atherian history; one that took the foreign Theese to resolve. After this, however, the two were sent into an eternal alliance, driving the strongest force ever seen to be created: Alliance of the Eclipse… Read More: Recognized Head of State: Lady Admiral Khari Draegze of Salacia Current Relationship: Allied Current Treaties: The Treaty of Vrovona The Treaty of Calastore Ar-Selukk, Regent Protectorate of Relations between Ar-Selukk and Vrovona are scarce, from the start of documented history to even today. However, modern times do show an increased rate of tension between the neutral parties. As Vrovona continues to denounce the Selukkite-Regarded Regent Raviyna av-Kulthanz, people of Ar-Selukk’s patron cult show enraged thoughts towards Vrovonic society. Even so, the Nandar Trade Union is still optimized on occasion for Vrovonic projects; however, it is noted the union is based within the Cult of Dunes. All things accounted despite the hostile thoughts between the two nations, neutrality is seen between these two nations... Read More: Recognized Head of State: High Priestess Raviyna av-Kulthanz* Current Relationship: Neutral Current Treaties: - Roreg Logh, Death’s Priesthood of Roreg Logh-Vrovona relations are far and few in between. While Vrovona claims everything under the sun to be his, Roreg Logh’s patron, Dorrod Muth, is the perfect loophole; a society carved into his urth. As time continued, Loghec society and Vrovonic society find themselves at odds; Vrovona often condemns the actions of the House of the Dead, and vise versa. This shaky past has given way to hostile terms as of recent... Read More: Recognized Head of State: Solemnus Tholses Murrhon Current Relationship: Unfriendly Current Treaties: - **All nation’s full title is reflective of the nation of Vrovona’s personal recognition, not of self-titleness.**
  9. It's time to delete guilds

    Destruct had a good concept going when I spoke to him, and I think if he pushes it, it will be a sucess.
  10. tfw the most recent status updates are about you or involves you in some way. I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS, I'M JUST A CHAD. Jk, maybe I was asking for it who knows.

  11. It's time to delete guilds

    I don't disagree with J2. The thing with guilds is the same problem I have with community fracturing. Guilds are fun when active and doing things, but what happens when a guild dies down. The people left in the guilds often leave or they are just left on a lonely island. Or sometimes I feel like guilds are a clic only accepting people who they like and not give other a chance to play in that guild. Both concepts are unhealthy for the player and the server. I agree with what @Wolfessmoon said. I feel like we can keep the guilds but they should belong to a nation (maybe 1 for each nation, 6 sounds reasonable). Association is a big thing on the server, it keeps people coming back, if a person doesn't feel like they belong anywhere anymore then it's easy to leave the server. It's easy to associate yourself with people if your in a nation because of all the towns in a nation, in a guild its only your guild mates really and those numbers can't compare to that of a nation so it's easy to dissociate yourself. Ugh I feel like this is a jumble of my thoughts but yeah Tldr: guilds are special, but it's a unhealthy concept because of thier design of being their own entity rather than being a part of something. Being a part of something is what makes this server fun.
  12. We should have had a couple contest, lumiin/lock, gales/rayvhn, dan/Burnside seems like powerhouse couples.
  13. Class Creation Contest!

    Memeinator Purpose: Chad was up late and bored so I decided to meme (Dont crucify me, just being fun) Head Amor: Golden Helmet (Gotta have that crown) Chest Amor: Diamond (Because its cool) Leg Amor: None (Who needs pants) Feet Amor: Golden (Moon boots) 20 Damage Fishing Rod Parent: Acolyte Health: 420 Mana 207 (69 Mana every 7 seconds) Skill Level Cooldown Mana Description of changes (if any) ItsAPartyNow 10 30 69 Applies drunk effect to everyone in a 30 block radius for 6 seconds. Decoy 20 25 31 Leaves behind a fake npc that explodes after 3 seconds (random damage from 6-75). Trip 30 20 31 Stun yourself for 1 second, afterwards stun any enemy within 2 blocks for 3 seconds. Funny Meme(Passive) 40 4 Passive 20% chance to dodge an attack then says a random meme. Eagleeye 50 60 Tells you info on all players within 300 blocks and leaves a pedo message. Arcaneorb 60 6 31 Nerfed Arcaneorb amirite? 60DMG Inflame (Passive) 80 0 Half of your attack damage is magic. Grapple 90 45 69 Grapple with a bow or crash the server. Daze 100 30 69 Slow and silence your target for 10 seconds.
  14. No. I'm already taken by the late @Velkas. I REFUSE ANYONE ELSE. Ill probably post a picture of him staring deep into my soul. edit: Here it is, do you not see the loving gaze? Also I didn't think @Lumiin and @Lockuto were a thing. No wonder lock would always get triggered when I talk about lumiin.

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