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  1. A'therys Horizons

    Given that the EVO world is coming to an end soon, will it be put up for download the way we did at the end of v.2? If not the whole world, any possibility of throwing the capital and/or NPC cities up for download? Also, any ETA on when we can expect details on town creation in Horizons? Likewise, any ETA on the lore and/or aesthetic direction of the new nations? (I'm assuming we're waiting for the forums purge to happen, but as I'm currently in the process of designing my town for Horizons, I've been getting antsy for dem deets). Also, hello mortals. I do still exist. No, I'm not an admin anymore. Yes, I do intend to re-enslave you all. Again. #GolgoraiAsthas4Lyfe #THELAWX
  2. Daggerlands Nation Head Voting.

    Something I'm not seeing from any of the candidates is mention of using the Soul Furnaces, or mass enslavement of the populace. I'm not sure how I can support any candidate who doesn't appreciate the Daggerlands' history and seek to emulate our Tyrant Lord and Savior Golgorai-Asthas.

  4. Announcing the King of Monas

    That skin of his looks familiar somehow...can't quite put my finger on it...
  5. You will immediately place me on the Secret Santa list.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Henneke von Kovar

      Henneke von Kovar

      Give us all the gift of lightning! The best gift of all!

    3. Wolfessmoon


      don't boss dune around u nerd ;o; how dare u 

    4. redninja685


      Gas, ur jedi mind tricks wont work on Rose.

  6. Surrick Stonebolt - The Proud Daggerlander

    No mention of The Fiend (or at least Syrene Ebonhearth), -900/10
  7. Are you gassy?

    1. Gasfiend


      Good gods I was this morning! Farted most of it our, but damn, feel sorry for my coworkers. Was some serious cropdusting going on in the AM

    2. Dan The Derp
  8. A Probably Not Relative Poll

    Brazier maybe, but Erebor and Orodruin are both out since, as to paraphrase Edd, A'therys' lore is not creatively bankrupt, and naming our volcanoes after anything from Middle Earth fairly reeks of that. Also, since we can't show religious favoritism, we can't accept sauce-based names. Blisterloch is good, and I wholly approve of that being the name to our largest volcano, but if we're being serious about naming the others, keep in mind that typicaly Daggerlander naming conventions are fairly simplistic. Consider the state names: Cinderweald, Crucible, Blackshear, Fracture, Ironlight, etc. Other names include Sablemarch, Monas Roth, Genedi Coldhaven, Syrene Ebonhearth, and Copperheart.
  9. so a looong while back there were build contests....

    If this post gets at least 10 likes, I *might* consider possibly thinking about bringing back Gasfiend's Great Build Contests.
  10. Lava rivers !

    Raz, that was exactly my thought as well. You'll be able to see better exactly why once the server goes live, but yeah, i wanna deepen them fissures....by like 100 blocks or so XD
  11. Welcome Back Gearheads

    Will you be retaining the name 'Copperheart'? I thought I saw somewhere that the town name was being changed given that it's a new project.
  12. I want to have such a bad reputation like yew gas <3

    1. MisChiv


      nah you're too cute Red <3

  13. Just some regular normy. Would recommend you to him if you're having soul problems and you want to give your soul to someone.

  14. This guy is pretty cool, idk why he is -1000

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