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    The Sjielt fammily is descended directly from the familial line of Armeonious Sjielt, a very close follower, perhaps even companion, to the goddess sjilea. Few know the legitimacy of Captain J.D Sjielt's claims to this bloodline, but he certainly strives to live up to the legacy of his matron goddess. Although his success in leading his mercenary company(as well as several other endeavors) wavers, his ambition and resolve are unrivaled in his homeland of Ithero. However, this has caused problems in the past, as his foresight does not quite always match that ambition. He has had several squabbles with the Itheri government, as well as foreign powers, and is currently laying low for the time being, in a distant Vrovonic island.
    Familial Bloodlines
    While worship of any given god was not nessesarily promoted or shunned in Armeonious's homeland of The Daggerlands, the thought of a god such as Sjilea frightened or even disgusted many Ashfolk. Ameonius was born in Sjilea's nation (the name of which has been lost to the histories), but moved to the Ashland towrd the beggining of his life, with the goal of helping settle and civilze the new born nation. This was an ambitious goal, even for a worshipper of Sjilea, but he never swayed from the goal, no matter how clear the Ashfolk mad it that they didn't want his help. Eventually he looked at the whole of the task he wished to achieve, and decided he was painting with too broad of stripes, and decided it would best serve his goddess to accomplish one goal at a time, until all were complete, and his task was finally accomplished. Eventually, he succeeded, in a way, helping settle a small town that would come to be known as Cana Laro'. Many of the now godless folk in the area listened to his preachings, and decided to adopt some of Her values. The history of this city is lost to time, but what was known is that Sjielt would move on to marry a daggerlands woman, before he was forced from his new home by mobs of anti god ashfolk still clinging to the shock of their recent "Awakening". His wife (Palina Meive) had to be left behind, and Sjielt was forced to flee to Ithero, where, in his middle age, he found an unexpected acceptance from the militant nation. Eventually, he would marry again, and his family would hold power in Ithero for quite some time, before, their bloodline supposedly faded away. Today, there are only three claimants to their ancestor's bloodline: Anthony Sebastian Sjielt, a recently impoverished native born Itheri, who claims to be the third cousin and closest surviving heir to the bloodline; John Daniel Sjielt, who moved to Ithero with his father as a child, whose father claimed to be the great grandson of Palina Mieve, and a third, unknown figure, who has been pulling puppet strings behind the scenes in the name of the Sjielt bloodline.
    Early Life
    When J.D Sjielt was young, his father moved to Ithero, with an understanding that the Sjielt family was powerful in Ithero, and that he might be able to set up a better future for his son. Sjielt (Sr.) had grown up in intense poverty, however, and rumours among the lowest classes always tended to be a few decades behind, and a few fold too grand. By the time he had worked up enough money to buy a ship to Ithero, the last Certain descendant of Armeonious (an Allie Fen Sjielt) had just recently died off at the young age of 18, leaving the last of the families fortunes to be decided. They were originally going to be given to Anthony, as there was no other claimant to dispute his own claims, but at that time, Sjielt Sr. arrived in Ithero, laying claim to the Will. At the same time that the two began to quarrel, a third figure arrived on scene, revealing his name only to the Itheri Admirals. The Will was set aside to be decided at a future date, and is still undecided today. Anthony and John's relationship was very shaky at first: John distrusted Anthony, with a suspicion that he was the reason for the death of Allie Fen. Anthony distrusted John's claims of heritage, and saw him as a pauper and charlatan, who simply came to Ithero to sieze an opportunity. At this time, John was at the age of 13, and Anthony, 15, and the church was disgusted by their quarrels. The church and the admirals threatened to give neither the will, until they could find a balance between eachother. This, was Very rough for the two. Anthony was cold, calculating, and distant, as well as very proud and dignified. Pride, however, was the only quality the two shared. In his young life, and still, John has been an avid drinker and flirt, very passionate and chummy, and VERY compulsive. The two formed a bond, however, through an unexpected art: Swordsmanship. The art put aside words, and showed each just how the other thought past their facade, Anthony learned, that while John would take unexpected, low reward risks, he thought very quickly and accurately. John learned, that Anthony was VERY competitive, and the thrill of victory, or the absolute tragedy of defeat, would often keep Anthony up at night. Each taught the other to work on their flaws, and formed an unbreakable, if also somehow unstable bond. John learned tact, to some extent, and Anthony learned the value of enjoying his life, win or lose. Life was all just a big game, after all, as John would often quote. You see, John grew up in absolutely horrible circumstances. In his youth, he developed a strange philosophy. He saw everyone around him, saw how even the poorest of his peers seemed to live in luxury, and he found himself to be the protagonist in his own game, a riddle set up for him to lose, over and over again, until one day, finally, he won. It is unknown as to weather or not this policy is truly felt, or artificial however, as he has had many very stages of unbearable depression in his life. Many of these can be found in his array of books and weekly journals. Some have questioned the mental stability of this eccentric mercenary captain.

    Sjielt Co. Foundation
    Sjielt Co. was founded by the church as a way to force the two to work together. It was started with a very very small fund, just enough to start buying and peddling fish in the streets of Calastore. However, instead of peddling the low demand, high supply of fish, the two split the money in half. Half was put into an interest bank account, and the other half was used to buy a wagon. With this, they would travel the city, offering to clean home owners chimneys, for little pay. Afterwards, they would load the soot into sacks on the cart, and take them to a craftsman, by the name of Artimenner Smith, who would use the soot as a material in fine dyes and inks, which he would then export to Ar-Selukk and Aloreh. They made a decent haul doing this, but the task itself was not the goal. Anthony had thought far ahead, and slowly observed the methods the man used to make these fine materials. Within three years, the earned enough to buy a small building, when they met a privateer, by the name of Trevor. The man had lost his job as an Itheri navy man, and bought a small ship, which he would rent to other larger sailors and merchants. However, the Sjielts saw opportunity, and hired the man as a mercenary. Anthony knew the coasts well by this time, and the three made a small fortune exporting their dyes to Selukk and Aloreh. They ended up hiring several other mercenaries and workers. Soon, the company grew out of control, and became an international company, with chapters throughout the world, and a net worth equal nearly a quarter the value of Allie Fen's will. This angered the unknown claimant, who attempted several times throughout the next few years to assassinate the two, and since, a shadow war of sorts has been waged between the claimant and his supporters, and Sjielt Co. The will became somewhat forgotten, as the years past, but Anthony and John still hope to defeat this enemy, and claim their rightful legacy, as one.

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  1. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Woah, woah. He was just generalizing. Bit of irony there, sure, but not an attack.
  2. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    To add to this, I'd like to see the same work with lumber, and when the map is generated (if its not already) generate nation specific ores. It would also be cool to see ores grow in large, localized veins, rather that it bitty pockets all over.
  3. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    Well, if more uses are implemented for food items ( maybe look into Terra firmas system, you actually have to eat proper nutrients or receive debuffs) that would change.
  4. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    I think that it would be interesting to see food decay slowly (meats etc rotting faster, but giving more sat), and only be found in smaller quantities (idk, limit plant growth per chunk, or look into Terra firmas nutrient system), but should restore a lot more hunger. Like, you get three steaks from killing a cow, but each will fill half your bar or more. Also it would be nice to see hunger go down slowly, and have different debuffs at different levels, idk maybe that would be overdoing it.
  5. Howv you been?

    Yeh. But different genres and roolbooks. Think you'd dig y, really.
  6. A'therys Horizons

    The lack of rp/pvp mix is the main reason I got burnt out on the server tbh
  7. Howv you been?

    Hey, dope. We mostly just use roll20 and discord. If you wanna dm, I can share you the rulebook (simple, if a bit vague here and there). If not I'm down to do. My current group tries to run every Friday and/or Saturday, but it's been getting busy lately so we might try and finish it soon and try with a different group.
  8. A'therys Horizons

    Never been one to dismiss an argument based on a single falacy (or however tf you spell that silly word), but dismissing what I have to say on an ad hominem as subjective as 'i never saw you pvp' is kinda, well, dismissive. I hate to say it, but atherys isn't utterly unique, and just because you haven't seen me on this one server (assuming your not just using that to roll over whatever I say) doesn't make what I have to say invalid. That said, I'm not claiming to be an expert here. I may be a bit biased, video games in general have been a bit boring for me, but I really do think there needs to be a new element that sets atherys apart from other servers/games. When I first joined atherys a couple years ago, I thought it was the coolest thing ever because it was so unique. What they had then though, is now years outdated. If you want to make something to keep people around, you have to do one of two things; create something unique and continue to add to it, or create a system that is utterly perfectly balanced, skill related, and can please everyone. Again, haven't really caught up on everything and just speaking in general terms so correct me or ignore me if I'm wrong.
  9. A'therys Horizons

    Glad to see everyones just as angry and dramatic as always XD. If you ask me, from what I've caught up on (which is to say very little) I think there needs to be a fundamental change to how pvp works. Random raids and ambushes, tournaments, and the type of organized battles I saw were really fun for a while, but became pretty repetitive. I'll have to read up on the new changes, but hopefully airships and new features like that can be the change that's needed. And if not, it's better to take a shot in the dark and miss than not take a shot at all. Although Im probably in the minority here and need to do some catching up.
  10. Howv you been?

    Hey guys, glad to see theres still people around here. I know last time I was on here I was being an intolerable dick, but still, just wanted to stop by and say I miss all you guys. If any of you guys wanna play some games or something, hit me up. I've kinda grown out of Minecraft and most the games I used to like, but I've been getting into tabletops a bit, and would love to run/be in a campaign with some of you guys if you want. Me tommo, lemonbrainz and a couple others are running a post apoc campaign I've made, if you want to join, or something. Anyways, miss y'all, sorry for being a deucebag before
  11. Sellt’s Diary 06/06/2017

    haha well for the most part that was in regards to the fact that playerdata is all being deleted. Im not gonna lie im still a bit livid about that. But, Sellt mentioned some sort of cosmetic items or whatevs as a bit of recompensation or whatever you want to call it, so we'll see this is more or less tied into the other point regarding keeping donators at the very least up to speed. And to be frank, I think the idea of not allowing people to buy towns will likely end up very bad, but once again i guess we'll see
  12. Sellt’s Diary 06/06/2017

    while i still have my complaints around things ive mentioned before and dont care to get into now, this could be really really good for atherys. The lore looks great and many of the concepts for the server seem at the very least immersive, which was one of my few complaints before. The only thing i would like to heavily suggest/plead is that staff makes their best effort to A) Properly handle donations. Theres a lot that can be said about this and if anyone wants to hear my side pm me cuz i know i can get salty and toxic at times and thats a bit of a sensitive subject. B) Prevent creating a staff/players clique mentality. I know people like me being people like me doesnt help but driving a wedge between staff and players doesnt help. Again, if you want examples or advice on this pm me. C) The most important for me at the very least, although i have the littlest to back it up (Really an extension to the last please) Please ask the community before doing big stuff, and dont do silly things to try and cover stuff up (For the sake of tact im suddenly discovering human beings should be able to possess, im not gonna make the accusation that they did this as i have no immediate proof i am able to show, but the point still stands on its own even if this was never done). While I doubt that the staff team as a whole would do this sort of thing, I wouldnt put it past individual members of the staff teams to do so (no thats not a shot at anyone, just stating that people can think for themselves). Wrapping back around to the first and arguably more important part of this, please, please, for the love of the spaghetti monster please, bring these sort of changes up to the community in an open discussion beforehand. I personally only owned a town and a warpsign, but i know there are people on here who have put hundreds of dollars into this server. Most of those people would have been fine with the changes being made, but they should be allowed to have a say in this. A possible suggestion for this would be to make it work sort of like a patreon like thing where the more people donate, the more inside information/voting or whatever they should be allowed to have. Ik that may not work perfectly but i think its more important to be open with the people pouring money into the server than it is to worry about wether or not the community at large will get antsy over future changes. I for one would most likely be willing to pour an unreasonably large ammount of money into the server if this could be assured.
  13. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    idk if i ever mentioned this to any heroes team members because it was a big leap from the standard, but me tommo and a few others had drawn up and done some basic testing for a modifier tier system thats more or less identical to this, but with one major change. That being the modifyer class; essentially you pick two classes, a subclass and a main class (for ours the subclass was race, ie elf human dwarf whatevs. obvy not good for atherys). Essentially you pick a subclass which determines your stamina mana health, whatevs, and a few other unique things depending on the race. Then you pick the class, which also may change your health mana whatevs, but moreso determines your skills. After that there is a branch system where you can pick one of three main paths (our version was like light-heavy, and or melee-ranged, for example with the rouge class it was thief, archer, swordsman.) The tier system can be repeated for example the first tier would be deciding tankiness or speed/ lightweightness, next tier utility or combat usefullness, next ranged-melee ect ect ect. But that requires exponentially more effort for each new tier, so the 'modifier' class or classes make it simpler to allow a player to pick their class and playstyle on a more personal level. We tested it out a little with heroes and with another plugin, and it seems to be a decent system, but idk, food for thought. (edit) just actually fully saw what you hadd drawn up, not actually similar at all lol, but still the modifyer system could be worked in there in a sense.
  14. [Lore Log] Moving Forward

    did i hear sjilea. xathas you monster, you better not be taunting me with sjilea! @Dannieunmute me so i can geek out about sjilea
  15. [Lore Log] - Let's Talk Government!

    wait wat? did i hear sjilea? ok, im back guys. you can unmute me now dannie lol

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