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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. I made some things:


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  2. A'therys Horizons

    Since from what I can tell towns are going to be much different in Horizons than they have been before, it's possible that the nature of pvp conflicts will change so that raids against those who don't want to be raided or can't adequately defend themselves are no longer the norm for what constitutes pvp. It feels like a lot of fighting will be geared toward the Shattered Lands in the center of the continent. I believe levels and all that will be reset as well since all player data is being wiped. That gives everyone the chance to start off on an equal footing with a hopefully revamped leveling experience so you're not stuck at T1 after 100x100 darkrooms were banned fighting against 20 something T4's who all powergrinded those things for days. As a builder who was terrible at pvp, I never really minded raiders that much. It at least brought some excitement to an otherwise dull time. If you don't want to fight you can always log out as well and come back later too. Ultimately I just want a server environment that encourages travel, player interaction, and action. It's so lonely and boring these days :_:
  3. Been at camp for a week and a half now. 7.5 weeks to go! Horizons is looking great guys! I'd love to share all the stuff I've been writing/thinking for our awesome RP setting of Atherys when I get back!

  4. Thanks for the input guys! Since this list is mostly meant to be a list of names I like and want to use, I don't necessarily know if everything will be put in, but I appreciate the interest! I might make a separate list that is more of a proper encyclopedia that actually has EVERY player and lore character some time down the road. Namewise it always felt more Daggerlander to me. I also wanted to have a Daggerlander character who like most members of the League of Progress finds solidarity in secularism and man-made progress but goes through some kind of existential crisis when working abroad where they start to "fear death" and look for some system of belief that gives them solace about their fate. I thought a character who's really only known thus far for praising Dorrod's holy city would fit the bill quite well. that's hilarious that I forgot Vendencia considering just how many of Choejoe's Alor maps I have saved. Glad you enjoy it! I realized that I probably spent more time writing down the same lists of people over and over again on separate notebook pages as I brainstormed backstories for them so I figured I might as well just compile them all together and use what precious notebook space I still have left to branch out more. Thanks a ton man, this will really help with filling out "rank-and-file" characters for my Vrovonic stuff!
  5. a little bit of both I guess. I'm just trying to enrich the world with more characters and places to write lore about, whether that be creating new things or giving existing things greater backstory. Some of that is compiling all the name drops that occur in the wiki, some of it is coming up with my own stuff, and some of that is sifting through all the great player lore people have written. Specifically, this is a list of all the names and places I'm likely to use in my own A'therys works.
  6. Hey all! Today I thought I would write down all the names for people and places in A'therys that either exist in lore, that we all have made on the server, or that I've made up. For the most part this is just so I have a clearer database on which to rely on when writing A'therys-related stuff, but hopefully it can be an resource for you guys as well to help with brainstorming your own characters and towns! This post is a rough combination of canon names and places, names and places other players have come up with, names I made that reference players, as well as some completely unique people and cities I've come up with. Since its not all my stuff, I feel its only appropriate that if you don't want me to use a specific name, then please just tell me and I'll remove it from my stuff! Additionally, if you want to help come up with characters and places, I'd be happy to hear your ideas! I'm severely lacking in general people and small villages and could do with all the help people want to give. Hope you guys enjoy!
  7. Daggerlander Names Daggerlander Settlements Vrovonic Names Vrovonic Settlements Itheri Names Itheri Settlements Alor Names Alor Settlements Loghec Names Loghec Settlements Selukkite Names Selukkite Settlements Unaffiliated Names
  8. S: Your tenure as Minister of War will most likely be remembered for the largest military build-up during peacetime that we’ve ever seen. While the ships of the newly christened Fifth Fleet did prove decisive at the Battle of Gearwork, heavy taxes and resource appropriation have understandably made their construction quite controversial. With that in mind, do you think that your legacy will ultimately be a positive or negative one? P: That’s a really good question Skip, and quite honestly, I truly don’t know. The Eventide is painful proof of the failures of “Ashwalkerism”, and I think that a lot of negative opinions of these programs come from what is now clearly a failed philosophy, so I don’t... S: Let me rephrase the question a bit Minister Palleante, do you think your legacy will be that of a warmonger or a shrewd tactician? P: Keep in mind Skip that no Cirrus or Stratos-class battleships have ever been used offensively. Even though the first few off the production line were finished in time for the Siege of Calastore, we refused Aloreh’s request to include them in the assault. These ships are OURS, and they’ll be used to defend our homeland and ensure our safety and international influence. S: So it’s about sending a message? P: Yes S: What kind of message? Do you think that it’s the same message that the people want to send? P: I said it before, Ashwalkerism is dead. She was not re-elected, the League of Progress has distanced itself quite a bit from her vision, and the Battle of Gearwork proves that we need to show power, we can’t solve the problems of tomorrow with just goodwill. It’s not a question of it being the “right” or “wrong” message, it’s the ONLY message we can send. S: Some would argue that the conflict at the Blisterloch happened regardless of whatever power we showed. P: Not all threats in this world are a wizard’s mindless cultists, Skip. For every Summer Rime, there’s going to be several Eventides, and that's a fact that I think is lost on a lot of my detractors. As Minister of War it was my responsibility to protect our people from all threats, not just in the immediate future, but also all potential futures as well, a belief I hope my successor shares as well. They can curse my name all they want, but in a few years I’m sure they’ll be glad that we have the most advanced military in the whole world. S: Speaking of your successor, you’ve made the decision not to run for re-election this year, why? Are you worried that the programs you’ve put in place will just be redacted by the next administration? P: That’s democracy Skip, and plus I never expected construction to remain permanent. What we need is a small and mobile taskforce capable of protecting our interests from any threat, it’s all about quality over quantity as that minimizes the numbers of young men and women we need to put in conflict. Besides, the budget for the Stratos and Cirrus lines was only going to last untill the end of this year anyways. The program will probably be axed by the next administration, but by then we’ll have the ships we need. I trust our next Minister of War knows how to use them. S: Allright Minister, thanks very much for your time. I wish all of you in Cinderweald the best of luck with rebuilding. P: Thanks a lot Skip. Isteroth and Copperheart should be fine, but Kaherii’s cultists also hit a lot of small communities on their way to the Blisterloch. It will be awhile before things return to normal for them. S: That was current Minister of War Mikhail Palleante on what the legacy of his controversial military buildup programs will be like next year. As always, this is Skip Steamwhizzle reporting live from Monas Roth with my annual “Election Day” series of interviews straight from the sources, unfiltered and uncensored. Stay skippy, Daggerlands.
  9. rainbow mummy necromancers...

  10. Plus its actual headquarters is technically Port Roslund in Vrovona (to take advantage of a more neutral location as well as the honorable reputation of its Zhuvosk landlords.) the Merchant's Guild has always been much more international than any of the other guilds.
  11. Cyberpunk

    Other great resources I love include Datafortess2020 and the Android universe.
  12. As a NorCal-ian I feel so conflicted. Davis, Gaels, Cal... so many home teams to root for!

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      I am also a norcalian and have no clue wtf ur talking about lol

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      March Madness

    3. Captain Sjielt
  13. the future

    Looks really nice so far!
  14. Return to Dorrod Muth

    That production value though.... I rate 6/10, noticeable lack of helicoptors.
  15. Ideas Polling - 2. Round

    It might be interesting to see if dungeon series' could be created where like each week a new "wing" opens or something. Or maybe there are some that are like "Choose Your Own Adventure" or something

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