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  2. Returning Player

    If you were just "laughing" at this whole thing at this point, you wouldn't bother to continue posting. But for some unforeseen reason you keep thinking people want to hear your "theories". And yes, YOU ARE a conspiracy theorist. All you have done is "the staff has done this" (with no proof) "the staff has done that" (also, what a shock, with no proof) The whole point of conspiracy theory is acting as if you have proof, when you don't, which is what you are doing. You may not have proof, or it may not be "your job" to provide "proof", but if you're just gonna blabble about stuff you've heard or whatever, take that elsewhere. Conspiracy theorist are considered insane for a reason. Hence the Alex Jones meme's that have seemingly gone right over your head.
  3. Returning Player

    Literally perfect Kid needs to get some and take a chill pill.
  4. Sellt's Diary 3/07/2017

    I just eat wild game fried or cooked on the grill. All that other junk is too complicated. Green stuff is for the birds.
  5. The King has returned!

  6. UMMM why was that post about security issues removed? The people should definitely know when their information is available for anyone to see.

    1. HaedHutner


      What do you mean? The post is still very much there.

    2. TaTer120


      It disappeared for a bit. Then it came back idk.

  7. Could someone record  or recap in a post the Sellt chat that's happening later? gotta work gonna miss it /:

    1. Captain Sjielt

      Captain Sjielt

      I'll probs get some notes and or some clips.

      I'll probs get some notes and or some clips.

  8. Welcoming Commitee

    @BlueChaos and the town of Luminas just joined Ithero kinda small as of now but we'll be on working on it pretty frequently <3
  9. Classes at the Mages Guild - Nov 7-13

    Been a while since I've seen some classes happen! Nice to see again!
  10. Greetings Aloreh! A New Era!!!

    Please tell me Winds of Thesse will be a town again. I miss going raiding and getting jumped on by a mounte from 5k blocks in the air and watching as 4 of my party members got one shot. Super fun times. Thank god there's a cap on DFA now. :3 Welcome back boi
  11. Creation of the Itheros Restoration Party

    I mean I was an Itheri back then. I was just making a joke but it's hard to be sarcastic over the internet
  12. Creation of the Itheros Restoration Party

    I miss back in the day when Ithero just used to face roll people and didn't care what everyone else thought and we were organized af. Rip early v1 Kdglad's ithero
  13. Formation of the People's Populist Party of Ithero.

    Screw communism! 'Murica! Freedom! How can you take Donald Trump's slogan and be promoting communism! Blasphemy!
  14. Engineer's Division

    Btw, its spelled Ordnance. Well at least in the US Army. Theres like two different types. Ordinance is like bombs and shit. Ordnance is the support corps. So idk do what you will

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