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  1. * Official Announcement: A Fond Farewell*

    * OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE OFFICE OF LADY ADMIRAL * Effective Friday, April 28, 2017, I, Khari Draegze (@ultravioletpixie), will resign my post as Lady Admiral of Ithero. I am exceedingly grateful to my countrymen for their support, wisdom and patience during my tenure. Without question, serving the people of Ithero has been my lifes greatest honor, and for that honor, I thank you, my comrades. For now, I will return to my home in Salacia, where I will reside for a brief time, before departing for destinations yet unknown. As such, Salacia, which has served a haven for those new to our lands for some years, will no longer be able to serve in this capacity. It is my hope, however, that from among our neighbors and friends, another Itheri town may take up the mantle, and fill the void that will be left behind. In closing, I want to thank you all again, and offer my sincerest hope for continued growth and prosperity in Ithero. I will always remember my time as Lady Admiral with the fondest of memories, and hope that you can say the same. Thank you, and goodbye! Khari Draegze, Lady Admiral of Ithero ~May you find happiness and success in all you pursue, and may the twin gods light your way when your journey becomes shrouded in darkness.
  2. awww, why so pissy, dan?聽 (see activity below) Is it because I now own ItherVro? xD

  3. Ithero Nation Meeting

    Lady Admiral @ultravioletpixie will host a nation meeting at 2:00PM ATZ on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in TeamSpeak. Topics for this meeting will include: nation road and Tier 2 city development projects, the economy and merchanting, and more! As always, please come prepared with your questions and ideas, as player input is a HUGE part of what drives goals for the nation. Only Itheri may attend Event will take place at 12:00 PM Pacific/2:00 PM Central/3:00 PM Eastern Location: TeamSpeak, in the Port Admiral's Office (Ithero) If you are late, poke a staff member or @ultravioletpixie to get moved in--try not to miss the meeting!
  4. RotN, Event 2 Solution & Winners!!!

    Yay, Lemon! Great job, everyone!
  5. </3 Coco, and now Coco Deux, are gone forever.聽 We will remember at your happiest, doing your dance of death.

  6. Renting a shop

    Thanks, Destruct we have already been in touch regarding this. @Killer4xxxx I believe @Chadrian is the only person in Vro with the authority to allocate market stalls.
  7. Ithero Nation Meeting Summary (3/18/2017)

    General 路 Meeting was set later to allow for Australians to attend, but they all blew us off (so rood) Events 路 Burnside's festival will take place on the 11th of every month 路 Mob event will happen after update to 1.11 路 Barnie will be in charge of tossing down the mob eggs 路 exact time/date TBD Merchanting 路 Quickshops have been disabled as of 3/17/17 路 Anything custom/brewery will need to be handled through /ah 路 Itheri Nation Shop has been expanded 路 Ithero Nation Shop has been reintroduced as Allied Nation Shop 路 Do not try competing with the Allied Nation Shop; it will always be cheaper than market rate 路 Please consider selling gold to Allied Nation Shop, rather than other merchants; the money will be spent to develop the nation, rather than to accumulate in player pockets 路 Check shop signs @ Allied Nation Shop; buying increments may have changed 路 Introducing the IMU: Ithero Merchant Union 路 You would have to be a member of the IMU to sell items/buy shops in Calastore 路 If interested, send ultravioletpixie your availability Updates 路 Goldmines have been placed in the nation 路 it has PvP on 24/7 路 contact Pixie for coords 路 PvP-training village hasn't been placed under Calastore yet due to admins being unavailable Conquest 路 Ithero will have a Conquest point, near the center of the nation/goldmine 路 Ithero requested for NPC town on mainland to be used; this proposal has not yet been approved 路 It will be put into effect sometime in coming weeks; Pixie will keep us UTD Initiatives 路 Pixie would like to develop designs for surface nation roads 路 will most likely be worked on on Pixie's server 路 Pixie would like to start hosting classes at the Cartwright Academy 路 Inoh will be rebooted as a supply town 路 Trance will need help with mining out his town to bedrock, so contact Trance or Pixie to volunteer
  8. Veggie started following ultravioletpixie 11 hours ago

    --- Yay! Hey, Veggie <3

  9. 1.11 Maintenance Midway Update

    So happy for you, Dan! See, even YOU can find a life-partner <3
  10. Mob Event: Hosted by the Sjielt Company

    In honor of the LHK Melior Utriusque Festival, the Sjielt Company will be hosting a Mob Event on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 7PM ATZ/8PM EST! This is a global event, so all are welcome to join! Make sure to bring food, weapons, and armor as you deem necessary! It will not be supplied to you. Event will begin at 7 PM ATZ Location: PVE Server There will be an /event join option Do NOT come to this event if you're planning on going AFK and siphoning XP off the people who are kicking butt! You will be removed...forcibly. 嗖犫苦矤
  11. Renovations Are Complete: The Allied Nations Shop Is Now Open In Calastore In the spirit of collaboration forged between Ithero and Vrovona through the Treaty of Calastore, the nation of Ithero is happy to announce that the newly renovated Allied Nations Shop (formerly the Ithero Nation Shop) is now open in Calastore Town Square for both the citizens of Ithero and Vrovona! The new Allied Nations Shop boasts an expanded inventory, now covering two floors! In addition to all of our standard building items, Itheri and their Vrovonic allies have the opportunity to trade more of their everyday items, such as plants and seeds, as well as those hard-to-find items acquired from adventures beyond, like gunpowder and netherwart. And, thanks to the contributions of the Grand Marshall of Vrovona himself, Bj枚rn Harvikin, we have an array of high-quality imported Vrovonic goods available for purchase in our Vrovonic Imperial Imports section! Please come see the new store and all it has to offer, and while you're here, why not buy or sell some items? Remember, our door is always open for Itheri and our allies! Thanks for helping support economic development at home, and for our friends from across the Vrovonic Sea! @Chadrian @Dan The Derp
  12. Do you watch my little pony?

  13. Ithero Land (Plot) Deeds Are Now Being Sold In an effort to bolster national development, Ithero is now selling Ithero Land Deeds to existing towns in order for them to expand their claim. These Ithero Land Deeds will be sold only to Itheri towns, and can be bought from the nation in any quantity for the price of 1,000y each. Upon payment for plots, town owners will receive an "Ithero Land Deed"-- a paper certificate which is proof of the towns' right to be administered plots. These deeds can then be redeemed for town plots via an admin. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE ITHERO LAND DEEDS CANNOT BE REPLACED IF LOST, DROPPED, OR STOLEN, SO PLEASE IMMEDIATELY PUT THEM IN A SAFE PLACE UPON PURCHASE. If you would like more information on this program, or if you wish to purchase Ithero Land Deeds, please contact @ultravioletpixie Thank you for helping to support national development in Ithero!
  14. LHK Melior Utriusque Festival

    The festivals of Aequinoctium and Vita Victoria These festivals are an old tradition, adopted by Sjielt Co from nomadic sailors and rural Itheri and Alor citizens. The Festival of Aequinoctium, held in the spring, is a celebration of abundance and fortune. For the most part, it is oriented toward mercantile, and food and drink. Held in the late fall, the Vita Victoria Festival, is a celebration of winter and the strength required to get through it. It is oriented towards challenge, and strength of arms. Most Vita Victoria festivals have at least one tournament, as well as several other games, and end with a fireworks show as a celebration of life, in case this winter was the last. The Melior Utriusque Festival, held every ten years, is a combination of both, and a celebration of the founding of the company. Please contact @Captain Sjielt or the relate form post here for more information The schedule for the event is as follows: 5:00PM ATZ- Merchant Market Opens 5:30PM ATZ- Auctioning Begins 6:00PM ATZ- PVP Tournament Begins 6:30PM ATZ- Feast and Company Information Session 7:00 PM ATZ- Mob Event
  15. * Official Announcement: Ithero is now buying GOLD*

    I know this isn't the point of your comment, but just as an FYI- I am always happy to summon you to Calastore, if you need.

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