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A'therys Resource Pack

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Welcome to the A'therys resource pack development page.

The A'therys resource pack started out as a medieval styled texture pack based on john smith for the A'therys server, later switching to use conquest as the foundation for the pack. Although the server has moved onto conquest reforged and is no longer using the pack, progress still continues to slowly march forward.

Up until now, I haven't been releasing many packs or updates out to the community mostly because I was dissatisfied with my own additions to the pack after I took over from the previous developer. However, I have decided to change and start this thread to hopefully motivate myself to work more on it.

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome, please report any problems with the pack, and give your support by showing what you've built using the pack.
I will continue to update this post as more stuff is done. ~Chrisblox

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Believe it or not, about 20% of traffic still comes from the texture pack thread on the Hypixel site.

I also get about 3/4 emails a week asking is there an updated version. Really happy you are still at it Chris

There is still demand for our pack! :D 

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I've gotten back into Minecraft recently and made sure I got the pack to experience the updates I missed. Anyways, I've found out that much work needed to be done so as to update the development build to 1.13. The Flattening has been the source of much issue for me though I found an updater to get much of the issues out of the way.

Anyways, I'm working on chugging away at fixing the rest of the updates needed. The most recent Conquest resource pack has been helpful to figure out what has been needed and how to repair the connected textures to work with Optifine. I'm not too thrilled with much of what they did with beds, concrete, glazed terracotta, etc. though so I'm working on some things to fix that. I'm also working through past A'therys resource packs to get various textures I prefer more.

Wishing you luck with any changes you're making. If you want to talk more you could poke me on Discord, I'm on the A'therys Official one.

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So after recently getting back into Minecraft again, I went looking for any potential news regarding the texture pack. And then I found this! Based on the WIP version of the texture pack, work does seem to be getting along slowly, provided you're still working on it, but least the promise of a potential update gives me hope! It is by far my favourite texture pack out there, and I continue to use it even though some of the textures are broken.

I just wanted to make this  account so I could let you know that I'm glad you've decided to at least give it a try! Since you asked about seeing what users of the pack have made using it, I decided to go through the trouble of throwing together an Imgur album of some of the stuff I've built! https://imgur.com/a/6QmVWBF

Also, here's a list of textures that no longer function properly that could use some fixing (although I imagine you're already aware of them):

  • Horses don't work properly. Having looked into the textures, that's because the way the texture is laid out in the file has changed, so it's really just a matter of shuffling them around to the right places.
  • When the rain collides with the ground, it's got these weird, white chunks popping up instead of the regular raindrop effect. I'm guessing the layout of particle effects has changed as well. I think some other particle effects are broken too? The smoke particles from fires come to mind.
  • Banners and shields with the unique shapes to the texture pack no longer seem to work, sadly. The parts that would otherwise be invisible are now white surfaces. (Edit) I've since noticed that this only happens to shields when you combine them with a banner!
  • (Edit) I've noticed that the particle effect meant to appear when a thrown egg collides with a surface doesn't appear as well.
  • (Edit) The missing water particle effect has snuck its way into torches. At least I Think that's the water particle effect.

Those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head, but I'll be sure to update this post if I find anything more.  I love this texture pack, and I love your work, and sincirely hope you'll be able to find the motivation to work on it! As someone who does art though, I completely understand why finding said motivation can be difficult. But you definitely know what you're doing, and I think it would be a waste not to use your talent for something! No pressure though- take the time you need and work at whatever pace is comfortable for you. But whatever the case, I hope to see this amazing texture pack get the update it deserves. I don't know if you'll ever see this, but I'll leave this here nontheless in the hopes that you do!

- Sincerely, a lover of the A'therys texture pack.

P.S. Absolutely love the new Guardian texture! Am hype!

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I absolutely love this texture pack and I appreciate you starting this thread so that you can receive input from the community. I hope you can regain your motivation and start working on a new version of this texture pack.

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I absolutely love this resource pack! I discovered it back in 2013 together with Hypixel's adventure maps. It's sad that the pack doesn't work with the current version of Minecraft, but I understand that it's not really a priority to continue a pack that's no longer being used for what it was originally designed for. Still, it's sad to see my favourite medival resource pack go. I just hope that one day someone finds the time to continue this amazing pack :)

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