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A Guide To The A'therys Public Test Server


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A'therys Public Test Server Guide

Countdown To Server Release

Server Address: test.atherys.com


With the Public Test Server just around the corner ( see countdown above ), I've decided to whip up a quickstarter guide for you folks so you know roughly how it's gonna work.

But before we jump into that, I just want to say how grateful I am to the people in the staff team who have quite literally been losing sleep on this thing, trying to get it done on time for you guys. A'therys wouldn't be possible without them. @Rynelf @cicetil @skillet52 @Owl @Eojinn @naomi210 


For Starters...

When you first join, you will have to pick one of the 2 sides involved in the conflict on the Isle of Soltair ( see the original post ). Once you've done that, you will be teleported to your respective side's capital city, and your adventure may begin.

The way it will begin is up to you, of course, but it might be wise to pick up some gear. You'll be starting off with a bit of money, just enough hopefully to afford some starter items.

From there, it's up to you. The Isle of Soltair is filled with wonders and dangers alike, and which ones you discover first is up to you. Try to stick to the road network which covers the entire island and you should be able to go anywhere, if you knew your way around of course. Exploration should probably be at the top of your priority list to begin with.



You're not expected to stay in your starter gear forever, though. As you look around and discover the Isle of Soltair, you will discover various places which will no doubt be a threat to your existence. There is much to be said of courageous acts, but most of all, they almost always result in handsome rewards. So take your risks carefully, and you may find yourself holding a shiny new sword, a tome full of ancient secrets, or a battle hardened set of armor lost by someone else much like you.

It's not just the items you find out there that should draw you to these sometimes cursed places. As you engage whatever hostiles you meet, you will gain experience. Improve your stats or pick up new skills, the choice is up to you what you do with it. But one thing is certain, you will come out a better fighter than you went in.


Co-operation & Competition

You're not alone on the Isle of Soltair, of course. There are others much like you who seek the same rewards you do. And after all, you have sworn your allegiance to one of two sides in a heated war. Trust is valuable, so never misplace it. The friends you make along the way will be invaluable to your success in the long run, and the enemies you face will undoubtedly look to steal from you your most precious resources.

As you explore further, you will discover highly disputed areas which are valuable to both sides of this conflict. Capture them for your own nation and achieve greatness.

~------------------< A >------------------~

Reporting Bugs

This being a test server and all, we're definitely expecting there to be issues. It's not going to be smooth sailing, at least not to start with. You can report bugs in-game by using /report HeadHunter111 <Your bug report> . 

The report system is also used to report malicious players and their activities so that the moderation team can handle those. To do that, you simply replace my name with the name of the person you want to report. 

Command Guide



  • /skills - Display current and unlockable skills ( You can unlock new skills by clicking on them, provided you have enough experience )
  • /skills reset - reset skills and the the experience spent on skills
  • /skills cast <skill-id> - cast a skill

The A'therys Mod Pack* contains a Macros Mod which you can use to bind skills to keyboard keys. There is currently an issue with the macro mod button being positioned directly over the Disconnect button, and left-clicking on it will indeed disconnect you from the server. Instead, you should right-click on the button to open the macros menu.



* Note: We are aware that some people are having difficulties with the modpack. As of right now, the Lite option is the only one to have been confirmed working most of the time ( I myself use it always ). Expect an update to the pack soon with a fix applied. I will ping you all in Discord when one is available, and write up an announcement post here on the forums.



  • /attributes¬† - Display your current attributes ( you can click on the plus signs to increase attributes, if you have enough experience )
  • /attributes reset - Reset your attributes and refund the experience spent



  • /experience - Display current experience



  • /party help - View all party commands
  • /party - View current party
  • /party invite - Invite player to party
  • /party kick/remove - kick player from party ( must be party lead )
  • /party disband - disband party and kick all members ( must be party lead )
  • /party leave - leave party
  • /party pvp <on/off> - toggle party pvp
  • /party leader <player> - give party lead to someone else ( must be party lead )

Parties will share experience and currency dropped from any slain monsters, provided you're near the monster when it dies.


  • /rank - View your conquest points and ranks
  • /team - View your team and which battle points it controls
  • /team info <team> View a team and which battle points they control

Killing players of the opposite team while in a battle point will earn you conquest points, as will capturing them. Battle points have a cooldown of 40 minutes before being able to be captured again.

The Future

To end this, I'm sure many of you are asking yourselves where this will go. As mentioned in the original post, we have plans to keep this server updated regularly. We've drafted up an internal update schedule, and even though we're not ready to share it fully, I can tell you that the next update will bring Towns functionality, and will likely be released within the first 3 months of this server's release. So, be on the lookout for future announcements!

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