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Sign Shop And You (An In-Depth Guide)

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So you're trying to set up a shop for yourself, eh? With the admin shops showing signs that say [Buy] and [Sell], its a little confusing what you need to do for your signs to work. A lot of people have been confused by the current sign shop guide, so here's a more in-depth look on how to set up sign shops!


To start, you'll need to figure out what you want to sell. Sign shops can't sell specially named items; however, it does offer unlimited space for items you're selling/buying thus being a huge space saver!


Here's what you need to write on your sign if you wish to SELL items:

Line 1: [Trade]

Line 2: $Price <--- the $ will switch to y when the sign is set up properly

Line 3: #Selling ITEMID:#INSTOCK

Line 4: Leave this blank! If your sign works, your name will appear down here!


Here's an example of the text you'd input for a sign shop selling bread:





1 297:64




If you want to BUY items from players, here's what you'll need:

Line 1: [Trade]

Line 2: #Buying ITEMID

Line 3: $Price:$INSHOP

Line 4: Leave this blank also!

Here's the example if you were buying bread:



Solodav only has 7 yora to his name :'c - but imagine its 1000


1 297





Now, there's a little trick you have to use when you've got items with colons in their ID names, such as Podzol (3:2). Instead of a colon, use a coma in the ID! It should look like this:


Line 3 (Selling Sign):   1 3,2:64

Line 2 (Buying Sign):   1 3,2:  <-----(You have to put the colon after the ID otherwise the sign won't work!)



This is a buying items example using Podzol (3:2)... And Solodav's lack of money..

And now your shops are good to go!

If you want to re-stock your shops, all you gotta do is right click the sign with the items in hand!

If you wish to withdraw money made, right click with an empty hand!

To take goods sold to you out of your shop, right click the sign!


And that's it! Pretty simple when broken down, eh?

If I've missed anything, please let me know so this guide can be updated!


Thanks for reading! :) 


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Just started getting into the merchant swing of things and this guide is fantastic.

Couldn't have done it without it. Thank you!

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