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Found 6 results

  1. Renovations Are Complete: The Allied Nations Shop Is Now Open In Calastore In the spirit of collaboration forged between Ithero and Vrovona through the Treaty of Calastore, the nation of Ithero is happy to announce that the newly renovated Allied Nations Shop (formerly the Ithero Nation Shop) is now open in Calastore Town Square for both the citizens of Ithero and Vrovona! The new Allied Nations Shop boasts an expanded inventory, now covering two floors! In addition to all of our standard building items, Itheri and their Vrovonic allies have the opportunity to trade more of their everyday items, such as plants and seeds, as well as those hard-to-find items acquired from adventures beyond, like gunpowder and netherwart. And, thanks to the contributions of the Grand Marshall of Vrovona himself, Björn Harvikin, we have an array of high-quality imported Vrovonic goods available for purchase in our Vrovonic Imperial Imports section! Please come see the new store and all it has to offer, and while you're here, why not buy or sell some items? Remember, our door is always open for Itheri and our allies! Thanks for helping support economic development at home, and for our friends from across the Vrovonic Sea! @Chadrian @Dan The Derp
  2. Official Announcement: Ithero is now buying GOLD in Calastore In accordance with rules set forth by the A’thery’s Monetary Fund, the Nation of Ithero is hereby announcing that GOLD ingots are now being bought for 10y per ingot via the Itheri National Gold Exchange cart located beside the Calastore Town Square fountain (see image below). *For Itheri and their allies, please note that you can sell your GOLD ingots via a QuickShop in the Ithero Nation Shop (soon to be the Allied Nations Shop) for 12y per ingot. For those who do not know, the Ithero Nation Shop is open only to Itheri and its allies, and is located in a Smooth Sandstone building across from the Calastore Town Square fountain (nation shop can been seen in the background of the picture above). Thank you all so much for your support!
  3. The Daggerlands | The Gold Exchange As of now, the nation of The Daggerlands is buying Gold Blocks, Gold Ingots, and Gold Nuggets! Come sell your Gold for Yora in return! With the inclusion of the new Economy Team, many changes will be taking place and we need YOU to help us grow our economy! So whether you just need a bit of pocket change, or sell heavily to the national bank, you will be greatly helping us improve The Daggerlands! Location Monas Roth, Capital of The Daggerlands. State: The Crucible Coordinates: X: 12,922 | Y: 85 | Z: 11,062 Current Gold Buying Prices Gold Block | 99 Yora Gold Ingot | 11 Yora Gold Nugget | 1.22 Yora *A big thanks to @Ravyhn for her help setting up the shop!
  4. Economic Public Summit

  5. The Brewry Stall Coming Soon

    A new brewrys stall is coming soon. All the information about whats selling and whats being bought will be shown in this thread later on. Hope you all have fun, and hopefully this can expand into many other capitals also..
  6. A'therys Economy Guide

    How to setup shop on A’therys! We on A’therys have an active economy with Player to Player trading; the Admin Shops and Auctions, this guide will show you how to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have some informative ways to sell and buy items. Ways to Merchant Player to Player Trading Player to player trading can be done in two major ways, ordering from one of the merchants, merchant companies or through player run sign shops in town and Capital markets. Ordering from a Merchant Ordering through a Merchant is as easy as messaging someone on the forums or talking to them in game, you tell them what you want, they give you a price then some haggling happens until you find a price. Remember different merchants may charge different prices so it's best to shop around when it comes to big orders. How to make Money Sign Shops These shops are easy to spot thanks to the [Trade] located at the top of the sign, they will usually be found in town or in Capital Markets. Sign shops can't sell specially named items; however, it does offer unlimited space for items you're selling/buying thus being a huge space saver! Quick Shops Quick shops are harder to spot as they are just a chest with an interface. They will be usually found in a town or inside capital markets. Chest shops can sell specially named items, such as lore items but you can only fill either a double chest or a single chest of items inside one shop. Chest shops have a service charge of 250 yora, but this makes up for all the benefits in which comes with the shop. If someone buys from your shop, money will be sent automatically to your current balance. If you remove the chest, it will give you the 250 yora back. How to use Admin Shops Admin shops are in every nation capital; some are harder to find than others so if you're lost ask in nation chat for some help. They sell almost everything but at a lot higher than player market prices, they also buy things from you at low prices. They should be your last option when selling materials. They can be confusing at first but they're pretty easy once you understand. If the sign says [Buy] then You are buying from it. / If the sign says [Sell] then You are selling to it. How to use Auctions Auctions are global so you have a chance to reach a much broader audience than traditional shops, they cost 50 yora to start and are quite easy to setup. Commands to Use /Auction /Auction start <Amount of item in your hand> <Base price of said Item> <The increment you want the price to go up each bid> /Auction Info, Displays current auction information /Auction Bid <Amount you want to bid> /Auction Cancel, Cancels your auction. (you can do this up to the last ten seconds of an auction) /Auction ignore, Ignores all auctions /Auction spam, Cuts down on the spam of the auctions. /Auction Queue, allows you to see what auctions are up next. And that’s all you need to know to get a start in the Economy in A’therys EVO, if you need any more help your fellow merchants are always willing to help. Thanks for reading the economy guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!

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