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  1. I drank the stuff in a Magic 8 ball and now I'm omniscient. Ask me anything.

    BTW; Jerry, your girlfriend's cheating on you with you sister. Sorry.

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    2. Storm


      There is one thing that can save the show. A cameo, preferably someone with these qualities:

      -must be famous.

      -must be an established dragonslayer.

      -must be instantly recognizable.

      -must be associated with a hugely popular franchise.

      The criteria above and availability of appropriate celebrities (there are several anime characters that would do but I ain't no weeb) have ultimately decided the perfect candidate. And now, a man who needs no introduction;


    3. Galindaan Thewisy
    4. Storm


      No not you you scrub you can't even kill dragons in Minecraft and they can't even talk

      D&D dragons can talk, and they're actually scary. BLACK DRAGONS CAN USE PRISMATIC SPRAY THATS THE MOST SCARY OF ALL just take Havel

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