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  1. Grats on mod Akila Akbar!!

    1. AkilaTajar


      Thanks Ishaan :)

      Thanks Ishaan :)

  2. You should display a ice sculpture in town! 8100ypsc, we'll get you covered! 100y off 2DC

    1. AkilaTajar


      Oh dan... you never fail to amuse me xD

  3. you are pretty profile i will give you diamond and follow you for liking my things.

    1. Wolfessmoon


      step off my grill u filthy memer

    2. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      I'm the prettiest.

  4. I bought a guitar. Prepare your ears.;)

  5. AkilaTajar

    TotM | Harvikir | March

    Congrats to the Harvikir guys, and ishaan. I love you all. Well deserved. mikeisbad
  6. ohhh creepy im following you now >:)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MisChiv


      Oh when am I ever passive aggressive when I can just be flat aggressive! Now scram you scum!

    3. Timbobuhler
    4. AkilaTajar


      I like it here


  7. AkilaTajar

    Loot Caches

    ^^^ Can vouch the addiction. (its bad)
  8. AkilaTajar

    TotM | Valzanttar | February

    WOOT AR-SELUKK REPRESENT. Great job @Chronus Blazebringer @Benattack @Timbobuhler and others. Well deserved
  9. Excuse mrs.pyre warden of vrovona miss. 


















  10. THERE HAS BEEN A NEW DEVELOPMENT. We must reconsider some things.

  11. AkilaTajar

    CotM | Hearthcrest | January

    Congrats Hearthcrest!! I love the town, and everyone should visit their AMAZING tavern!
  12. <3 love my kira

    1. Roselis


      love my carol too <3

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