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Ivarov Dregfodt

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    Fancy-robed hunter of mobs; therefore, your argument is invalid.
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    MondayLad #1067

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    Crap! I'm stuck with this name
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    Send help :((

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  1. Hola! Como estas?

    And that's all I know from spanish. Thanks, Dora and Spanish class.

  2. Dazed and confused about what to do now.

  3. tfw you return to atherys after your year and a half long "hiatus"

  4. Dreghorn is legit. I'm sure you'll do good things there. Welcome back, hope you stay awhile.

  5. >When u return to A'therys after a year or so.

    1. jonathanbak


      Been there, done that. Wish I hadn't though but life...

    2. GodOfGales
  6. I'm not dead, just extremely lazy :)

  7. I'm not dead, just sleeping. I set my A'therys alarm for the first of march. See you all then! :D

  8. This just in: I'm not dead. I'm just too lazy to do anything this month.

  9. With finals done, I have all the time on my hands!

  10.  Happy New Year from Heartland, U.S of A

  11. Not sure if I should post my Character's bio or make a story based off of his experiences...



  12. Wifi adapters been shot. Sorry guys, I will not be on until Christmas Day.

    Dreghorn, make me proud


  13. Ivarov Dregfodt

    A'therys Launch


  14. Vrovona = Vikingr Cheeki Breeki

  15. The launch will be on monday. How do you feel about this, sir?

    1. Ivarov Dregfodt

      Ivarov Dregfodt

      The Hype Train has no brakes.

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