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  1. Aerun


    Sanders with the quick reply.
  2. Aerun

    (Day & Night Cycle poll) Survival Atherys

    Personally, I am in favor of EITHER Longer Days OR Longer Days and Nights. I'd support the second one because right now the nights feel just not long enough to go back to what I was doing when I find out its night.
  3. Aerun

    Its Quiet In Here

    I blame the economy.
  4. Aerun

    Sellt’s Diary 02/01/2018

    *sees dungeon design mentioned* Oh goodie :D! Thanks for the updates!
  5. *squints* Atvoria is actually interesting to people? Someone talk to me what they like. Anyone.
  6. Aerun

    Cities and Player Interaction

    Pretty sure India has internet
  7. Aerun

    Relevant Posts?

    Have you considered taking a look at the Lore :D? It's not any of the things you mentioned but it can help understand the world you're playing in! Wiki Entry Wednesdays
  8. Aerun

    Wait... Who am I again?

    Oh hi! Welcome to our fine corner of the "Intarwebz"
  9. Aerun

    A'therys Horizons

    I mean, the "I don't understand why X" extends to both sides. I don't understand what is "fun" about attacking towns that are not prepared for it or don't WANT to particiapte in it. Personally, I have too many other things I enjoy in life, and only a limited amount of time to enjoy them. Forcing me to spend hours and hours to collect resources for a wall, design the wall, build the wall and THEN build the town, is not fun for me. I'm happy just mining for resources, growing trees and harvesting that, getting sheep/chickens/cows for food etc., and just have no desire whatsoever to PvP. Why should I be denied that if it is what I enjoy doing? Why MUST I submit to people wanting to kill me? If I want that I can play other games. Minecraft for me has always been about mining, and crafting (in this case building and crafting). It was never about killing other people, if anything I enjoy working WITH other people to create things rather than destroy things. I don't understand how THAT can be fun, you don't understand how the name of the game can be fun. If there were such a thing as points for you to conquer, points that gave you something meaningful to do while fighting people, would that not be much more satisfying than killing someone who has absolutely no interest in fighting anyone?
  10. Aerun

    A'therys Horizons

    While I completely agree that V1 and any following versions of A'therys were completely different beasts, and readily admit that I can only get a limited insight into everything that happened and how it interacted creating the 'problems' many perceived, I do think and know that forced PvP drove people off that simply never came back. I'm not saying "forced" PvP is bad, in fact I enjoyed it for a good while and even enjoyed Heroes while it lasted. My issue with Minecraft PvP has always been how incredibly clunky the base game handled. Turning up the FOV helped, getting better and better at a class helped, but it stayed "clunky". And even that I could completely ignore if it weren't for the fact that I simply derive no lasting joy from PvP and never have in any game except MAYBE in WoW for a while. I didn't enjoy it because frankly, I only hung out with people who didn't either. In order to enjoy PvP, like Zygook said, you need to be organized with a big enough group to where it becomes fun to fight in organized combat. Organization really IS the key to enjoying it, but the problem is that some people simply don't derive the same amount of joy from PvP as others. I can only speak for myself, but I preferred it when I could sit and build my town (this was back in V1, I never attempted it after forced PvP), relaxing in Teamspeak making new friends and simply hanging out. I am blinded by nostalgia in that I remember joining for the first time, and for many months after that, a community that was healthy (from my point of view). There was PvP, though nowhere near as much, there was RP, there was some price dictating by certain Merchants (I believe it was Stoneking or smth at the time) and quite some building. I remember happily chatting with people from Roreg, Aloreh, Ithero, Monas and Vrovona, slowly making more and more friends. Maybe I AM blind to the advantages of PvP, but I know that by and large the survival of the server is more due to PvPers than RPers, and I respect that. I just have a really hard time understanding why PvP needs to be forced on everyone. Towns switching from being PvP to no-PvP was a shitty way out and frankly people who did that deserve every bit of flack, I will admit that. But having it be on 24/7 in towns where there's people who simply do not care for PvP, who will never want to PvP within their town is equally foolhardy. Now I know, the solution is "git gud" and "build a f*cking wall then" and "Just hide" but why do I need to sacrifice my enjoyment in doing that? Why is it so black and white? Is there no middle way that anyone can come up with that pleases both sides? I hope we'll find out that there is a solution eventually. - Lolcy/Yssandra/Aerun PS: I know it's chaotic.
  11. Aerun

    A'therys Horizons

    I blame Xathas.
  12. Aerun

    A'therys Horizons

    And look at just how much it has "improved" since then with PvP driving the server. The point I was trying to make, that the server was actually active and healthy while RP drove it, BEFORE the forced PvP shenanigans.
  13. Aerun

    A'therys Horizons

    You say that... But I know a LOT of people who joined RP towns more than anything when I first joined. Many people during the time I joined came to A'therys for its Roleplay aspects. This is the video specifically that I know drove a LOT of people to A'therys: When you say "RP" never drove the server forward you are plain wrong. A huge wave of RPers joined in the wake of that video, and many older players can confirm that. The majority of the video was dedicated to the lore of the server, and barely any time was spent promoting PvP. I believe, and this COULD be my opinion but I think that the fact that the server MAXED OUT its population for a few weeks speaks for itself.
  14. Aerun

    Grand Library

    Both Libraries were great, Ossus was better because it was actually used and updated by players and not staff dependent at the time

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