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  1. Dreyethel

    Sellt's Diary 2/15/2017

    While I agree the actual plugin of the swear filter is terrible there needs to be a limit of swearing in the game and in the forums. It isn't to prevent "upsetting people" or "censorship", the real point is that as is proven on most sites, the broader the community base the better. Although your parents may not monitor what you do, plenty of kids' parents do and when they see F-bombs being dropped in what is supposed to be a friendly build/survival game then they stop supporting it. If you can't type out a sentence to express your emotions without swearing then you are one of those "kids".
  2. Dreyethel

    Planned Downtime

    Y'all need to chill. They are literally working to give you a better experience and youre.....complaining about it? Christ, be patient itll be over before you know it. In parallel, you know how people complain when games are released and they are really crappy and bugridden and you wonder why it got released so early if the devs knew that it needed more work. You people, you are the reason we get those unfinished games.
  3. " Gimme a bit, I might have a backup of a .minecraft where I had coords to a bunch of major towns for V2 "

    If you would have them it would be really great and i would be really happy

    1. Dreyethel


      Ripperoni, all I have is the V1 coords, I must've deleted my V2 .minecraft. I'll check with a friend on the off-chance he has it but I doubt it


  4. Your profile looked a bit plain :D

  5. Dreyethel

    Farewell from the Loremaster

    Your lore has been some of the most interesting fantasy works I have read to date and you have influenced me on my path to becoming a writer; it is a sad thing to see you go. But I would like to remind everyone, that lore is of the past, it is history that guides our reasons for being today. If OA is no longer here to write our future then it must be us who carve out a place for ourselves among the heroes. Perhaps we will hear legends of Galindaan Thewisy's rise to power in a series of clever alliance deals, or perhaps we shall be regaled with tales of raids of Vrovona led by players that we know. The future is ours, we have only to reach out and grasp it.

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