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    Within the wild reaches of Ksavik Stronghold's icy tundra, there lived a hermit by name of Varaug Shurtugal. He lived alone in a cave beneath the ice spires. Occasionally Varaug would wander the wastes seeking food or mystical plants that survived the harsh snow and ice. Through many years of silent meditation and an insatiable quest for knowledge Varaug mastered the mystical arts of sorcery and enchantment. In his youth, the shaman had been taught the code of Vrovona, and dedicated himself to preserving the traditional Vrovonic values despite the less traditional tendencies of the local Ksavik population. Travelers in the wilds would often stop at his cave for a warm meal and a bit of education in the magical arts of warfare. Shurtugal deeply desired isolation to continue his studies of the arcane, but his duty to the honor of Vrovona compelled him to assist those who came in need. Word of his wisdom and discerning judgment spread across the stronghold. Warbands, tribes, settlements, and even the officers of the Legion would come to consult with the wise shaman. For none in the wild north would question the wisdom of Varaug Shurtugal. It was said that the hermit possessed a strange, almost ethereal quality about himself. His cold eyes could peer into the very souls of men, exposing any dishonor or disloyalty that may dwell within. No secret could be hidden from the Varaug. His fame continued to grow, until one day he vanished. Seeking quiet peace, the shaman of the north fled to the fiercest mountains of the Bravnikh stronghold, where he dwelt for twenty years in solitude. As time passed, Vrovona's need grew more desperate. Influences of foreign cultures and ideals were spreading like a cancer from the stronghold seat of the capital itself. A young warrior of Kasvik's Visla clan, journeyed long and hard in search of the legendary sorcerer. After an arduous journey, the traveler stumbled upon the ancient shaman while passing through the crags of Bravnikh. The warrior pleaded with Shurtugal to return to Ksavikh, and to use his influence to help the Visla clan restore honor and tradition to the practices of the people. After some thought, the old man agreed. Despite his advanced age, Varaug was at the peak of his magical art, and his hard eyes still burned with their same intensity and concentration as ever they had in days before. With newfound purpose and determination, the shaman journeyed to Ksavikh prepared to deal death and destruction upon the defilers of his people and those who were disolyal to Vrovona.

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  1. im was flyin around the v2 map when i discovered a giant icecube in the middle of the ocean with my old town name on it i have never been so confused in my life
  2. Lol your descptrion does that mean your a smeargal?


    1. Gelmir


      I..I..I'm a what?

    2. Blackzues15


      I meant your rank xD and heres a picture its a pokemon


    3. Gelmir


      Well I mean yes I could be but where is the signature Bob Ross afro :P

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