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  1. J2BH

    Sellt's Diary 09/05/2018

    Just dont forget to add an arena
  2. releasedatewhen? (Jokes) Keep up the good work i hope you guys get a good return out of this.
  3. J2BH

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    You guys gonna be so tight when atherys completes when minecraft 2 releases.
  4. People can hate but they cant skate
  5. Aww yeah its da Llama First of all, MisChiv, HELLA nice post man thumbs up from me. The organization of it, the detail, and the amount. You apologized for a mega post but I think this post couldn't have been more perfectly sized. Alright so now my opinion (For however much weight you see it fit) The class system you presented is very nostalgic to me, and I couldn't be happier to see it. Now you can take a little bit of pride in the build you have, everyone will have a degree of uniqueness. I love the fact that even if you somehow manage to completely copy someone skill tree layout, the armor will come in the way to make sure there is a difference between you two, and even if that ends up the same, skill still plays a factor. I couldnt be happier with what was presented here. My only "fear" is the gap that will be created between higher level players and lower level players. A lot more is taken into account now, so the gap increases drastically. I am interested to see how this will be tackled in the release, but of course, if a player works hard to get strong they should obviously be stronger than a noob who hasnt done anything yet, but I mean that more towards the catching up aspect on a noobs side is all, if that makes sense. I think this new system is a breath of fresh air to the common heroes that players have fought with for over 5 years. I do like it, I just hope the amount of skill it once took in a pvp fight remains the same with this new system, (Ie. Dodging, timing, comboing etc.). A spam fest is never good, but I'm sure you already know that. With 6 skills now for each class, I hope that uniqueness to the class trees is still attained. Like a full cc warrior and a full cc mage would be quite an interesting fight to watch. Since I'm here, I'll apply for this pvp testing (When and if I ever have time) Name/IGN: J2BH Age: 18 Time On Atherys: Around 2-3 years Experience with PVP across gaming (Not just atherys, but keep it relevant. I don't care if you're no2 US in Clash of Clans): Kept no. 1 Arena position on Atherys for over a month, Won 3 tournaments on Atherys in a row. Lead a clan on Mineplex clans to become the strongest clan on that server at the time (Runology) @Gamma_Byte @Rexphter @Jestefer can vouch for me there. Other pvp feats I see as bloat and so I won't bother adding it. What you will bring to a new pvp system: I have had a passion for Atherys pvp, and loved to give my input and more so, loved to participate. I am still a strong believer that pvp is what really makes Atherys fun. Friendly rivalries (that are almost sometimes taken too seriously), the skill involved in pvp and more. With over 5 years of heroes experience, I can provide great input for a new pvp system, comparing it to the old system(s), looking at how to better the new system, etc etc. Ability to take no for an answer: I was apart of the Heroes team, AND the Events team. I have a steel hard ability to take no for an answer lol. Other comments: Everything you're doing right now is great @MisChiv, idrc what people say or have said about you, right now you're killin it. A lot of Horizons greatness will be because of you and I hope you know that.
  6. J2BH

    A'therys Horizons

    Hell. Yeah. Boi.
  7. J2BH

    1.11 Maintenance Midway Update

    Highly anticipating this update.
  8. J2BH

    Sellt's Diary 3/07/2017

    I only come here for the recipes
  9. J2BH

    Sellt's Diary - 2/7/2017

    This is a great way to be kept up to date, I like it
  10. J2BH

    Roreg Logh Nation Meeting

    Helious is hosting a Nation meeting! Please show up
  11. until
    (Written by Wolfessmoon) Event Time/Date 4:30pm EST January 21st Sign ups will end on the 20th So. Steryon is up and running again, for the most part. What better way to celebrate than with a tournament? We’ll dividing the tourney up into three different sections- Knaves, Mages, and Warriors. Acolytes will be spread out between the other three accordingly. Of course, due to some… Issues… Three classes are banned from the entire event. Doomsayer- While it isn’t glitched, per say, the damage it is capable of putting out is outrageous. Warden- Snareshot does seven hearts of damage at the moment, enough said. Terramancer- Currently has a glitch that can be exploited, though I’m pretty foggy about what it actually does, myself. With all that out of the way, let’s get onto the fun stuff. After we’ve got our three winners, they will be allowed to change their classes. From there, we’ll have the three fight each other and then select the grand prize winner from that. The winner of the grand prize will also get the prize for winning their specific bracket. The two runner ups will also still get their bracket prizes. The worth of the grand prize, from what I could get totaled together is 27362.50 That doesn’t include the things that I couldn’t find prices for, sadly, so sorry if it’s somewhat lackluster. Most of it is pricey building blocks, which might be nice for your town, or to sell. Alternatively, you can take the twenty eight stacks of quartz blocks and burn them in front of some poor Alor’s eyes, just to watch them cry inside. It’s your prize, you do you. And now, for sign ups- Just fill out this mini form; Forum Name: IGN: Bracket: And then just plop that sucker as a reply to this thread. Do @Wolfessmoon to make my life easier, please. Current Signups Rogue Bracket QuidAccidit Magni_ AnotherSkrtDown J2BH phillip0602 Warrior Bracket Chadrian TheJeffestJeff Jonathanbak/LordofStorms Destruct1 Bink3Boy51 xMagicMan Mage Bracket ByTheBurnside LogimadZ Ademola Joborangles That’s all folks, I’d love to see lots of people signing up for a round. For those who simply just want to spectate, I’ll be running a small raffle so you guys can have a chance at getting some good stuff too. Rum will of course, be passed out as needed. PvP will be toggled off, so for those who are curious, you may take the time to wander the island and explore at your leisure.

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