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    Elodie used to work in a blackmarket, serving prison sentences and arrogant lords. She came to Daggerlands, looking for a new start with a new name. She assisted in the construction of rails and dungeons, until deciding to rise up and become the first ever Party Head of the Commonguard. Shortly after, her closest friend and ally took their own life, and she wallowed in a pit of despair and loathing for those around her. Slowly but surely her sanity depleted into an arbitrary reality, where her psych resides. She still occasionally joins in on her Daggerlander duty, her loyalty and obligation undying and strong, but her eyes silently look to the horizon, searching for a place where the sun sets not on black stone but in a field of hope.

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  1. Hot damn. Not sure if I should brush away the cobwebs or just leave them be because in all honesty I'm not really going to come back. I will say though, A'therys has been an amazing experience for me and I'm glad I got the chance. It's a little late for an old soul like me though to pick up where I left off. Not sure what I'm doing, maybe I'll pop in every now and then. Who knows. <3

  2. <3

    1. Foe


      baby come back

    2. _JailBr3aK_


      baby I am stuck in myriad of quick sand and misery 

      N u k e  s e l u k k

  3. Save hic me from burp myself.

    1. Burnside


      You two worry me sometimes lol

    2. Foe

















  4. I have a huge meeting today but I'm kind of vomiting everywhere. Seriously considering going and just taking a large saucepan with me. 

    I have an obligation. No virus will hold me back. 

    *cue badass music used in some western movie that Steve McQueen was prroobbaaabbllyy in.*

  5. "Welcome to the land of hire
    I hope you brought the right attire,
    The crippled man is waiting at the door

    He said, "Your eyes are much too bright.
    The things you say are never right,
    The sins of all the world lie on your head."

    -I Need A Minute

  6. Listen to Stanley. Stanley knows all.

    1. Foe


      Biggles isn't dead. I think I'll listen to him instead.

  7. My ink still hasn't dried but I'm writing a will or a test, not a constitution. 

  8. The world is so...


    Every corner eventually rounds out, every blade loses its edge, every fresh book loses its novelty. How can I love but hate so much?

    1. HaedHutner


      Corners are illegal. Standing out is not allowed. You best become rounded, lest the inquisition comes and chips you away.

    2. HelloImWeird


      Jail stop you are making me think about stuff

  9. Can I have u as slave pls

    1. _JailBr3aK_


      Foe we talked about this, no slavery unless it's a Friday from 9 to 5. A free democracy and whatnot. 

  10. Dammit Foe you keep changing your lore character on me. I thought Judah sounded great but NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    1. Foe


      Don't worry it'll stay from now on. <3

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