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    The Path Of Unarmed Martial Fitness

    So where your problem comes from is ragging with these classes every time. People who PvP as a necessity in the server in the past have litteraly picked classes that require little to no weapons and came out naked just annihilating people while looking either defenseless or worthless for a killing. So that their foes would have to use mana, potions and cooldowns to defend themselves from a naked person usually opening up a chance for their more non useless allies to kill or vanquish their foe. The way its fixed is by requiring them to wear something when doing it like a fishing rod however then it isn't a fist fighting class. Take it from a dude who played Urthkeep on here for a few different iterations of the class. And in all the different iterations i.e. (The first one had no armor) (second had iron armor) (third wore leather) it always in most cases when it shows up in smaller groups ends up naked rushing. I like the idea myself have always liked hand to hand combat being a fan of martial arts however it consistenly doesn't work unless they can scale your damage back due to missing armor pieces which I know is possible through heroes(doesn't matter anymore) it seriously as a game concept cannot happen. Note: As a side piece to this other types of classes have this problem. Historically: V1: Tempest, Magus, PostNerf Dorrod, Moon and Baphus V2/V3:Urthkeep, Haruspex, Endergaunt, Rhetoricians, Balladeers, PreBuff Pyros, Pre-nerf Sylvanite and Demilune, and Tempest. Note all the classes that got fixed that say pre or post buff or neft have one thing in common with that buff or nerf. The latter of that buff or nerf caused the class to have a higher or lower armor set making the armor almost need be or almost useless.
  2. We talking some V1 diamond helmet everyone played it mayhem maker or the original tank killer? Either way PvP better still handle decently well anything I have played in recent times seems like a botched version of the original with either no skill or an unlimited skill cap where players become unstoppable overtime. Progression should be a thing but, to an extent in my opinion either way I am actually interested to see what comes out. Is this more like a OS Runescape thing where it just determines your stats or is this more a GW2 where it entirely changes your optional abilitys, playstyle and status effects? And @HaedHutner You should make updates more often I like to read them and hardly see anything about the combat. Thanks Mate
  3. HateGonzo

    Some General Questions

    @HeWhomShallNotBeNamed Hi what is your name?
  4. HateGonzo


    Old school people aylmao I remember you in my short stay in Vrovona on MalachiMcCloud and the first version of the nether island. At about 10:30isjh you get oneshot by the herotrash squad. Good to see you though.
  5. HateGonzo


    Customizable classes were never successful either yet here we are. Remember the full agility and strength Dragoon leap 60 blocks and do 4 hearts per auto attack. Just because it hasn't been successful yet doesn't mean it cant be.
  6. HateGonzo

    Here from the Past

    I know you but, I thought you were in Shadowrealm lmao. Everyone else is saying Clearwater so either way you probably remember Outcast Cove.
  7. I myself am quite interested in classes and PvP in Horizons I haven't heard anything mentioned about the progress or the ideas.(Just assuming you were changing somethings with so much time.) If there is a post feel free to just send me a message and delete this no point then. If you don't have a post please do soon I am genuinely intrigued. As for my two cents honestly gigantic balance teams for MMORPGs cannot balance their games perfectly something will always outshine the other and there will be similarities between a lot of classes. When thinking of this I look back to every MMO and think of what made the better ones classes feel unique and powerful. The answer I think is hidden in the RPG elements combined with the visuals to give you a compelling feeling you are actually performing the skill or action. Examples could include anything from mobility skills have a whip effect or tunnel effect, withering skills genuinely making a player look overloaded with toxins through something like potion effects that discolor or a rogue actually being able to see critical hits when behind. I think what I am trying to say is that no matter what you do these things above are necessary to avoid a dull and lifeless feel in at least PvP. Thanks for reading.
  8. HateGonzo


    I miss this class from when it was a thing along with the other old acolytes. However, I don't like group summoning is a pain for groups. I would say allow a companion summon and only a companion summon then make the rest of it like combo skills of each other. For example you have a zombie and the rest of your skills are almost like commands for that companion one which inflicts damage+slow, another for defensive help making half the damage you take channeled into the follower and maybe one that makes him de-summon during which time you inflict more damage on the rest of your skills. To add more PvP depth make it cycle these when off cooldowns so that they have a uptime and downtime that cause a need to rotate. Skill 1 has a uptime of 5 seconds and a cooldown of 15(from the cast time) same with the other two meaning you could keep them up in a cycle indefinitely. Making this a utility and most likely for the best DOT weaving and HOT weaving in unison class. So we wouldn't just have a useless summoning class that would become discarded again when classes are looked at for viability.
  9. HateGonzo


    Bruh I kind of want to come back but you know.
  10. HateGonzo

    Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    3D anaglyph is the only real betrayal of the fight.
  11. HateGonzo

    Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Actually seems interesting. Are you all going to look into arenas/actual reasons to PvP? The full loot system promotes it however you can do things to make it more integrated. Such as plugin designed war systems, mini-games(conquest) or just simple things like an elo based arena with a justifiable elo system. It makes very little sense to add a whole new PvP systems with no reasons to PvP and with no one particularly looking for it to be a big part of Horizons. Note: Been a long time since I stopped by don't know if I will ever play or ever want to play again just trying to be constructive and help out a bit.
  12. HateGonzo

    Sellt's Diary 2/28/2017

    Read the original topics and see why this wouldn't work why would you post here and not have read anything which you obviously didn't?
  13. HateGonzo

    Sellt's Diary 2/23/2017

    Punish people for building their town to where they can't interact with the population without playing a class that can travel. People make decisions. Stupid ones at that. Punishing is a strong word for this consequence is a better word. So I build my town so far out that people do not want to come out see it, explore it, talk to me or raid me so I cannot swap classes on demand while I am here. Hmm. Hrmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Note this is still not my idea for the solution because if you are that far out you effect no other players anyways. I think a long cooldown. Like 3 years long cooldown is the solution.
  14. HateGonzo

    Sellt's Diary 2/23/2017

    Who's fault is this?
  15. HateGonzo

    Sellt's Diary - 2/7/2017

    So the response is to delete a post with a serious question. Because that is the only question you can ask in this circumstance.
  16. HateGonzo

    Sellt's Diary - 2/7/2017

    Re-read this section and tell me what bias is? Look at how you pointed out bias among players and how it affects the staff and then pardoned it among staff because of the way they are treated. A problem is that you don't see anything? Are you serious if there is not a solid set of evidence against a player don't punish them that seems like how it should work. Yet, for some reason there could be a complaint by the right player about another player and you just assume and punish the accused. However in the same way I could report one of your golden boy mods/admins that many others have reported and have complained about and yet what is your reaction? Where is the proof? He did nothing wrong because he didn't log or document that he did anything. This is the kind of stuff that makes me think this staff is worse then the last generation. I could go on and on about your executive attitude which you lack but, this is just plain ignorant at best. People think about it how easy is it to get banned if you are a player in the wrong place at the wrong time and you don't have the right friends. Then think about how hard it is to get a staff member removed that does this stupid stuff. I mean come on man. Set a goal for the team please. Re-balance the classes is goal one. Clean up un-necessary skills for condensing goal two, Start finding ways to add in new unique enchantments and explore balancing options goal three. Instead its a bland post about oh we reset the team in a new direction chiv might as well hold fatals hand to the grave with crap classes and horrible decisions. Content creators? Redninja plays one end of the game, He builds and "rps" come on man. Can we think about this look for a guy who enjoys all aspects of the game and actually would have a clue what kind of content we as players want to see. Instead of putting a narrow mind at the head. Why is the guy who talked him into leaving still on the server. Seriously tried to convince him to leave. He is sabotaging the server? You know who it is. Letting people like this lurk around is like trying to get into a jail cell with the biggest guy in the jail. It isn't going to end well and you put yourself in place to take the hammer. Note: This was not to be a dick. This is to try and improve. Make improvements. Use this if I pointed you out sorry you weren't targeted. If you have a different opinion say it might be enlightening.
  17. HateGonzo

    The New Way Forward With Heroes

    Praise the lord it has returned.

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