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  1. Kurgis

    Sellt's Diary 07/04/2018

    It is nice to see an update on the server's progress, on July 4th of all days it's a pleasant surprise to end the night. I had some fears over how the direction of the world-building was going to go, far as geography is concerned. I was worried with the new map we've might of seen the return of more homogeneous environments, and this diary entry has put those fears to rest. Hearing about how nations such as Daidama will contain such a diverse environment brings excitement with how the world may better come together as a whole. Minecraft has come a long way with new biomes since V1 of A'thery's Ascended, I'm interested to see how biomes will be once the server is released. That does not include of course what can be done with these using Conquest Survival, which I'm sure will add much to the server. Now the underground generation update caught me by surprise, for a long time focus has been above-ground, even for Minecraft updates. Seeing that you have taken the cave system into account for this project really shows me the thought put into map, and to see a return towards the old cave generation which Mojang removed in favor of smaller cave systems. This has made me a bit giddy about just what's going on behind the scenes. I do have a few questions I'd like to ask about how the capitols are being built, and the world we will be playing in in-itself. Back in both V2, and Evo, the nations capitols really did express their nations, but I'd say it begun to feel flat once a player began to explore, and realize that grand structures were simply hollowed out shells acting as props. So that bring context to my question, how are you going to handle that issue for the new nation capitols, or at least mitigate it? With World Generation, I've noticed in your Twitter Feed that you had palettes for certain biomes you wanted to create, and it appeared to me that those were used to create them in-game. So are you using a World Generator to create these custom environs, or are they being hand-made in a map with the assistance of world editing tools? Additionally, what has so far been your favorite thing working towards Horizons, and what are you looking forward to working on; this question is directed at @Sellt, but I'd love to also hear from the rest on the Build Team as well. Looking forward to it, for Kilden Glory.
  2. Wow, didn't suspect this to be announced, I hope you develop a good community of contributors for this. Also, are you planning on making both A'therys Combat and A'therysRPG open-sourced as well?
  3. Kurgis

    Sellt's Diary Special - 04/02/2018

    This server has become Mount & Blade: Minerlord, and it's almost harvesting season. How are crossbows going to be handled? I'm assuming they're going to be more damage with a longer reload time, so people using crossbows would shoot, then switch to a other weapon for melee when the other player closes in. Or, are they just going to be a re-skin bow for one of the packs? Also, is there any plans on adding in horse-oriented classes, or use of shields (not doors) in the new Hero System?
  4. Personally I like the big town approach, having the nations just be a few City-States and a large wilderness. Back in V2 I stuck in with the town of Leviathan in The Daggerlands who took this approach, had about 12 active players who were on daily, and 20 others who would come on and off. We'd reach 30 players online in high-pop, but barely anyone else in the nation would be active. Later on my recruiter told me why that was. We had a rival town which they fought 24/7 over a leveling spot which was in our town border, it just be log on, fight, kill/die, re-spawn, repeat. It should be noted this town was equal size and player count activity, and the town borders were less than 150 blocks apart. You'd just run back into the fight, as if you were within the gates of Valhalla. Most activity then died out after the neighboring rival town had a few members banned for ignoring admins to not attack our town, then they all stopped logging on. Wasn't much left to do for them but sit in their own build server, so we never saw them on. Our town started drying up after that, there'd be a couple Selukk raids, but those were too rare to keep our pop up. Eventually most of our members grew anxious to get into the next fight, so we split, and some went into a new nation with more PvP activity. This is why Kilnholdt appeals to me, it sounds like City-States duking it out against each other competitively while in the same nation.
  5. Kurgis

    How did you find us?

    I was searching around for a RP server which would hold active factions each doing their own diplomacy, warmongering, building, etc. The server I was aiming to join petered out before their next cycle of whitelists and shut down. So I kept searching for similar servers until I reached A'therys and finally joined, at the end of V1, when the server was being abandoned. Derp.
  6. Conquest Reforged adds in up to around 8000 new blocks for use by builders for Creative, how will survival building work with many uncraftable items? Will a custom plugin be made which allows us to convert certain vanilla blocks to CR blocks, or are CR Devs planning on making most blocks craftable?
  7. Atvoria The flag is a purple and pink banner with a magenta paly separating the two. Along the sides of the purple pale is a wreath (which may or may not feature common long weeds added in, hanging off the sides) from a topside view, behind a pink background. The purple pale splits off the sides, and in some depictions, entangles with the wreath. It is a matter on contention on whether the flag is an analogy, and what exactly about: the purple and magenta represents the quest; the wreath represents the reward or the end of the journey, the wreath also represents death; the pink represents, depending on who you talk to, a plethora of different things with each guild in Atvoria declaring a different interpretation (usually regarding their craft). The wreath is a traditional funeral wreath for the soon to be buried, though in recent times this has started to become out of practice, and is now more associated with wild Kiinfolk who have begun wear them in increasing numbers. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=jackkofEflnBfu Gennaian Isles The flag is red, with a black bordure along its sides, it has four golden inlays which is sewn sewn into a orange design, and is separated by a red cross which splits through the bordure. Through folktale it is said that Siljea had made comment on the beauty of the roses along the cliffs of Falkynthos. The passing comment was interpreted (or given, or taken as a self act of devotion) as orders to Theoros who had every rose, save few, taken and had each sail of every ship painstakingly dyed the deep hue. Regardless of the validity of the tale, red has been the color of the kings of Falkynthos since Theoros (and Siljea once she had taken reign of the nation). The gold inlays varies on design and quality flag to area (some with small iconography detailing small parts out of the "The Restless Journey", others with just gold embroidered into the surface), and invokes the authority of the High King themselves; woe betide any knave caught cutting out the thin layers of gold which line such banners. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=baoAloawalacbz Daidama The flag is green, with a brown fess (unique to them and Dalkun-Tir), with a prominent peak in the middle, and a white looming form of a dragon rising above it. There are three smaller black peaks coming from the base of the mountain. The peak represents The (or a) Great Mountain near Ryang Tal Shii; brown represents the land Daidama inhabits; the green represents its prosperity; the black peaks represent three separate great walled cities, and the people of Daidama; the great white dragon represents Mosech-Tan's gaze above all from the cosmic mesh, searching and no doubt recording those who seek no penance nor atonement for their crimes, towering over both the Great Mountain of Ryang Tal Shii and its people. The looming figure is no reminder to Daidama and its peoples, it is a absolute and unyielding certainty, a feeling which cannot be so easily attained elsewhere. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=cadfpkhgah Dalkun-Tir The flag is yellow with a fess tailing down, a similar style it shares with Daidama. It is adorned with a black and orange beetle in the center, its legs spread out. The 'Skitterbugs' are supposedly common in Dalkun-Tir, though a rare sight. The insects keep hidden underneath the sand and light soil, and coming up under fresh 'matter' to eat. What makes the Skitterbug so unique is during the somewhat occasional flooding of Dalkun-Tir, the Skitterbugs wash out of the sands or soil, the hundreds of thousands of them (by some account millions during the catastrophic floodings which wracked Dalkun-Tir and its peoples in the past), and float above the crashing waves 'skittering' along currents which should be to fast to swim let along hop along upon. Where the thousands upon thousands of beetles come from is a matter of debate among scholars of every creed, the most prominent theory is that a majority of the beetles hibernate on a fixed schedule, entering and leaving hibernation in turn to maintain a stable food supply. How beetles are able to store food for themselves to somehow hibernate is not known even with the few rare specimens dissected, and many a scholar of the animal searching nature has searched dune, savannah, and steppe to find no nests or hibernating beetles of any kind. The Skitterbug upon that plain banner represents the resilience Dalkun-Tir and her people who call it's open frontier home, and the perseverance through rigorous hardships which the floods pose. For no matter how hard the swarms upon the waves struggle, only a few ever are found drowned when the flood waters recede. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=lalfitouaoli Kilnholdt It is a black and light blue flag, with a blue paly, and a silver marking which represents a pendant in the very forefront. Before the death of Agathe Bludvahn, she called upon a gatherings (no noble would congregate in groups larger than 10 since Arvin Schafer, and would instead have messengers travel miles to other meetings which would be held at the simultaneously) for creating a flag for her own united Kilnholdt instead of slapping her and her allies crests together. For months everything was argued as to whose crests, and where the area of the whose heraldry would adorn what, and with whose, and whose crest would get a thicker embroidery. Eventually exasperated messengers began relaying info about how many nudges too far a rival's coat of arms was, and how many stitches, and how thick the thread could be until Agathe Bludvahn called off the gatherings. They would all meet in person at Korth, any who did not attend would forgo their rights to have their heraldry of any kind included. To her relief only four called out in open rebellion for conspiring an assassination attempt against them, most simply wished to end the affair. The largest gathering of nobles since Arvin Schafer managed to get through a closed meeting over who would receive the honor of holding a coat of arms or family crest, with only two fatalities (one from a paranoid noble stabbing a 'unfamiliar' servant who gave him white whine instead of red, and thought most definitely the differentiation of taste was certainly poison, and another noble who was poisoned). In a unexpected turn of events a compromise was reached, the gathering agreed that no crest of any family or heraldry would go upon the new banner. The flag would bear the ancient colors of Arvin Schafer, and in its center would be a silver pendant of Agavres, who handed them personally to his chosen officers during his campaigns before the second calling. The compromise was hailed as a sign of a new chance at unity, and that maybe Agathe Bludvahn may be the next chosen conqueror for its peoples; she was then on a unrelated note, pushed off a cliff. Now the fate of the banner is up in the air, the city of Korth still uses it and so do Pro-Bludvahn cities and allied nobles. For now Kilnholdt bears the pendant of their god, but any new warlord eying the capital may wish to see it fly their color and crest instead of someone now long departed. https://www.needcoolshoes.com/banner?=aamxeBavhu Note: If any of the images appear as gray text, just right click and select reload image.
  8. Don't worry, I'm sure no one will abuse it so they don't need to set any tax-caps for the new town system. Sets tax rate to 100%, rubs hands greedily together.
  9. My favorite nation lore is Kilnholdt, second being The Gennaian Islands for their being a elective monarchy which will be interesting to see out. The closest thing that Kilnholdt reminds me of is Germany during the Peasant's War, except the HRE never formed and every peasant with a handful of men declared themselves the new emperor of half the continent. I know Kilnholdt's lore is still in the works, but so far it seems the entire nation is inhabited by humans who act like Warhammer40kesque Orks, which is hilariously awesome; with a peasant promptly stabbing a known mercenary leader for trying to take his cow, declaring himself leader in front of his warband, and then stabbing another person who disagreed with the ridiculous notion. It seems Agavres certainly instilled courage and resolve, also, spitefulness, paranoia, and the penchant for sacking to his newfound peoples, which he conquered and sacked. Let's not forget to mention every paragraph mentioned another town or city getting sacked, burned, looted, or destroyed unlike the other nations which focus on their founder's stories. If this nation doesn't devolve from a Despotism into a Kratocracy of marauding mercenaries, vigilante brotherhoods, paranoid nobles, and angry peasants trying to force the capitol away from each other I'm going to be disappointed.
  10. Kurgis

    Christmas Day Flash Sale

    Looks like I was about 30 or so minutes late to the party, there's always the next sale though.
  11. Thank you for working on and updating the A'therys Modpack many of us use so often 

  12. Kurgis

    Mob Event Today! (December 4th)

    Knew I was going to master a class or two, didn't suspect to master 4 of them!

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