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    Looking for Real Estate? (Town Info Post)

    I think this largely stems from the fact that Minecraft is a game that is primarily about having creative control, and players creating their own space to live in. I understand that A'therys is radically different from the "conventional" Minecraft experience, but there are some core facets of the game that players will expect and that will be difficult to erase. I understand that some measure of control is needed in order for the server to turn out right, but people like to have control of some things (I.E. Their homes, who their fellow town-members are, etc.). While the old town system did have its flaws, it nonetheless allowed people to adhere to what they wanted from the game. This leads me to my next point. People will play the server as long as they are getting what they want out of it. A lot of people have played A'therys because they had a certain niche in mind for their character, or the town they were starting up, and they had fun developing it into something that could interact with the community. Removing this possibility for specialization by forcing players and towns onto "the other side of the coin" is going to draw many negative responses and, as a whole, lead to a community with less freedom to choose and a duller variety. I have a story that lends itself to this discussion. Back on V2, I was a member of a town that shared an island with a town consisting of two players. It was pretty small, and isolationist. However, when territorial disputes arose between my town and theirs, a conflict broke out that resulted in some intense Roleplay and PVP for all parties involved, all of which lasted for some time. The point is, even the sparsely populated, small towns you've framed as negative can, and did, play a part in the goings-on of the server when given the freedom to go their own way. You mentioned cliques and inclusivity in an earlier response, and such forces have indeed existed. However, when one weighs that negative against the positives of the old town system, such as the diversity it offered, the creativity it fostered, and the happiness it gave players to create their own homes, it seems justified. Instead of forcing players into molds they may not neccessarily fit, we should allow players to define their molds themselves. This seems like it would be far easier said than done. Finding ten other players with the same mindset is an arduous task even on the most populous servers, and getting them to agree to a principle for a town and producing a positive result, more arduous still. How can we be sure the player-count will be high enough to sustain such possibilities? Chances are, it will not. I'm not being pessimistic, for even if the server population is robust as the best outlooks say, a town system such as this cannot possibly accomodate the needs of a playerbase, who due to human nature, have their own ideas of what they want to do.

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