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  1. Razrivon

    How did you find us?

    I saw Block Fortress's Rist Nuin cinematic on May 22nd 2012 and thought it was pretty cool. I'd say the underlying circumstances were that I actively followed the minecraft creative building community and the capitols looked especially cool. I also read the lore and it appealed to me. If the capitols weren't as cool and if the lore wasn't as good I don't think I would have bothered making an application. Some say the wee woo will call out to those in need, leading them to a land of dank memes and duck-based cuisine.
  2. Dang! I had actually been thinking of doing something similar to this myself. Would you ever want to collab on like an A'therys audiobook or something?
  3. so the forums were wiped but not personal accounts? that's an interesting feature

    1. Sanders


      It was mainly to clean out the old stuff, to get ready for the new things to come.

    2. HaedHutner


      Yes. Exactly. It's a feature

  4. I made some things:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Henneke von Obrok
    3. Dannie


      Awesome job dude

    4. Burnside


      Stealing these... Yo but frreal, wanna make me some flags for something?

  5. Razrivon

    A'therys Horizons

    Since from what I can tell towns are going to be much different in Horizons than they have been before, it's possible that the nature of pvp conflicts will change so that raids against those who don't want to be raided or can't adequately defend themselves are no longer the norm for what constitutes pvp. It feels like a lot of fighting will be geared toward the Shattered Lands in the center of the continent. I believe levels and all that will be reset as well since all player data is being wiped. That gives everyone the chance to start off on an equal footing with a hopefully revamped leveling experience so you're not stuck at T1 after 100x100 darkrooms were banned fighting against 20 something T4's who all powergrinded those things for days. As a builder who was terrible at pvp, I never really minded raiders that much. It at least brought some excitement to an otherwise dull time. If you don't want to fight you can always log out as well and come back later too. Ultimately I just want a server environment that encourages travel, player interaction, and action. It's so lonely and boring these days :_:
  6. Been at camp for a week and a half now. 7.5 weeks to go! Horizons is looking great guys! I'd love to share all the stuff I've been writing/thinking for our awesome RP setting of Atherys when I get back!

  7. rainbow mummy necromancers...

  8. As a NorCal-ian I feel so conflicted. Davis, Gaels, Cal... so many home teams to root for!

    1. Burnside


      I am also a norcalian and have no clue wtf ur talking about lol

    2. Razrivon
    3. Burnside
  9. Razrivon

    Return to Dorrod Muth

    That production value though.... I rate 6/10, noticeable lack of helicoptors.
  10. Might want to fix your username :P

    1. Henneke von Obrok

      Henneke von Obrok

      i didnt do nuffin

      Wait, change what

    2. Razrivon


      minecraft username part of your forum profile still says Automatiic.

  11. @Xathas

    Do you remember who it was in V1 who actually came up with "A Tale of Zeroes"? All I remember is that I'm pretty sure it wasn't OA

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    2. Xathas
    3. Omega_Iota


      Anvil and his hate for shol events ;_;


      made me cri erytem


    4. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      It's about how Solodav died right Raz?

  12. Apparently I don't know the difference between "mountain" and "giant clusterfuck of spikes"...

  13. @XathasQuestion, for the selukkite castes. It lists the following: qh- “service”

    Does this mean someone in some kind of service industry like retail or dining or medical, or is it a tongue in cheek way of saying a sex worker?

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    2. Razrivon
    3. MisChiv


      So an escort in a posh hotel? Oh boy am I branding @redninja685 with this one.

    4. redninja685
  14. If anyone's interested, here's the initial rough draft I made for Dorrod Muth way back in like 2015:



    It's really interesting for me to see just how much my ideas have changed since then...


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