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  1. All I want for my Birthday is some dank, rare memes and pepes. pls donate. 

  2. It was nice knowing you guys. After the new government is established, I'll probably be executed.

  3. Curi, you're gorgeous and i love u~ uwu teddybear!

  4. fight me

    1. CuriousMinds


      What annoys me more is that the notification says "a post on your profile" like, it's not on MY profile m8, I ain't no wolf.

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  5. What're the dots under the rank category?

    1. CuriousMinds


      Yeah, it shows how much of a scrub you are based on how much stuff you post and what not.

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  6. your profile picture is really scary ;_;

    1. CuriousMinds


      Don't know what you're on about, it's beautiful.

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