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    A loyal servant of the Vrovonic empire that was in command of Fellinnheim's military power. Was prepared to bring death upon those who went against his paragon. Known for his battle leadership and usefulness, guiding with charisma and able to recruit numbers. Also was the former mayor of an Aloreh town, lastly known as Heroville, but left to pursue his dreams of becoming an honorable warrior serving upon the Sun. Was last seen fighting alongside his brothers in a glory war.

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  1. Hope everyone's having a good life right now. Athery's still my favorite server and community of all times. Wish I could return to it. Haruspex gang 4Life ya meanz. Vrobros praising the sun :D jk, but yeah. 

  2. Happy 'late' birthday :(


    1. WindderArmy452XD


      jeez thanks

      jk, love you jonathan

  3. Do you like potatoes, cause no one likes potatoes more than this guy. Happy birthday to my boy chickenarmy.

  4. happy bday 2 tha GOAT POTATO BAIT

    1. WindderArmy452XD


      Ty Mr_GreenMaxAyrat

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