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  1. Hi Alex. Forcing PvP on people who play the game to build, (who more than likely have no knowledge of PvP) wouldn't be fun for them. It's dangerous and used to be somewhat fun to have that risk as a builder, but currently there's so little PvPers, I think majority of targets will be the builders. There's the nether island, the wilderness and many other PvP enabled areas that people can PvP in. If I see more player base who enjoy PvP I'll think of something else to add that won't infringe on others' game. Encourage the no-pvp towns to just enable their pvp. Charge them for toggling etc. Outlaw the towns that don't pay up, etc.
  2. Well Evo never was fully built on. There's plenty of space out there still. Anyone can make towns.. can't do that but with admin approval, sure. Have you been to the nether island? Mobs are spawning like mad man.
  3. So I open up the old server for us to all have a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but you want it wiped and the vanilla world put up just to re-explore again? There's no point. There's lots of land on the map that is completely untouched. If you really want to start a town up, go for it, I'll give you my staff plots to do it. P.S. There's lots of people working on this project / that have worked on this project aswell as the coders. Builders, Writers, Artists, and more. If you pay one group of people then you have to pay the rest. A'therys isn't about that at all. We're a group of people who share an interest in the game and there's 50 loyal staff members who want to make a server for everyone else who enjoy the game.
  4. Hey all. Going to be posting some of our sneak peaks of the map on this hashtag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/AtherysHorizons?src=hash

  5. If you haven't already, follow the Atherys twitter @AtherysHorizons 

    We plan on pushing out updates on there and competitions!

  6. How's everyone's summer going? :) 

  7. Just a word of warning, if you swear on the forums, staff reserve the right to replace it with whatever they choose. ;) 

    1. Muttgamer


      What the french fries? That's actually a fencing good idea, you cabbage. 

  8. Emails are now working. Thanks @Jessica

  9. smashing out the new profile pic

  10. A'therys Horizons Build Server Hey folks. Through the whole of yesterday I've been setting up a build server for Horizons which you can now go on, claim a plot of land and build on for whatever purpose you so desire. Below I'll explain how it will work. How to join You will need to acquire the ConquestReforged launcher, the download page can be found here. The version you need is 1.10.2. If you need a hand with installing the launcher please contact us and we will help you. Moving on: once you have downloaded and installed that, you will be able to connect to the build server on the IP build.atherys.com. Once you have joined the server you will spawn inside a building (currently under construction) where you will be able to warp to people's plots, or just explore yourself. The spawn is currently being built, however you are still free to use the build server whilst this happens (it will come later on). [Please note, when adding people to your plot, it is completely your responsibility as to what happens in that plot. There are commands you can use to only give people access to build when you are online.] How to get started We have a plot system in place on the build server which means that each player can claim a (maximum of 1) plot, add people to their plots, merge plots with friends, etc. To get a plot, simply do /plot auto and you will be teleported to the nearest plot available. You may want to fly out a ways to find an area where you and your mates can merge your plots to form a bigger plot. For example, a group like Exodus are quite big, therefore they can merge their plots to get a bigger area. (Merging plots should work, however if it doesn't please contact an Admin and we will help you.) Anyways, if you fly out and find a plot you want, you can also type /plot claim to claim that specific plot. Rules All rules from A'therys Ascended apply on this build server with the addition of no griefing other people's plots. If no staff are on, please screenshot and send to staff over the forums/skype/discord as usual. There are a few rules with this build server that you must follow, they will be stated later. Staff will be monitoring this server as much as any of our other services. If you are on the server and require help, you may use /helpop to contact staff (similarly to the ticket system on A'therys). This server works off a simple punishment system, if you are seen to be causing havock for staff, distrupting other builders, just being a pisswank in general, you will be straight up banned/tempbanned. To put it simply, don't be an idiot and you will be fine. Bugs If you find a bug on the build server, please send me a PM via the forums and I will look into it when I can. It's good for you because it means we can iron them out and provide you guys with a good service to work on. Alternatively, you can also submit a topic in our bugs forum which can be found here. Known Issues Some people have said there is an issue with the default Conquest Reforged mod that the launcher provides. Please use this version if you are getting this error. To use worldedit with conquest blocks, you must put "conquest:" infront of the ID. For example //set conquest:ice_lilypad_1 Most blocks can be rotated with worldedit now as of January 6th, however if there are any that don't work please forward the details to me and I will configure it. I think that covers everything, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Many thanks!
  11. Downtime today on TS and PvE to upgrade storage facility. Approx 30 minutes. Downtime will occur at 9am GMT.

  12. Very close to having a build server for horizons up now, just sorting out some things with storage space/ backups and we good to go.

  13. After 15 years of going to school, today is the last day. Here comes adult-hood lol.

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      Dannie an adult? God help us all. :P

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      yas. mwahaha

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      Oi mate you graduated today? I got like a month left until i can get my well deserved summer break>:(

  14. Funfact: if you have a googlemail or gmail account, @gmail or @googlemail will both work :o 

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      oh shit really? Nice!

  15. Daniel

    Rum runners!

    See this for more info!
  16. Welcome to the team! :)

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      <3 Thank you sweetie~

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      team to the welcome...who are you


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      Darklore, You know exactly who I am.

  17. Daniel

    Mob Event

    There will be a mob event on A'therys at 7pm A'therys Time held by By_The_Burnside & ultravioletpixie Bring your swords, shields, armor. Things are going to get bloody.
  18. TeamSpeak Guide. Typing in game can sometimes get annoying. In a busy server you will find that the chat box moves very quickly. Despite the fact that in the server there is a local and global chat channel, it is much better to communicate with your friends in real time. TeamSpeak is your answer. TeamSpeak offers people a chance to join channels and sit with their friends and chat about what ever game you are playing, or even whatever topic you wish to discuss. It’s a great place to meet new people and it’s also a great place to get the attention of staff members. We are always in the TeamSpeak and love to chat to our players. TeamSpeak is completely free to use and the software is safe, it’s been around for many years. Our TeamSpeak Rules are simple: Treat everyone with respect Watch your language Do not hassle others Do not broadcast audio over TeamSpeak. You will need to download and install TeamSpeak and you can find the link here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads Please make sure you download the correct one for your operating system. Either 32 or 64bit. Once you have that downloaded you will need to go through the setup. After that’s complete it brings up a box to input your nickname, IP and password. The IP is: chat.atherys.com There is no password. Once you are logged in you will see various different channels. To join these chats, you must request the Member rank from a staff member. You can pm a staff member on the forums or ingame for this rank. Once you have the member rank, pick the chat that is appropriate for you. The staff channels are password protected so these will be off limits, the rest is free to use. Enjoy.
  19. Daniel

    Mob Event

    There will be a mob event on A'therys at 3pm A'therys Time! Bring your swords, shields, armor. Things are going to get bloody.

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