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  1. God how is this server still a thing?

    Congrats hahah <3

    1. Henneke von Obrok

      Henneke von Obrok

      follow us to the new age brethren

    2. HaedHutner


      A'therys has ascended into the horizon

    3. Hype


      Haven't been on for years, maybe I should check it out?

  2. I ought to be studying but I'm having to much of a good time cuddling with me cats.

  3. How do i change my name as well as the tag/title below my name? Thanks

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Hype


      Thank you it worked!

    3. Hype


      You don't happen to have any Dreghorn banners/signatures laying around do you?


    4. Kaare Dregfodt
  4. Enjoying the new website more as time goes on. Still a tad bit too much like Windows 8 for me personally but maybe that's why I'm owner of a mac. Outside of that minor gripe, great job!

  5. Everything is rather plain and squared..? Work in progress?

    1. Henneke von Obrok

      Henneke von Obrok

      The forums are supposed to be mobile friendly.

    2. Edd


      Not just that but it is a far cleaner design, now it looks like its not something form 2001.

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